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    How to - Turn a cheap net into one that functions like an expensive net.

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    What makes a good shrimp net?

    It can be materials, price, function, does it catch shrimp successfully?

    I've used had many shrimp nets, and the best ones, that actually catch shrimp easily, are the ones whose net stays open and forms a little cup that does not scare the shrimp into swimming the other way when you try to catch them. Because it is not obstructed and looks like an escape route, the shrimp just seem to swim right in.


    Unlike soft, floppy nets, that look like a barrier. These nets don't have enough stiffness to keep the net open.


    The solution?

    A cable tie cut into the appropriate length to keep the net open.


    Carefully place it into the net like so ...




    There you have it.

    A $2 net that will now catch shrimp like the $30 one I have.


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