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  1. Aquathumb

    Red Cherry Tank

    Here is my New Tank! its a 3 foot, planted. I plan on stocking it with the best red cherry's I can get my hands on! watch this thread for future updates! :encouragement:
  2. Ok Guys and girls I am in planing stages of building a rack set up as it my not get started for a while so asking for just a few pros and cons people might have for using acrylic for there shrimp tanks... One pro i see is how clear the product is and easy of drilling... cons i think it will be easy to scratch any one else got anything they can add...
  3. zacsbee89

    my collection

    So far I've got 2 tanks for shrimp, with plans on more. Atm I have a 1x1x2 tank full of red cherries, Although not good quality. Also a 1.5x1x1 tank with 8 yellow cherries and so far a minimum of 5 shrimplets. Theres nothing flash about the setup of the 2 tanks substrate or light wise. The 1x1 has river sand as a substrate and the 1.5x1 has fluval shrimp stratum. Both tanks run aquazonic 16.44w marine light (i know marine isnt good for plants. but they have the option to leave the acitinic lights off) The red cherry tank is just plants (not sure on names) and a piece of drift wood with fontinalis moss on it. The yellow cherry tank was bare with some java moss on a stick. In the last couple of days I have started a moss wall with the java and have also added a ground cover "pillow" of Riccia that i had growing in my pond.
  4. plecofan09

    My DIY Shrimp tanks

    Ok guys, think its time i put up my shrimp tank build , i have been putting this off for a long time. Basically in my house the missus took up all the space to make sure i didnt have any room for a big fish tank. But there was a little 2ft space where i could sneak in a 2 ft tank in . i didnt have a 2ft tank , but a good friend of mine had some 8mm glass so we made a 2ft tank 18"deep 16" high. i also had a 50cm tank lying around so, now thinking of making a stand to fit both tanks. I had some aquasoil lying around so though of making 2 planted tanks and try to impress the missus:D. SO the plan was to build a nice stainless steel stand. ok so here are the pics Cutting up the 40mm S/S box and welding them up After i finished welding , the stand then looked like this i will upload more pics later
  5. Loach

    New Tank

    Watch this space for further updates ;) Will post pics soon...
  6. CCA001

    My Shrimp setup

    Hi all just thought i would post up my shrimp setup i have started on a few of days before xmas. Sorry i wasn't on the forum to show you photos from very start to finish but better than nothing i thought. This is it this evening after i have poured in the gravel for the tanks but figured it was better than nothing (bare bottom) to start with for them. Anyway hope you all enjoy, any tips or advice greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of my planted tank with some Ninja shrimp (hiding) Thanks for looking all :)
  7. hey everyone today i decided to show you all my shrimp tank:D i went to a fish shop about a month ago and picked up a tank, a mr.aqua 45cm tank which cost me $90 i didnt know if i was a good price but i bought it anyways lol,i also picked up a bag of benibachi soil. here is a picture with the soil in the tank: then i went on to trying to scape the tank at first it looked like this: then i was like no this scape isnt nice so i pulled out all the plants and the wood and tried again and then i changed the scape to a wood iwagumi type tank and it looked like this: the pieces of wood i had were too small so i went out and bought some larger pieces then i rescaped: and it looked like this then i put in the water slowly and in a couple of hours the tank was clear and the final product looked like this it is pretty good for my first attempt at aquascaping and i thought it was pretty good btw i dont even know why there is a diffuser in the tank i dont even run co2 lol the equipment i used is: eheim filter 2213 cost- $100 lighting is a 2ft 2 tube light-$60 the tank- $90 the soil- $50 the stainless steel mesh intake- $12 the bowl for the shrimp to eat in- $5 the plants-$30 in total the tank cost me $347 and atm the tank is looking like this: and a side view: and there you go i will keep you all updated on the tank as it goes on
  8. Hi all I seen a pic of something like what i am trying to make... I liked it and thought I would give it a go.. Thanks for looking....
  9. Hi Guys, Just wanted to start a journal on my soon to be shrimp tank.... Tank is an ADA Mini S 31x18x24 only containing 12L! Filtration is a Eheim 2213 filled with substrat pro and a Eheim 2211 prefilter!! Also with tiny little lily pipes. Heating is a simple aqua one 25w... :( Lighting is a Beamswork led module 5w. Quite dim actually ;). Its 10000k with a few blue leds. Stand is a DIY ADA Cabinet which can be found in the DIY section of the forum. Substrate is 2L of Up Aqua Soil. Would have gone benibachi but the bags are too big. Hardscape is a Treeish shaped peice of timber i gt from the LFS. Has a nice colour to it. Plants are Peacock Moss, Flame Moss, Xmas Moss, Taiwan Moss, Subwerstang, Nano Moss, Riccia, NL Java Fern and Emmersed HC rooted in a bed of moss and riccia :) Pictures coming in next post...
  10. Hi everyone! I posted this journal on another forum, but thought i could grab some expertise from shrimpers here too! So im new to this hobby, thought I would share my experiences of this hobby so far with everyone so I can hopefully learn and also get some advice from more experienced shrimpers! I'd also like some more experienced people to aware me if I am currently doing the whole process correctly. I have been collecting bits and pieces with my spare money thats doesn't have to go towards uni for months in preparation for the two tanks that I will be creating (this shrimp tank and 3ft aquascaped tank (will journal that one in future)) For this tank I purchased a lot of second hand items from people around the community to thanks anyone that sold me something! Anyways, my brother and I made a trip to Canley Vale nursery as I heard that they stocked some natural slate, which I heard was inert. They had a few different types of rocks to choose from, they had the natural slate which i was looking for, had red slate and also had honey comb rocks (I think its called) As I live about an hours drive from Canley Vale my brother and I decided that we will go all out in purchasing rocks as we dont want to make another trip back there too soon. If i can recall it was around $4-$6 a kilo can't remember how much exactly. At home we have one of those high pressure spray guns so I gave the rocks a good clean. It really brought the colour out in some of the honeycomb rocks. I also have a 3 foot tank which im planning to do my first aquascape as well so thats why I grabbed the honeycomb rocks. My brother is also potentially going to do something aquarium related for his HSC so we bought extras. I also had some pieces of driftwood which i had purchased some time ago. I was worried they may break from the high pressure of the spray gun but they were really cleaned well from it. My favourite rock in the bunch Slate before put in tank Anyway for the shrimp tank im using: Tank: Aqua One AR380 Lighting: 3x 11w T5 Filtration: Eheim 2213 Substrate: ADA Amazonia I Driftwood, Natural black slate So I poured in some amazonia, chucked in the driftwood and a few of the rocks. Was pretty happy with how it was looking so far. I bought some HC from a member on another forum, I wasnt sure if I wanted to put the HC in the tank as I didnt want to put co2, but the offer was too good to resist. Threw in some marimos which i also grabbed from a member, put diy co2 and started the cycling. I took out the HC and co2 because i want this tank for shrimp. Grabbed some of those charcoal bamboo shelters off ebay, as i heard that they are able to take in some harmful toxins in the water ( i think). I bought some flame moss from LFS and tied it around a rock. I also made a little shelter cave kinda thing on the right side of the tank. I also in a sense was trying to create a scape that could both be aesthetically pleasing, but also provide the optimal environment for the shrimp which i will put in in the future. (ignor crypts they are for 3ft) A really really kind member sent me a piece of mesh which i will eventually stick to the back side of the tank and put java moss. (Thank you very much!) I am planning on putting US fissiden, java moss, java fern and a few other mosses in the tank but just gona put it in at a later time with my funds are replenished lol... I was thinking of possibily making a huge moss top to go onto the driftwood to emulate a tree. but ill think about that later. Anyway thats my progress so far, i will put future updates when the time comes, however if any members can give me some input about anything, it would be much appreciated! I have yet to test water parameters, i will do that in the next week or two. I am currently 2 weeks into cycling and i read it should be left for about 4 - 6 weeks before any fish or invertebrates are even considered. Thanks! Justin
  11. I know most would have seen this before, but as we are starting fresh here on SKF i figured i should post a thread on my favourite shrimp tank. This tank is in my office next to me while i use the computer such as now - very distracting. Size - 36 L Equipment Filtration - Eheim HOB Heater - Jager 50w (not on until winter) Lighting - 8w LED with moonlight Cooling - Twin fan clip on. Substrate - 1x5kg bag of Beni Bachi Black Fulvic Soil (normal) with benibachi mineral powder laid under substrate. Hardscape - Driftwood Plants - Bolbitis Fern Needle Leaf Java Fern Marimo Balls Peacock moss Mini Pelia Windelov US fissidens Shrimp - neocaridina heteropoda . Var Yellow CRS CBS water parameters PH - 6.4 Gh - 5-6Ëš KH - 0Ëš Temp - 22Ëšc TDS - 190 when i first started the tank with i used UpAqua Shrimp sand it looked like this this was a few month after setup then i got some higher grade ss males who produced these offspring. Gradually i lost nearly all these CRS due to unknown reasons (possibly temp, disease, low GH??) I tried many things and decided to not purchase anymore until i knew where to go next. then recently we got benibachi products in australia for the first time so i decided to start fresh and give the CRS another go. 2 of my CRS had stayed alive the whole time in another tank so i re-did the 36L with new substrate and slowly got more CRS, CBS and NH sp.Yellow and now it looks like this with the BeniBachi soil CRS colour coming from the shadows yellow saddled Big Berried CRS - this one comes out the most FTS i tried this peacock moss wall for a while but pulled it out due to bad growth. This Tank is now producing constant batches of shrimplets from CRS and yellows as well as some low numbers of CBS.
  12. Just received my oxydator today and thought it would be a good time to start a thread on my tank and it's evolution So, this is how it all started Tank Aquatic Style 40x40x40cm Substrate 4.5L bags ADA Amazonia 1 Filtration Kotobuki UGF with ADA rio Eheim 2213 with substrate pro and mech Eheim inlet pipe prefilter Gex HOB Filter with carbon, mineral balls, benibachi balls Prefilter with filter wool, matrix carbon, purigen and cuprisorb Lighting 24W PL Clip on Lights Heater 1x Hydor in-line 200w 1x ADA Glass thermometer Flora: US Fissiden Needle Leaf Java Fern Subwassertang Mini Pellia tied to Shirakura Mineral Stones Fauna CRS Oct 2011 Nov 2011 Jan 2012 Feb 2012 Apr 2012 May 2012 June 2011
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