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Some of my Shrimp Buddies - Pic Heavy

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So being very very new to shrimp keeping .... so new it's been three months - REALLY NEW but very addicted!

Thought I would pop a few pictures up of some of my gang .... yes I said some .... haven't managed to capture all the different colour variations I have on camera as yet. I sear they wait until I am miles away from the ability to take a picture before sitting in full view in the right light. Grab a camera and the dudes seem to just vanish or you can see a bit of tail or partial bit of body showing between plants ...... 

I have zero idea as to who belongs to which exact species and you have more chance of winning the lottery than getting me to pronounce let alone decide on their latin species name. They are purely for enjoyment (hopefully theirs as well as mine) a way of trying to occupy my brain cell and calm me down in to a more relaxed state of mind. So unlike most people who are obviously a heck of a lot more into them and into breeding etc I will just blunder along calling them the chocolate ones or the blue ones or the weird strip / clear ones .... Apart from my amano, the crystals and my cherry's I have zero idea what the rest are. One has even gained a name ..... Mr Whiskers.... Yes you read that right ..... and now is the time to walk away hmmm probably more like run away from this post! I currently don't have a nice picture of Mr Whisker (was that a sigh of relief I just heard???) nor a decent one of the crystals or amano, nor my powder blue coloured ones they are running around hiding with their eggs hmmmm also missing a piccie of the electric blue and black that I have.....  you will be relieved to read lol. Be warned I may add them at a later date though.

Anyways here are a few of my little buddies, if anybody knows what they are please feel free to sing out. If any of them don't look right please also sing out I would rather know than not and rather change my ways and help them than loose them and have them suffer in any way which is my biggest fear.



black transparent.jpg


blue black.JPG



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I've been stalking my shrimpy dudes with me phone :)

My tank is beginning to look like a large tank of jelly beans!





pale blue.JPG

I think this blue one may be berried but not entirely sure ..... heaven only knows what colours they will be as have sotted some of the tiny ones starting to surface more regularly and there are some right strange colour combinations going on ... quite puzzled as to what they will turn out to be in the end



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I LOVE the Velvet blue you have.  Beautiful specimen!

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Hey DizzyBlue,

Welcome to the hobby and congrats on having berried shrimp! I've kept shrimp for quite awhile now and I'm regretting not having joined this forum much earlier 😛

Anyways, just to help identify all your shrimp (from top to bottom)

Red Cherry (Female), Black Rose (Male), Black Rose (Female), Carbon Rili (Male), Blue Velvet (Male?), Red Sakura (Female), Amano, Blue Velvet (Female), Crystal Red B/C Grade (?), Snowball (Female and definitely berried :D) , Cherry and Blue Velvet (Female and blue is very berried too)

Also, if you're looking to ensure that your shrimp colony stays colourful for long, I would advise against keeping all the Neos together (i.e. the cherry, black rose, blue velvet) as they would often cross breed and their offspring would revert back to their colourless wild variations.

Other than that, have fun keeping and breeding your shrimp!!

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    • sdlTBfan
      Very ingenious and a lot cheaper than buying something made specifically for the purpose. I haven't seen anything like this in the UK, we never get the range/variety that large countries like US and Australia get. It is good to give people all the alternatives and then they can decide what they want and what is available to them. I'm sure there will be lots of people interested in your water container. Is it easy to fill or do you use a funnel? Or have you cut a hole in the side/top (the black patch in the photo)? How big is it in water capacity?
    • Proy21
      It was a normal red cherry. It was as they all were, a standard red color. No dark pigmentation in the bunch. Color definitely changed after death. All other shrimp are healthy, eating and moving around. water parameters were tested twice yesterday and twice today, i’ll probably do a third before the night is over. All parameters are perfect, tested with drops and tubes. Gh &Kh are acceptable. TDS is 240ish and hasn’t  moved in a long while. tell me about the bacteria that you reference. thanks
    • jayc
      There is nothing more satisfying than DIY, and building your own water change dripper. I use an old 4L spring water bottle that has one of those spouts that have a tap on it. Cut a hole on the top to make adding water into the bottle easier. (as per the picture below). And just turn the tap on ever so slightly until a required drip rate is achieved. Cost: $4 for the water bottle, which was used at a picnic.   
    • jayc
      Was this a Red cherry or Black cherry? Pigmentation can change colour on death of the shrimp. It's difficult to tell from a photo if its pigmentation change or bacterial infection.   To be safe, test your water parameters for ammonia. A large change in population can cause issues in a small tank, especially when the beneficial bacteria cannot cope with the sudden increase in waste.
    • Proy21
      Good morning, I received my order of 20 shrimp from a very well known breeder. All looked good. all water parameters were ok yesterday and are the same today. the tank has been up and running for 6 months. i had one cherry in there for almost the whole time. (Had more but I believe the black diamond sand created issues for the first 20 I bought) somehow this single shrimp has been a trooper and never had any issues, I obviously removed the sand) TDS is 245 i had one shrimp die be expected I guess. Weird part is that when I found it this morning it had areas of black or dark blue on the sides of both head and tail.  I added in the tiniest amount of Bacter AE after they arrived. I also offered 2 granules of north Fin community and veggie. Which was gone a few hours later. so I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas? All the other shrimp look ok so far.