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Found 2 results

  1. 3 nights ago I moved 15 shrimp from a planted 1 gallon jarrarium to a 4 gallon bent glass tank. The tank has a small PennPlax HOB which was seeded and has been up and running for about 1 month prior to transferring the shrimp. The jarrarium in which they were born only had Aquasolum substrate, Anubias, and a bunch of java moss. In the new tank I used black sand for the substrate and added a nice piece of Malaysian Driftwood along with java moss from the jarrarium. When I first put them in the tank (after drip acclimating for 1-1/2 hours) they were swimming all over checking things out, acting pretty ecstatic about their new home. This morning their behavior has become very subdued and most of the time I don't even see them (the driftwood has many openings for them to hide in). A few have already molted. All water parameters between the 2 tanks were the same with the exception of nitrate and GH/KH levels. The jarrarium always had 0 nitrates, the new tank has 10ppm. The jarrarium GH/KH were both 4, the new tank reads 5 for both the GH/KH. I'm keeping a close eye on them but don't see any signs of stress. Most are hiding in the driftwood, the others are resting very still in place. How long does it generally take for shrimp to acclimate to new surroundings? They are neocaridina davidi var. orange that were born in the jarrarium so this new environment is a huge change for them. They've gone from a vertical water column to a horizontal water column that offers major hiding capabilities. It was nice to be able to view them when they were actively swimming, now they've gone incognito on me. Google Album Photos
  2. It looks like I'm most likely moving house in July. It may be within the same suburb, and at maximum a 30 min drive away. All my tanks are less than 40 L capacity, too. So it'll be easier than most scenarios. I thought about it for a while and came up with a plan very similar to this excellent article (thanks @OzShrimp): Still got a few Qs though. 1. What's the best way to keep biomedia properly inhabited AND how long can biomedia go without water flow before the bacterial colony collapses? Two of my tanks have inbuilt media compartments which I've filled with seachem matrix. In addition to that I have sponge filters in those tanks. If it's essential to keep water flowing all the time to avoid the biomedia becoming barren, I could bury the sponge filters in the biomedia within 20L lidded buckets and run them with battery powered air pumps. The shrimp will be fine in lidded 5L buckets with moss and tank-water I think because it's not gonna get too cold in brisbane and I can insulate them by placing the 5L bucket inside lidded 10L bucket and surrounding with packing foam. But they will not be fine if there is no tank with properly working filtration set up at the new place within a day. So, if necessary I'll invest in battery-powered air pumps to keep the bacteria alive. Which leads to: 2. Any good recommendations for battery-powered air pumps? 3. Lastly, any general tips? Any advice would be much appreciated :) The upshot of all this is I can start my 90L tank up once I've moved!! Soooo it started 2 identical topics for some reason, sorry!
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