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Not a true Moss

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I was wondering if anyone here had tried growing Selaginalla uncinate (blue spike moss) emersed? Its a lovely blue sheened low growing ground cover that shows its best blue in good shade. But I was thinking it may also lend itself to being grown in tank situation possibly with co2 added. I know many of the Fissidens etc are often found above the waterline in damp or water splashed areas and this is the same sort of area that Selaginella would usually grow. There is also a lime green variety which would also look stunning in an aquarium if it can be grown that way.

The next questions would be on how to go about trying to grow it emersed? Gradually add it to water and slowly make the water the depth of the eventual tank it would go in? Partially plant it in the substrate or attach it to a rock or timber? Or would it perhaps do better above the tank in a suspended pot with the long tendrils floating across the top where roots can grow in the water and provide shade/ cover and nutrient up take.


Sel 1.1.jpg

Sel 2.1.jpg

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    • Sheldon13
      Where do I get some?  When I google it, all that comes up is recipes for cooking shrimp and snow peas, and then on the shopping side what comes up is "Natto Shrimp Snow."  The Natto Shrimp Snow is brown pellets.  What I see in people's pictures here is white flakes.  Can someone tell me how to order it or what the proper name is so I can get the right thing?  Thank you!
    • Cesar
      Congrats @Sheldon13, keep us updated on their progress...
    • Sheldon13
      I LOVE the Velvet blue you have.  Beautiful specimen!
    • Sheldon13
      It's my first time guys!  I got these as my first shrimp, they were berried within 2 days and I had to squeal this morning when I woke up to babies!  So far I count 13.  I had 2 berried females so I know there's more...  They are orange cherries 😄
    • Baccus
      As helpful as pictures are I was wondering if there is a written description of the different colour varieties, much like what would be for say a show dog where desired criteria must be met in order for it to be grand champion worthy or pet quality. I ask because I am seeing many people selling "blue dreams" for example but there seems to be a great deal of difference with regards to darkness of the blue or clarity of the blue. And many of the sellers are either correctly claiming the shrimp are high grade or wrongly duping ( Not all but some and some could be doing it by accident too from not having a definitive accurate description to go by) new buyers who go on to breed said shrimp and sell on the offspring guessing they are high grade because they purchased high grade.