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My first attempt at aquascaping

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Really nice Disciple can't wait till you get these going. Putting my name on the list for first dibbs.....LOL

Yeah  I am trying to keep them happy. I really want to fill the tank with them. I am sure I could spare a few in the near future.

Great job on oebt's,

Very nice

Thanks Andy. I am glad you enjoy them as much as I do.

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    • Chandy
      By Chandy
      Hello Fellow ShrimpKeepers! 
      I started a planted tank approximately two weeks ago and the tank was cycled as of yesterday. I decided that I would have a crack at Red Cherry Shrimps as my clean-up crew. They're such delicate and peaceful creatures, I just knew I had to have some. 
      I plan to keep some shrimp specific shrimp tanks later on, but for now I'll be growing this tank out. My tank currently has 4 glowlight tetras in there, which I made the mistake of buying because I couldn't tell the difference between them and glowlight (hengeli) rasboras... I looked for the word glowlight at my LFS and said yup, they're the ones. My second mistake was putting RCS in without knowing that glowlight would absolutely dominate my RCS. 
      I put 3 males and 3 female RCS into the tank, one female was obliterated within a minute, another male injured and 4 others being bullied. 
      I hope to trade away my glowlight tetras in due course, but am looking for a source for more RCS. They cost me a pretty dollar each which I thought was a bit steep considering they can be pests at times. I'm located in Sydney, Australia, so please let me know if you've got some RCS you're willing to let go. 
      On another note, does anyone know how hengeli rasboras will treat RCS? Otherwise, I may have to give them up and go with something like Darwin Algae Shrimp or Ghost Shrimp.
      Without further ado, I thought I'd share a photo of my tank:
      1. The setup:

      2. Filling the tank up:

      3. The plants growing out: 

      If you're interested, please check out my Tank Journal at the following link: 

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    • Matuva
      White bloom is usually bacterial bloom. I'm especially enclined to diagnose that, considering this happened just after you added some Bacter AE. I don't think this is something crtical, but I understand it can be annoying. Try again a partial water change. If you can, vaccuum the substrate, add Mosura BT-9 if you can find some, or live bacterias such as Bio Nitrivec.
      This problem can clear itself after a more or less long time. In my case, it took 2 weeks in one of my tanks. In another tank, I had to use an UV filter. my .02
    • Robert42
      Hi, I am a newbie to shrimp keeping and I have come here for some stability in information as to looking around the information of various fish forums vary so much. Some say RCS are easy and will thrive in the same parameters as community fish others will say a great deal more care and closer parameter adjustment. All confusing. So I am hoping to get advice that I can work with. I have on order and should hopefully be delivered this week a custom 25cm cube tank (about 10 gal). I have a sponge filter and air pump as well as a heater. My plan is for a planted tank for my red cherries and hopefully some tank mates but I would like them to breed. My water is classed as ‘Moderately Hard’ GHd 9.84 pH7.25 as per suppler analysis.  Talk of using a TDS pen. I can easily order one, but should we not be aware of what constitutes the dissolved solids or does not that matter? Light for the new tank, 6500K or 8000K which would be best for my shrimp to stand out. I keep going on line to order one or the other and end up not ordering anything. Substrate for both shrimp and plants. All I am sure of is I would like it as close to black as possible. The plants I intend would be Java Moss, Java Fern and Anubias nana petite possible water sprite as that can float and go in the substrate. I welcome any suggestions and I will probably have more myself. I am in no hurry to add livestock . Thanks 
    • richiep
      i have a 225ltr tank which as been running since early November, planted, ph 6.2 temp 22.8 tds 170, i put the first lot of shrimp in early january not had any problems, molting as normal and a few berried. a week ago i put a scoop of bactor AE in and just after that a white mist or bloom appeared in the tank, partial water changes have done nothing to help, all shrimp are fine and water is at the right parameters , anyone have any ideas what this could be?, the filter system is a fluval 306 external, i also have an oxydator, and i dont have anything in the tank thats breaking down cheers richie 
    • s1l3nt
      Hate to barge in on you two... ;) 

      Your welcome JC, anytime bro :) That rack sure has come along but i got one thing to say: BOOOOOOOO! no up to date photos.... Hahaha :D
    • jayc
      I ended up organising a group buy from Kens Fish in the USA. I can't find a cheap local source unfortunately.
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