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  1. G'day folks, recently purchased a second-hand fluval edge 23l and currently cycling the tank. Planning to stock CRS/Taiwan bees or even tigers. Had set the tank up this week, firstly adding a nice layer of Mosura Old sea mud powder Decided to go with half a bag of ADA Amazonia 1 creating a depth of about 5cm Filled with Pure RO water however will add Salty Shrimp gH + when cycling period is completed. Planned Flora: Needle leaf java fern Bucephalandra Us fissidens Planned fauna: CRS or TB orTigers Hardscape Lava rock Driftwood Shrimp caves Filtration Aquaclear HOB Lighting Hallogen bulbs from original fluval edge Now waiting for a few water changes to clear up the water a little then i shall add the hardscape and some plants.
  2. Thought I would throw up some progress shots of a 2ft tank that I am setting up for shrimp. It is pretty average compared to some that I have seen on here, but hey you gotta start somewhere!! Bare tank with a foam divider Shrimp Soil added. only one side to start with. Not sure what/how I will do the other yet......trial and error I guess Need a heater at the moment, one of my other tanks got down to 16 last night I have added some stainless mesh to grow some moss on, and an Anubias. I am new to planted tanks so this will be a learning curve, the world of Co2 is new to me, so I will need to research alot more on this. I also have some Foxtail floating on top. Also I stole the idea off @Jimmynich tank journal post, with a sunken in feeding tray. Will see how it goes. Putting some Yellow Cherries in this side. There is currently 12 in there, but I have already picked out the best that I am going to keep and will cull the rest (Ive been reading Daydreams posts on the importance of culling too) I just need to be confident that I am leaving myself with both boys and girls. Let me know what you think, I am still learning so any advice/critisism will be appreciated. Adro
  3. Good evening! This one has been in planning for a while now and finally it's starting to come to fruition :) A while back I purchased a twin tier 3ft setup for bristlenose, but since MTS is taking over I've found myself wanting a divided tank so I could have more sections for my shrimp. I'm like a parent with a newborn at the moment, constantly checking it to see if it's alright, taking pictures of it, planning it's future, lol With the new tank there's been a slight change to the layout in the room, with the new layout I've found myself wanting to name the room, so I'd like to dub this room and it's contents within as "Warehouse 13" Lighting:: 2x 39W Sylvania Aquastar 10000K bulbs CO2:: Via three Ista basic diffusers connected to one disposable can Filtration:: 2x Eheim 2213 Canister filters, 3x Air Driven sponges Substrate:: 10L Cal Aqua Lab's Black Earth Premium Substrate In this pic I'm taking my baby home from the hospital for the first time, one last look back to see if it was sitting comfortably before driving at grandma pace to get home The holes in the dividers are being plugged with filter foam donated by the ever-generous Twellsy! This is the position it's going into, I had sold off the previous bottom tank, then dropped the top tank to the bottom. My new tank is taking the pride and joy placement at the top (plus works better for canister filters) Note the 2ft, stuck almost hidden on the left side new layout, allowing the 2ft to be accessed and viewed MUCH easier! Compared to my other tanks, this thing is BRIGHT! All tanks had their lights on in the following photo, I dropped the exposure so the whole picture wasnt washed out Beemax and Benibachi mineral layer, as all good tanks should have :) In goes the Substrate The bits and bobs
  4. G'day all I am going to start my first ever shrimp tank journal. I have just got my new tank and sump. The tank is divided into 3 sections. Each partition glass has 3 cm gap at the bottom for extra water flow between the 3 sections. I still have alot to do, including sorting out the pipings, painting the tank's back and sides black and painting the sump black all around. The decoration will be simple with driftwood, moss and ferns. I have wanted to do this for so longggg. Finally its happening. hahaha. I will update the journal when i can. Here are my tank, sump specs and accessories for the setup. Enjoy :) Tank 4'x18"x18" (120x45x45) - Divided into 3 sections. Sump 29.5'x13.8"x13.8" (75x35x35) Sump Media Matts and foams - to order Mr Aqua M noodles (10L) - to order Seachem Matrix - check Eheim Substrat Pro - check Substrate Benibachi 3 x Normal and 2 x Powder Fluvic Soil - Waiting from Aquotix Benibachi 3 x Fluvic grain - Waiting from Aquotix Lighting T5 single tube Other Asscessories 2600 l/ph Pondmaster MK2 - check JBJ Arctica 1/10 Hp chiller - check Hydor 300 watt inline heater - to order Inline UV steriliser??? - to order
  5. smicko

    new rack

    With all the time I'm spending at home lately, My wife is sick of hearing about shrimp and tanks So i thought I would share my ideas with people that will appreciate them lol. I'm getting a rack built that is 1100mm long,540mm wide and three tier. Top teir will be the 40x40x40cm planted cube with cbs and yellows, and a 2x15x18 divided in half with mishlings and pumpkin one side, crs and black cherry the other side. The planted tank won't be on the system. Second teir is 3x18x1 divided in four. Section 1, red rili and snow white rilli Section 2, select bred red cherry and? Section 3, no stock yet but want carbon rilli and Tibee Section 4, no stock yet but want tigers and a different cherry The bottom teir will be a sump that runs through Dacron and sponge onto bioballs in dry section with Scoria on the bottom, which will flow into.a section of k1, then a 25cm cull tank with sponge stopper and the last section will be for the 1200lph pump and heater. If all goes to plan the rack and sump will be done this weekend, planted tank will go on top. Any suggestions or freebies to fill the tank accepted lol. I will also have a four foot tank in the garage running a ghetto sump for culls, but I will start a new thread for that tank. Cheers mick
  6. So I never seem to have enough room, so I was thinking about dividing my current 3' tank so I would then have two divided 3' tanks. This would take me from 4 to 6 "tanks" running in two actual tanks. Then I found a guy selling his 12 tank rack. While I would love to have 12 tanks, I just don't have room for them. So I offered to buy four of the tanks and then found a cheap sump from another guy. The tanks are 610mm Wide x 450mm Deep x 360mm High. I plan to build my rack so the short side faces forward and two rack on each level (as they are in the pic). The sump will go on the bottom shelf. Now the sump. I've never set one up before, so which side should I have the pump and what media should I put in the various areas?
  7. HJ V6

    my fluval edge

    hi guys this is my first real shrimp tank its a fluval edge 23L its not the best planted tank but Im hoping the HC carpets the whole tank and I might change a few plants and its going to bbe stocked with yellow cherrys in a couple of weeks ( ill upload pics soon )
  8. Ok guys so my ideas are starting to come together. So far this is what I have. I'm still undecided to what to breed in here but I will figure that out later. I will be working with a 1000L ibc. I have 6 of them. That is the plan. I think it is do able. This is my filter hopefully it will do the job. It will be made of plastic storage containers from big w or bunnings not sure yet. That's what I have so far just waiting on pay day lol
  9. BristledOne

    Aquaone AquaStart 320

    So a mate linked me an add for a cheap tank that didnt look to worn out, hadn't planned on setting up another tank before the divided 3ft but here we are :p The plan for this tank is to try to be as budget wise as possible, using items I already own to get it up and running. The tank came with the stock 11W CFL but no filtration, originally this tank would have come with an undergravel filter but I wouldnt have been using that anyway as I plan on using an active substrate. Tank:: AquaOne AquaStart 320 (bought secondhand for $15, no filter) Filtration:: Air driven sponge filter(s) Lighting:: 11w stock CFL Heating:: 55W AquaOne that I had lying around Substrate:: Cal Aqua Lab's Black Earth premium (leftover from another scape) Substrate additives:: Benibachi's Beemax Enzym and Mironection powder, 2tsp of each Hardscape:: Lavastone and Driftwood Plants:: Whatever I can gather, includes some Javamoss, ambulia, java fern and a crypt So first off I had to give the tank a bit of a clean, I'm always worried when buying a secondhand tank that the previous owner may have used a chemical to clean the tank out before sale. So for this reason I give the tank a spray down with water several times before moving on. Once I've given it a clean out next up is the layers of Benibachi's Mironecton powder and BeeMax powder, I've used a good heaped 2tsp of each making sure I cover the whole bottom of the tank evenly. Now that I've got the additive layer down I like to put down a small layer of substrate before placing my hardscape to try to spread the weight out more and prevent any cracking of the bottom, this is just paranoia really but with these small aquaone tanks they have a rim that the tank sits on meaning pressure is focused on the center. Now time for the hardscape! I tried a few different layouts before settling on a single peice of driftwood and two peices of lava rock I was given, the lavarock was actually being used as a filter medium so comes pre-loaded with bacteria. Both peices have had javamoss tied on about a week ago, the smaller of the two I tried a dry start method on and the growth rate is surprising, it's already covered the white string used to tie it on. The larger piece obviously has some catching up to do! Now for some plants! I hate planting, they never seem to stay in place for me so I've tried planting them then after pouring a small amount of substrate over them to further weight them down I'm pretty content with the way it is, so time to start flooding! I've been typing this while a 4mm airline slowly adds some water into the tank. I'll pause here and come back when it's flooded (and hopefully not flooded my desk too) Ok, well flooding is complete! Seems most plants have stayed in place so I'm happy, even the javafern which I'm a little shocked about Ok so all complete, now I just have to wait for the tank to cycle and the PH to balance out. Aiming for a ph of 6.2 - 6.5, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up at 5.8 or so but *fingers crossed* The main purpose for this tank will be to focus on my RCS, I'll be selecting my favorite male and females and trying to make my RCS into something to be proud of. This is a picture of my favorite female that will be one of the starting colony Thanks for taking the time to read my thread Happy shrimpkeeping! -Bristled One :rockon:
  10. BristledOne

    Aquaone AR-380

    Hello again fellow shrimpers! I've given myself an excuse to convert a tank from inert gravel over to using Cal Aqua's Black Earth Premium substrate, just the "normal" grain size. Basically trying out the substrate to decide whether to get Benibachi or this when I do a rack. Tank::28L AquaOne AR-380 with stock lighting and filtration Substrate:: Cal Aqua Lab's Black Earth Premium, Normal grain size Substrate additives:: Benibachi's Beemax and mineral powders Hardscaping & Ornaments:: Mopani wood, Easy-Aqua shrimp tubes Plants currently used:: Asian Ambulia, HC, Java Fern, Skrillex Moss, Java Moss, Peacock Moss, some kind of sword, Others I dont know the names of due to LFS purchases Planned snails:: MTS, Baby gold apple snails (when they grow up they'll be removed) Planned shrimp: Blue Velvet project, breeding from Blue gene rili culls. Possibly caridinas of some form will be added in later once the tank has matured a bit more So I actually scaped this tank about a week ago but I overdid it with the amount of substrate used, also admittedly wasn't too happy with the resulting layout. Unfortunately the amount of substrate caused the PH to stabalise at 5.2 which is just stupid So I rolled up the proverbial sleeves and scooped out about a liter of substrate, did an 80% waterchange and also had a bit of a play-around with the planting and layout while I was in there + added the two shrimp tubes I recently purchased. PH is currently sitting at 6.9, hopefully it wont drop past 6 once it's stabilized... *fingers crossed*

    First shrimp

    I joined the forum a little while ago and am completely new to shrimp. I have kept fish for about a 1 and a half but my friend showed me some of his shrimp and I decided i had to get some. On wednesday he gave me 8 yellow cherries (which look sweet) But all my bigger tanks were filled. So I filled a 8 L nano tank with water from a very well cycled tank and took a cycled sponge filter from the same tank. I then let the shrimp acclimatize to the ph which is at ~7.4. I then let them loose and they looked very happy. After a few hours I fed them a algae wafer and they all attacked it with relish. All was good on thursday morning, until just before I left. When i saw a shrimp lying on its back moving it's legs slowly. Worrying about it dying and causing a ammonia spike I took it out and put it in another tank. When I got back that arvo It was gone (presumably dissintergrated). BUT IN THE SMALL SHRIMP TANK I saw to my delight little shrimplets. One of the bigger females I found out was actually berried and all the shrimp looked very content in their little tank. Since then I have had no more deaths and have been seeing a few more shrimplets. I have been monitoring the temp since I put the shrimp in and it has stayed at a pretty steady 28-29°. I dont have a TDS pen and is this nessesary? Also was the death of the shrimp just a freak death or am I doing something wrong? Once I sell some peppermint plecos I will have a larger tank availiable. I am really enjoying watching the shrimp and can't wait to progress in the shrimp world. PS. sorry for the bad quality photos. Regards Gary[ATTACH]6388[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6389[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6390[/ATTACH][ATTACH]6391[/ATTACH]
  12. hey guys this is my first shrimp tank setup as i am new to shrimp and fish keeping in general :) i am just awaiting moss balls and java to arrive i will be attaching them to the driftwood and breeding tunnels :) i know the green box filter is a eyesore but i am going to fully incase it in foam so it kind of looks like another sponge filter( but with the extra bio and chemical filtration)
  13. ok guys finally finish my rack. well not yet but still in progress toke a lot of time in building the tanks and everything here are some photos. there was one that found it same size so what i did was cut it all back to just glass and just re assemble with new silicone and bottom glass short it a little bit and whalla i wanna give a big thanks to Twellys who has been donating me some shrimp here and there to help me start , nice guys to talk to for hours hahahaha. i have some yellows, red, red rillies, orange, orange rallies, and 2 blue shrimps and some wild choc if anyone wants to donate me some shrimps your welcome that will help me a lot. hope you enjoy it and soon will be 100% done and i will be putting more photos up
  14. Fernando Lima

    Shrimp Cave

    Come show my aquarium shrimp hope you like it! Setup Shrimp Cave 2.0 Aqua = 115x50x50 divided into 5 Filter = 600 with HF siporax. I need more! Substrate = Mbreda Black Blue mixed with amazon - Mbreda products 10 = Cooling Shrimp Cave 1.0 underground Shrimps: Black Crystal / Red Crystal / Orange / Red Fire / Blue Velvet / Yellow / Blue Velvet / Blue Pearl 4 tanks [ATTACH]6284[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6285[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6286[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6287[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6288[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6289[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6290[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6291[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6292[/ATTACH]
  15. thaught id throw up some pics of my current shrimp tank. the tank was one i bought cheap (ish) then divided and resealed. originally a bristlenose breeding tank. they have since changed tanks which freed it up as a selective breeding tank for my cherries (yellows one side and reds on the other) i have a 4 foot tank which was a cull tank but i sold all the cull red cherries today and drained the tank ready for a bit of a rework (most probably split into 4 sections) the 3 foot was a bit of a chuck together the other day using stuff from the 4 to get it going quick when i got my yellows and its current occupants i appologise for the crappy camera phone pics. once the little guys grow a bit more ill get the slr out for some better pics
  16. warren63

    So it begins......

    Ok been awhile to get myself organised and get a tank etc. Finally got a aqua one 51L which came with a heater, filter and light. Have filled the tank and added the water primer and will gradually add plants etc during the next couple of weeks whilst i wait for the water to cycle. Looking forward to documenting my progress and hopefully as i proceed you can pass on your great advice. First pic is just after i filled it so the water should be clear once i return home tonight.
  17. So after shutting down my old tank and getting a new one made I've sort of started setting it up. New tank is using 10mm glass with a 10mm glass divider. First up was the black vinyl to the back to hide the cables etc... from the front: This time around I want to hang my custom LED kit so I made some brackets to mount the light hanging kit: Water test. That's about all I've had time to do. I do have a problem with my 2217 classic though, it's leaking :mad: On the upside, my custom DIY intake works a treat.
  18. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy's jungle

    Thought i'd start a journal on my new scape. The tank is an aquaone AR-980 3ft tank with matching stand and hood. With this particular scape, I will strive to recreate a scene of a serene jungle. The main plants i am using are bucephalandra which will be in the background and tied onto driftwood pieces, and lots of us fissidens which will cover about 2ft of the tank and will act as a lush green foreground. Here is a plan which i have implemented in regards to the flora, fauna, lighting, filtration of the scape. Flora - Bucephalandra - Us fissidens - Hygrophila pinnatifida - Proserpinica. palustris - staurogyne tropica Fauna - Blue cherry shrimp - Otto fish Filtration - Eheim 2213 hooked up and ready to go Lighting 2x Up aqua 2ft LED Z series Gravel/Soil 10kg black diamond aquarium gravel AND also DIY Co2 I have managed to strip down the tank a week ago, have filled with water and started the filter. Just waiting for it to cycle right now and also for ordered plants/mosses to arrive. Plan to add the flora and driftwood in about 1-2 weeks. I have only purchased a very small amount of bucephalandra for now to see how it goes. Here is a pic of the empty tank right now. Will update as i add the hardscape and plants.
  19. Okay. I finally have to admit that my tank just look like some kinda greenish whatsoever. Breakout of algae just driven me mad. It was firstly hair algae that boomed, followed by all sorts of algae and now da*n brush algae is growing from substrates :cower: [ATTACH]6025[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6026[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6027[/ATTACH] I'm resetting my tank to make it a little bit more prettier or not even pretty, just not this greenish mess. Thicker acrylic sheets are ordered to use as dividers as current dividers are bending. Tank reset plan Tank: 900mm x 350mm x 300mm Susbtrate: Black earth premium normal 9L + Benibachi powder 5kg Water: R/O water Filter: Sera sponge filter Air pump: YoungNam blower Water conditioner/buffer: Fulvic acid, Benibachi bee max, shrimp balls, ADA bacter100, Tetra vital, Tetra black water, PSB, Seachem stability, etc As soon as all items arrive, I'll start resetting the tank. Main worry ATM is that how long it'll take to get 80L of R/O water... lol
  20. Hi all, its not exactly a shrimp tank, but I will have shrimp in there - Tank size: 2ft Juwel Rekord 70 Filter: Eheim 2322 Thermofilter Lighting: 2x 10w LED Floods (Morning/Evening) 1x 20w LED (Mid-Day) Substrate: Riversand - w/ Leaf Litter (Indian Almond, Maple, Beech, Oak) & Alder Cones. Heater: Jager 50w Fauna: Currently thinking a pair of Apisto Agassizii & a colony of wild type Cherry Shrimp/ Or some bright red Cherries to complement the dark sand & wood. Flora: Amazon Frogbit on the surface.. Staurogyne Porto Velho - Around some river stones that I'll add at base of wood. Needle Leaf JF - Back left to fill rear. Undecided: Moss of some kind or Hydrocotyle - On branches that stick out of water, hopefully the Moss or Hydro will grow out and above the water line. Please let me know what you think of the current hardscape, and if you have any suggestions feel free to voice them *BTW* They're not scratches on the glass I was scraping off Calcium Build-up.
  21. Hi All I thought I would start a journal of the first fish tank I have had in a house in 15 years, Working in the industry and having fish room I have stayed away from indoor tanks until now. I am also about to start to build 3 different fish rooms ( over the next 2 years or shorter) It is a 90cm x 45cm x 40cm tank, I am putting my Cherry.s in for the time being and no cycle of the tank, I never Cycle but please don't do the same because if you can not stop feeding you will have dramas The substrate is old school and free laterite This is how I add water so as not to stir things up It had shrimp in it half an hour after that shot, but I used the water from the tank they were in and the other half for the tap, the tank is half full and still has no filter. All good this morning so I will add more photos shortly.
  22. This will be my red rilli shrimps tank. At first I wasn't really a fan, but after have a few on my tank. They have grown on me and now I am loving them. For all the different pattern on their body. Each and every one is so different. Here are some pic: I was having tds problem with my tank after going fir a year or so without water change. Now it is slowly dropping after doing small water change 4l per day with ro water. cheers
  23. Hi all So I've decided to start my first journal about my new shrimp pad! Ive spent months doing research and drawing inspiration from the many beautiful scapes that drape the internet and i finally decided on creating a mountain scape for my shrimp to call home. Im fortunate enough to own a CADE600 braceless opti clear tank and matching cabinet which just oozes sex appeal! The light im using is a Zetlight LED and filtration is taken care of with an Eheim 2215 with upgraded impeller with a Ista co2 reactor and Hydor heater all run inline. [ATTACH]6004[/ATTACH] Before I did anything with the tank the base was sprinkled with ADA Bacter100, Benibachi Super Bacteria Bee Max and mineral powder to provide a good base of bacteria and mineral content [ATTACH]6005[/ATTACH] For the substrate I decided to use Cal Aqua Black Earth after reading many great reviews and seeing the success other people have had with it. The hardscape material is all bluestone which I have been told (fingers crossed) that itll effect the WP the least. Sand path was created with just plain white aquarium sand. This layout involved many hours to get to something i was happy with aswell as alot of advice and direction from friends too. The area underneath the rocks have been filled with polystyrene foam and extra rocks to lighten the load on substrate cost and I ended up using about 15 litres. I have had many warnings about the sand path and the potential of aquasoil mixing into it but im hoping the carpet will avoid that happening. Here is the final hardscape layout [ATTACH]6006[/ATTACH] Now I was inspired to attempt my very first dry start method after afew mates had, and after seeing the results they had i was blown away. Plant list when completed will include HC, Eleocharis Belem, Glossostigma Diandrum, Utricularia Graminifolia and mini fissiden. First introduction into the scape was the HC and belem. [ATTACH]6007[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6008[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6009[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6010[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6011[/ATTACH] My mate taught me alot about the DSM process and requirements so I followed his steps which are Mist the tank well to create a moist environment but not too much in order to avoid mould and algae Completely cover the tank with glad wrap Run a co2 line into the tank whilst still ensuring a seal around the tank and dose at 1 bps Run co2 and light for a period of 12 hours once lights are out uncover 1/3 of the tank to allow for gas exchange and any excess water to evaporate. Maintenance and inspection is about 10 minutes every morning before leaving for work and about 10 minutes at night. I find myself sitting in front of the tank just staring at it despite having no water and inhabitants for hours!! After some help from Jeff and Helen from Liverool Creek Aquarium I found some Utricularia Graminifolia and Glossotigma Diandrum. I was extremely impressed with how well the plants were packaged and the quality of the plants aswell as some freebies too!! UG is apart of the bladderwort family and there was alot of debate of whether this carnivorous plant would wipe out any shrimplets in the tank but i decided this was a display tank and not a breeding tank. I had read many articles online that many people had kept the plant with shrimp without any problems but I suppose ill find out Hopefully the glosso will also enjoy the DSM process but it has not been added in yet. [ATTACH]6012[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6013[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6014[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6015[/ATTACH] So far I'm really enjoying the DSM and am always excited to find any new growth at all. The little trick I learnt thanks to my mate about dosing co2 into the tank definately makes a difference and helps in providing a good environment. Heres a full tank shot with HC, UG and E Belem planted [ATTACH]6016[/ATTACH] Hope you like the scape and any advice or criticism is certainly welcome!! Thanks
  24. Hi everyone, Thought I might start a journal for my newest tank. In the past I've just done pretty heavily planted setups but I thought I might try something a bit more ambitious this time. My crystal shrimp are currently boarding with my cherries (there was a sale and they were the last ones and I couldn't resist) and although they seem happy enough I intend to get some more and start a breeding colony so they will need their own pad. The tank is a 27L Aqua One Xpression but I upgraded the light to a Up Aqua Pro Z Led. This is the first stage of the scape. A bit messy at the moment and some things not quite where I want them (large goldvine needs a bit of shuffling). Also, the driftwood is currently held down by my trademark spare rocks (I soaked them but then left them out of water for a few days because I needed the bucket). And there is glue everywhere! Need to peel it off as it turned white in the water and looks gross. Any suggestions or comments welcome! Anyone have any ideas for plants? I was thinking of growing something on those wood pieces. Also, as I now have a decently strong light I was considering trying a carpeting plant. Stems might be restricted to the back as most would probably overgrow this tank.
  25. Androo

    Run of the mill

    This is my nano tank that iv set up. The current inhabitants are 4x chameleons, 2x blue rilis, 2x blue velvets, 1x L066. I will keep adding photos as it changes. original tank fortnight ago night I planted a week later [ATTACH]5124[/ATTACH] very open to any advice on how I could improve it. Even though I can't see the shrimp easily I'm happy in the idea that they can hide and hopefully act as casual as the kool potatoes they are.
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