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  1. I have had three of these guys in a tank since April. I thought 2 were female and one was male, because it's literally three times the size of the others. But I read that a dominant male does become oversized, leaving the others small. So now I think that's what happened and I have all males. I had to separate them because the big one ripped the legs off one of the smaller ones. I didn't notice for a week because he was hiding. He literally had one 'walking' leg left either side and no main claws so he could only hobble along, lurching from side to side. However, after six weeks' separation and making sure he got food delivered right in front of his nose, this little guy grew back a spindly set of legs that are growing stronger. He hasn't moulted yet, but I am hoping that after he does he will be as good as new. I find these guys more interesting than fish or even neocaridina. I think it's those big claws and the way they use them to explore their world as well as brandish them at me when they think I'm holding out on the food. Below is recovering victim using new legs and claws.
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