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Found 3 results

  1. bluestarfish

    Identifying Color Morphs

    Before I get to the main purpose of this thread, I've had a burning question for a while, how do you tell a Red (brown Heritage) apart from just a normal Red? (same for blues). Is that something you can only know by knowing the breeding line, or is there some tell in the shrimps coloration? -- So I ordered a second batch to mix with the 10 I started with, they came sooner than I expected. I'm not quite done adjusting the TDS, but it's close enough. (man shaving the last 60ppm or so off is hard though, I think I'm going to have to do a fairly large change to get bellow 200). The bag(s) were very mixed, and many are lower grade than advertised. I'm not sure if I feel a little annoyed or not, I don't intend to breed them, but I know that they will eventually breed and dilute the brighter red ones I already have. On the other hand, there are some interesting shrimps in there. A couple of bluish ones, several that are a dark brownish red, and one that is fairly brown with a long white stripe down its back. If nothing else, if I ever do get into breeding them I guess I'll have genetic variety on my side... Anyway, I'm trying to nab pictures of them to get help identifying their colors?
  2. I came across this Japanese website that shows the biotope of Sulawesi shrimps. Thought you guys with Sulas would be interested. (Need Google translate to English). http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danao.htm http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danaomatano.htm http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danaoposo.htm
  3. Thought I would share a few pics of the wonderful rifle shrimp that I received from Fishmosy. This is two of the males. You can see that distinctive stripe down their body. In the background basically at the bottom of the root section of the fern is a fresh moult from one of the rifles. The more I have to do with these shrimp the more I become fascinated with them. I think they are right up there as one of my favourite shrimp. This is one of the smaller male rifles. This one is more of a light bluish color and you can see how easily it would blend into its environment. Even though it's obscured there is an adult size rilli directly behind it. The look massive compared to the other shrimp in with them. I think the best picture I have ever taken of a shrimp. Couldn't do it again if I tried. I was actually able to put a tape measure up to measure the size of the rock and the rifle. The rock is approx 90mm and the Rifle is a bit over 5cm.There is a bigger one but it wouldn't co-operate to get a pic. I also noticed the differences in color of the rifle shrimp. Considering their size it is amazing how at times they are very hard to see. They blend into their enviroment very well I don't know why there are such differences in color because I believe they all came from the same area. Perhaps Fishmosy or Bob can shed some light on the reason for this. They vary from a light blue to an aqua blue, green, brown and a light orange.
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