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New to this forum, I have read huge numbers of posts and have found excellent information available, all in one area has made it enjoyable rather than trawling through 1000's internet pages looking for specific info.

I have never kept shrimps ( have kept tropical fish in various types for many years ) before but I am about to , I have all the gear ready to go but am moving house in a few weeks so waiting until then to get stuck in.

I have seen a number of excellent posts on genetics from JayC - I used to keep and show budgies many years ago and the mendel theory bit ties in nicely with the budgie genetics

which I was quite au fait with , budgie genetics and breeding results are quite quantifiable , there are many tables for reference for colour / pattern breeding results.


It seems however with shrimp it seems a little bit hit n miss regarding outcomes ( I may be very wrong here but just seems that way,  from reading answers to various questions I have found being asked).It just seems the breeding results from various Xings usually produces a reply with " well it just depends "


Now moving on to the title question / s ..... do King Kong shrimp breed true?

Does black X black always = black - same for red X red and yellow X yellow. Also mixing the colours - I've read somewhere that black is dominant to red but the red can be carried in split form ,  where does the yellow form stand in this is it recessive to both black and red ?

I have noticed there are various patterns in KK ( extreme - with the tip of the tail white against a solid main colour ) but also some with bands on them, are these actual recognised patterns

or are they just better / worse grades ?

If they are recognised patterns - do the patterns breed true also ?

Which shrimp are required to breed KK's without using a KK as a parent?


Finally slightly off subject 'mischlings' - reverting back to the budgie genetics, all crossings no matter how complex produce a named variety / colour even if it is a very poor version - it has a name.

With mischlings it seems to be just classed as crossbreeds - is this because the young are so diverse in colour pattern and type it is not possible to give it a name or ?

Sorry for not placing this in the correct section but I don't have enough knowledge to know where it would belong lol.

Also appologise for the many Q's within a Question and maybe not set out very tidily.

I have many other questions regarding breeding outcomes etc but will try to keep the posts at a good space between them so as not to bombard and annoy folks.





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