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    DIY Shrimp Safe Filter Guard

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    These can be made to fit any size tubing at the fraction of the cost of what is sold and is so very easy to make. So lets get started!

    Note: It is recommended that you use protective goggles and gloves, as frayed mesh wires can get pretty sharp.

    Here is what you will need to make the filter guard:

    • Stainless Steel Mesh sheet hole size #30 (can be purchased at the mesh company online, I got the A3 size sheet which is enough for a lot of guards!)
    • Tin snips
    • Heat Shrink (depending on the size of your tube get the heat shrink at least 5mm bigger, can be purchased eBay)
    • Heat source (Lighter, hair dryer, heat gun, etc)
    • A tube of the size required
    • Pencil, marker
    • Ruler
    • Cable ties
    • Craft knife



    Prepare cable ties as you will need both hands free


    Cut mesh sheet to size depending on how long you want the guard and how thin the tube is (I cut mine 10cmx10cm) and wrap tightly around the tube, secure tightly with cable ties


    Cut another piece of mesh depending on the width of the mesh wrapped around tube (mine was 18mm), cut a square piece (18x18mm), place on end of mesh and bend corners over


    Cut a bit of heat shrink (mine was 2cm) and place over the mesh making sure the piece of mesh covering the end stays in place, leave about 0.5cm above.


    Using the heat source you are using (I just used a lighter) and heat the heat shrink until it shrinks tightly around the mesh (make sure you don't heat the same place for too long as it will melt! Just quickly run the flame over the shrink) and then quickly push the end down on a flat surface for a minute.


    The outcome should be something like this (you can use the craft knife to make the opening bigger if you wish)


    Now for the other end, repeat the steps above but shove the tube in instead. Leave for a minute or so.


    Remove the tube and cut the cable ties, cut a thin bit of heat shrink to place in middle of guard for extra support, heat it until tight. And there you have it, your DIY filter guard.


    For a fraction of the cost you can make all the filter guards needed, can be HOB, canister, overflow pipe, etc. for your 20 shrimp tanks!

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