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Found 1 result

  1. So the other day i scored some dexion pallet racking for cheap cheap. So now all my tanks in my house are being moved into my garage. It will be a long and slow process as i'm also planning a wedding and just got a new fulltime job and still working 2 casual jobs. The racking is 45cm deep and almost 3 meters long. My plan is to have a 4ft tank and my normal 2 2ft tanks on the bottom shelf then the top shelf i will have 4 2ftx18inchx18inch tanks. Hoping to get at least 2 divided but still deciding on what to do. At the moment i only have Cherries but yellow, red, red rillis and blues. I'm not dipping my toes in CRS just yet as much as i want to the garage will just get too hot in summer in Canberra. With lighting my top 4 tanks will have the Up aqua pro led Z hanging from the roof. So all up it shall cost me a bit but i will do it slowly. So this is the shelving unit Any advice at all for planning and figuring out what i need would be a real help.
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