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Breeding Endlers

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So what's the optimum conditions for them? They cohabit my cherry and native shrimp tank and I don't use a heater so atm the water temp is around 18-19 degrees, in summer closer to around 26 degrees. My shrimp do fine and thrive but what impact is this having to the endlers?

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I have mine in an unheated tank also. I believe the ph is between 7 and 7.5. I just used tap water and treat it with prime

My endlers are doing well and breeding well

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I had mine outside in large plastic tubs up until a few weeks ago, so they can definitely take the cold (although to what extent I'm not sure - I don't really want to try!). I've found when keeping my endlers with shrimp (I keep some endlers I have inside with cherry shrimp) that they eat the small shrimp as soon as they are free-swimming. I've found this as an issue, especially if there aren't many shrimp in there to begin with as the survival rate of young is virtually nought while you still have shrimp dying off every now and again from sickness, etc. so the numbers in your colony begin to dive faster than you might be aware. I had a lot of Blue Dreams in with some endlers and after a few months I had only four adult shrimp left and none younger than that due to the exact situation I just said. 

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    • pastu
      Going back to culling , i would like to point out that removing too large a proportion of the colony you wish to improve , gets  your there faster , but you reach a point of no further progress for lack of genetic variability.  I tend to cull the worst 20% of my colony once a month and observe a slow steady improvement. Hopefully my colony will continue to improve Long into the future. I have learnt about population genetics when i was interested in breeding fancy fowl, and kept up to date now that i am interested in shrimps and horses. The laws are the same.the greater the breeding population and the lower the percentage that is removed from reproducción, the healtier and more prolific will remain and the further the progress in recombining desirable caracters. A severe rate of culling makes your population very homogenous early on and improvement stops
    • Wolf92s
      I'm still new to the hobby but they kinda look like other post (could be wrong, but he called them glass shrimp)

      For the last pic it looks like a pinocchio shrimp (Caridina gracilirostris).

      Maybe someone will correct me. Sorry couldn't help anymore.

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    • jayc
      Newer A/C units now have auto on/off features. Maybe it's time for an upgrade @Zoidburg 😁 The things we do for our shrimp!
    • jayc
      @Zoidburg, happy to do that for you. Moved.
    • Zoidburg
      @jayc Would it help at all to move this thread to General Questions/Discussions? Still looking for ideas on what these guys may be.