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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, but it looked like the perfect place to hopefully get the help that I need. I also hope that I am posting in the correct place with relevant information as I'm not a big forum writer but possibly will write more now that I have the time. I currently have a large lobster setup that I wish to hopefully turn into a breeding setup in Malaysia. I have about 40 Australian red claw crayfish and they have been in the tank now for just over 1 month. At first I have a few fatalities (from not cycling the tank long enough). But it's now been almost 2 months that the tank has been running and I just can't seem to get the nitrates or nitrites under control. The volume is about 300 liters with 3 sections. The main large section where most of the crayfish are has 1 pump going directly into a pressurised canister filter that I made. There is also another pump running alone for water flow (and to stop mosquito's breeding). The top section is the main box filter that has bio balls in the bottom, then sponge medium and coral fragments followed with sponge on the top. I have also been using some probiotics to encourage nitrifying bacteria to start. The middle section has 4 females (about 4 inches each) and 1 male (about 3 inches). I have 2 fairly good size pieces of driftwood in there too. My pH is at 7.8 (trying to get this down a little bit too). Any suggestions would be much appreciated on how I can lower my nitrites and nitrates.
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