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PH at CO2 peak at 5.4 too low for CRS?

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I'm reposting this here from the general forum as it may be the more appropriate forum. I guess I just want to gave peace of mind, I keep hearing so many contradictory opinions on this question. I have a high tech CO 2 tank with ADA Aquasoil, 55 gallon, super heavily planted and I'm adding O2 with a twister Nano 24.7. If I completely degas the water, it is at 6.75 PH. I'm using RO water and remineralize it to GH 4-5 at around 140TDS. Now with CO2 on, my PH reads at 5.9 before the CO2 comes on, and PH 5.4ish at peak CO2. My KH is at zero. I used to add bicarbonates to raise it to 1dkh but a) the soil buffers it to zero within a day or two and b), I read that CRS like KH at zero.

I do have to add, I have about 15 CRS right now and they do ok, tend to hide a bit in the plants. 

Are these parameters OK with CRS and if not, how do I raise the PH with the insane buffering ability of ADA aquasoil? Some people say add crushed corals but that would deplete the aqua soil. Others say don't add any KH or else it will deplete the soil of the buffering capacity. I'm so confused!

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You can do as suggested or just try not using CO2 for a bit. I know CRS can take longer to breed than Neos can, so I don't know when they would start but would expect that they would have started already... unless you live in an area where it's winter so by the time they were old enough to breed, they haven't because it's winter.

I have come across one or two people who have them breeding in water with CO2 but just because they've had success doesn't necessarily mean someone else will.


Maybe look into diet and temps as well?

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And just like on command, I spotted a berried crystal! Let's hope the babies make it!

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    • jojowhisky
      Hmmm went to the fish store to take a look at their livestock of crystals.
      Did not like what i saw, lots of dead ones in the tank and some had the creepy planaria in it??!!?! (This slimy friend still creeps me out)
      Decided to go with a guy that takes his shrimps from a breeder. My yellow neos came from him and i remembered the water it came in was good.
      He sent me a photo of the guys.
      Hope all goes well.
      Picking them up on monday.

      Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

    • jayc
      Have a read of this in the Health and Care forum.   Is it similar to Chitinolytic bacterial disease or Rust disease? There are some suggested treatments in that article. Carvacrol oregano oil might be a good place to start with as treatments go.  
    • Natasha Balkwill
      Hi Ladies and Gents,  I need some help. Some of the shrimp in my PRL tank are starting to loose their colour and go translucent. I noticed this morning that the shell of one of them has changed to a light pink. He still has the thick white shell, its just the white part is turning pink. I'll attach a photo later on today. I know pink means internal bacterial infection but his "insides" look fine, its just his shell. By the time I went to get my phone to take a photo he ran to the other end of the tank ... typical. My water prams  Ph: 6.6 Gh: 6  Kh: 0  TDS: 241  Temp: 22-24 degrees  I  know my Ph and my TDS are a little high so I've been lowering it slowly over the last few weeks. I didn't want to change it too much and shock them. I do a 10% water change weekly and drip my new water in. I use a mixture of RO and tap water. I have fluval stratum in the tank and also have Indian almond leaves, subwassertang moss and cholla wood. I have green walls for them and I use a sponge filter.  Is this a Ph problem or is this bacterial? I've attached a photo of one of the females that have changed colour and who have gone translucent.  I appreciate all your help! 
    • Tmn
      I can’t get another picture to upload. I’m not sure how to make it smaller. But it’s a raised red circular growth that is getting bigger. 
    • jayc
      Can hardly see anything except for the silhouette of a shrimp. Shine a torch on it while taking a picture.   But without seeing it, I can take a guess that it might be Rust disease. Yes, that's contagious. And have you read the sticky in the Health subforum?