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Found 1 result

  1. KeenShrimp

    Blonde Tigers changing colour?

    Hi guys, I moved a few tank inhabitants around and have noticed something interesting: I moved OEBT mixed grades in with Pumpkin cherries thinking the colour combo would look awesome ( I have to say, it does ?) : some of my blonde tigers that are clear or that displayed a pale blue while in a blue tiger- only tank, have now turned light orange as they forage together in the tanks and there are more pumpkin cherries than there are tigers for now. The shrimp are very healthy, my parameters are are stable and exactly where I want them to be. Shrimp populations are quite small. This is quite similar to what I have noticed in my other tanks : my large DAS females turn a pale hue of the coloured shrimp they hang out with : one in my tiger tank is quite an impressively light blue colour for a native, another DAS that hangs out with orange rilis sometimes goes orange-ish. I suspect it might be the desire to camouflage themselves in the group from predators? I have large Otocinclus groups...just speculation here. Does anyone have this happening in their tanks? At this stage I am unsure of whether the blonde tigers are staying orange, or reverting back to blonde/ light blue throughout the day...
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