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Not a true Moss

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I was wondering if anyone here had tried growing Selaginalla uncinate (blue spike moss) emersed? Its a lovely blue sheened low growing ground cover that shows its best blue in good shade. But I was thinking it may also lend itself to being grown in tank situation possibly with co2 added. I know many of the Fissidens etc are often found above the waterline in damp or water splashed areas and this is the same sort of area that Selaginella would usually grow. There is also a lime green variety which would also look stunning in an aquarium if it can be grown that way.

The next questions would be on how to go about trying to grow it emersed? Gradually add it to water and slowly make the water the depth of the eventual tank it would go in? Partially plant it in the substrate or attach it to a rock or timber? Or would it perhaps do better above the tank in a suspended pot with the long tendrils floating across the top where roots can grow in the water and provide shade/ cover and nutrient up take.


Sel 1.1.jpg

Sel 2.1.jpg

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    • jayc
      We really need to know the water parameters before we can give you advice. Ideally, you should have taken a reading of the original water parameters the shrimp came in. And compared it to your own tank parameters. Otherwise how would you know an hour and a half of drip acclimating is enough. The water in your tank can be on the opposite direction to the water the shrimp came in. 
    • Fishlover
      OK so I bought 50 cherry shrimp on Thursday  December 13.  I drip accumulated them for bout 1 and a half hours during the drip I losted 1. The next day I saw two molt in the tank. On Saturday I saw 2 dead shrimps and about 3 more molt, Sunday more molts no death. Today Monday I saw another dead one should I be worry r is it normal for some to die off?  The tank is 29*18*18  40 gallons and have being up an running since last year with a couple guppies but now it's a shrimp only tank with mts, I don't know the parameters of the water I'm waiting for a master test kit but might get it this week or next
    • jayc
      Ooo new toy.   I'm no guru. I'm still learning 😀
    • jojowhisky
      Yep today i did a wc using tap water like what our guru jayc suggested.
      I also squeezed the sponge from the filter in the pail into the new tank. Topped up to the brim of the tank with abit of water from the pail as i did a wc there(the pail) as well.

      Ps my ph pen arrived today in the mail.*happy*

      Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have put an advert in the 'for sale' section so someone may want free shrimp locally, however it is a bit of a needle in a haystack but I would rather give them away than kill them!!!!!¬ Hope your new tank is cycling nicely. Simon