How to fight this single celled parasite?

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Check out the microbewiki link above. Excellent resource for microbe differentiation.

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Appears someone got some AMAZING shots of these parasites in shrimp molts... and it's not just in Caridinas. (no surprise there! just, there's at least one or more Neo specific parasites out there that don't bother Caridinas!)


It's in this video below.... actually see them about 12 minutes in. (be sure to watch in 1080p!)



One person thinks they might be apostome ciliates, also seen in saltwater shrimp.


And doing a quick search shows some scary stuff.... and interesting pages!


Appears as if copepods can't even be free of these things.... yeeghads!



And now I feel like molts should never be left in the aquarium...

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    • KatieMacSC
      My experience today with acclimating new shrimp shows me we need to watch them closely during the process. I received my shipment of Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) and immediately started slowly dripping a little of my stable and tested aquarium water into a glass bowl with the opened bag of shrimp and shipping water. They were all very active on arrival and the first half hour of periodic dripping, then they got very sluggish, lying in the bottom like they were dying. My aquarium nitrates and nitrites were close to 0, but I didn't check the water in the bag first. I used a test strip on the mixed water and found the nitrates had suddenly climbed to the 40-60 range.  I hadn't finished acclimating them yet, but with nothing to lose I scooped up the shrimp and put them immediately in my tank. They took a few minutes to recover, but soon they were happily swimming in my tank and seem to be fine. If anyone knows what could have happened between happy shrimp in the shipping bag to a fast nitrate climb while adding good water, I'd love to know....
    • Cesar
      @WhySoCRS wow that little crs has some nice color! Congrats!
    • Eric@Discobee
      parameters are too low gh/kh for neos. need to bump them up some. you should also be using gh/kh products not just gh.   Also I'd avoid bacter ae too many bad experiences with it, its over priced. many better products out there for way less $.    
    • WhySoCRS
      Also have a heavily pregnant female sitting close to food and fanning like crazy, I'd say ready to drop the eggs any day now.
    • WhySoCRS
      OK, here is a rough photo, little fella sitting on a alder cone.

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