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Who else uses their camera to help distinguish the colours of their shrimp? I find being colour blind ( well slightly and apparently when tested red/ green colour blind) and not having crystal clear glass on tanks ( a few having a slight purplish tinge in the glass) I find using a camera helps me determine the true colour of shrimp.

Take for example this shrimp, to my naked eyes it just looked blue but the camera was able to detect some green and even the gold on its head. The other picture again, a different shrimp and just pretty much looked blue or maybe a bit choc blue but has some lovely gold barring.




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Well, I guess I don't have a great camera on my phone, because I find it wakes it more difficult!  I'm glad you have a great tool to help you out.

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    • jayc
      Newer A/C units now have auto on/off features. Maybe it's time for an upgrade @Zoidburg 😁 The things we do for our shrimp!
    • jayc
      @Zoidburg, happy to do that for you. Moved.
    • Zoidburg
      @jayc Would it help at all to move this thread to General Questions/Discussions? Still looking for ideas on what these guys may be.
    • pastu
      I really enjoy cycling a tank from zero. Find fascínating the invisible process seemingly Out of the blue , where ammonia  rises, leaching from the substrate ( always use Ada amazonia or help shrimp substratos) then ammonia turns into nitrite and those two dissapear and you are left with nitrate, al i had to do  was wait, i also use seachem matrix or pondguru,s ultimate and that ends Taking Care of nitrate too.
    • Zoidburg
      I think it might help to understand what water parameters you already have and what substrate.
      As far as the bird mineral blocks go? They should, in theory, be okay, however I'd be concerned about the metal that's in many of them. The metal that's meant to be tied to the bird cages. Wouldn't personally use it, because if extra calcium was required, I'd just add it from a remineralizer or get some form of calcium in another form to add to the tank.