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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I am going to place my order through http://www.shrimpfever.com/shop/category/shrimp/livestock-shrimp/caridina-shrimp-only/ shrimp fever today, and I wanted to get some feed back from you all about what I should get in order to eventually accomplish my goals! My main goal is to create a TiBee that is much more resilient than a regular CRS, and try and open keeping caridina shrimp up to the east coast of canada. Locally the only bred shrimp you can get are cherries, and occasionally blue velvet's. I want to cross these shrimp to make a more robust easier to keep caridina shrimp that is still striking to look at ! Tigers are larger making them a better choice for many aquarists who complain shrimp are too small to see. The white/red is always the most striking in a planted tank IMHO Here is the stock I want to order today to start with! 6 black TiBee shrimp, 6A/A+ CRS 4S/S+ CRS 8 Tigers and possibly 2 golden/snow white shrimp Alternatively if you think this would be better I can just get CRS and Tigers (in greater number as they are actually the cheapest!) The tibees are the more expensive of the lots, and the black tibees might not help me that much anyway. ( Just wanted to diversify the genes. I could also get 1 tangerine tiger or something) Going the other way I would likely get about: 15A/A+ CRS, 5S/S+ CRS 10 regular tigers Please let me know what you would order to get shrimp like the ones I am picturing eventually! My tank parameters are currently ph 6.8-6.9 and 75f. Do I need to adjust them? If so what is the best way to drop the PH? My tap water is about 7.2 so Ideally I could get them acclimated to higher ph, but if not I am willing to do RO/DI. ideally I want to make something looking like this:
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