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  • CNgo2006

    DIY Shrimp Caves

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    Pretty sure everyone knows how to silicone rings together so won't be a step by step tutorial

    What was used was:

    • Aquarium safe silicone or superglue
    • Ceramic rings (choose an inert one and one that has a nice hole size for the specific shrimp you are making it for) I chose Mr Aqua M size. It is inert and quite porous for extra surface area (never a bad thing). You may want to look at getting the L size if you are making for large adult shrimp.
    • Stick like a shish kebab stick to clear any obstructions that the silicone may have caused on the inside of the rings.

    They look quite nice I reckon, with moss on them will look even better!


    For around $15 you can easily make 10+ pyramids, go crazy and make them as big/small as you want, giant levelled pyramids or single logs, up to you!


    in this hobby we like to save where possible, so making these are a great way to save!

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