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  1. BristledOne

    The begining

    So like most people I'm sure, I started with red cherry shrimp. I was given a small number but unfortunately they found there way into a filter and it put me off the hobby for a little bit. After a change around of my tanks I came to have a 2ft free and so began to look into shrimp again. I was given some shrimp from someone else, more but not as nice quality and since then I've found myself more and more looking at the different range around and the tanks that people were housing them in. Eventually I purchased some blue gene red rili interstate but decided to house them in a relatives tank with their CRS while I convert my 2ft to benibachi. The cherry red's were moved into an all in one tank I was previously looking to sell. Blue Gene Rili:: After too many hours of research and more comparing then I'd care to admit I ended up settling on the standard Benibachi Fulvic Black (normal grain size) and a few extra accessories, placed the order with Boss Aqua (cheers for the goodies) So from there I cleaned out my tank, scraped out ever last grain of my old river gravel and spent some time thinking about what I wanted it to end up like. After a while I decided I needed something to finish the tank off as I just didnt have enough to fill it out the way I had hoped. Ended up stumbling across a piece of rock at a local LFS for cheap that they claim wont effect the water (inert black granite?) but I suppose time will tell. So I dug up my sleeves and got to work! So considering I filled the tank and started the filter on Thursday night I'm going to consider next Friday to be the one week point, as I dont have anything more than the ability to test PH right now I'll take a sample of the water down to the LFS and get them to test it out for me and see if it's finished cycling. I'm pretty stoked with how it's turned out looking, the plants are a bit battered but that's largely from them sitting in a bucket in the dark for a week. Oh and I've put 9 of the Benibachi balls into the canister filter that's running on the tank. The 10th ball is with the red cherries so they've got some minerals to pick at if needed (they don't have benibachi soil) There are still plants behind the bits of broken slate, they run most of the way along the back so I'll have a natural green backing and the black slate will hopefully highlight the 3 colored plants in-front of it. The right side of the tank will get overgrown with ambulia and javamoss behind and to the right of the wood. Anyway, just thought I'd share my scape with you all. Curious to hear what you think of it?
  2. fishmosy

    'Serious' CBS tank

    In the process of setting up a new tank. This time I've decided to go the whole hog. Soil, water conditioner, high grade shrimp. The tank is an Xanta 40 by Aquamanta. I chose this tank as I got it on store credit from my LFS, it looks similar to the Fluval Edge but has a full sized lid. I'm writing a review for this tank too which can be found here: http://www.shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/showthread.php/5997-Aquarium-Xanti-40-by-Aquamanta?p=77354#post77354 Unpacked and ready to be moved into position. Got some goodies from Dean. Benibachi Soil and Bee Shrimp water conditioner. I'm using RO water that I get from my LFS as I get it on store credit. Dean also threw in a planaria trap, and I have a mini oxydator which Dean threw in with a previous order. I finally have a tank to use it in. So moved the tank to the bench and starting filling it up. Filled and added the benibachi salts. Spot on pH, can't argue with that! Unfortunately the break midway in the filling process left a nasty ring of scum. Luckily I remembered I had a nifty algae magnet hanging around from a failed aquascaping set-up. (By failed, mean tank split and dumped >100L onto floor) Cleaned in a jiffy, love this magnet.
  3. JPN07

    New 4 footer

    Its been over two years using the Benibachi soil and its time to change the soil. I have decided to change the old 4ft (divided into 3) to a new 4ft (divided into 4). Extra partition to play with hehehe :) I have also change the substrate to New ADA Amazonia. Ammonia at the moment is crazy. Doing heaps of water changes. Using the same sump for the setup as before.
  4. Hi All, After a long time keeping other dwarf shrimps decided to try Sulawesi shrimps and thus started working on it. Had a 2 ft tank earlier partitioned for orange and yellow shrimps, removed the partition and now dedicated it fully to sulawesi. So here are some of the details of the tank - Tank Size - 24*12*12 Filtration - SunSun H302filter. Filter Media - 3 layers of sponge, eheim substrate. Light - 1*36w ADA PLL (won them in a lucky draw ) Substrate - Caribsea Eco Complete Plants used - Stringy Moss, Christmas Moss, A bit of Flame Moss, Pelia,HM. Ordered sulawesi shrimpy salt 8.5. Filled up the water and currently in cycling stage. Added one sword-tail fish to initiate the cycling stage. As of now using the tap water for cycling and didn't checked water parameter. Post I get the salt will replace the existing water with RO+Shrimpy Salt mix. Switching on the light for around 6-8 hours without a wc for better algae growth. Some bad images taken from mobile, will provide better image with the camera soon Please share your views. If I am doing fine or need improvements. This is my 1st journey to sulawesi
  5. This tank I decided to go with ADA Amazonia Type I and had some issues with brown and cloudy water at the beginning. So I got impatient and cleared out the bad batch and replaced it with cycled ADA substrate from another tank. Tank specs: -64L -61cm(L) X 30cm(W) X 38cm(H) -Pro Z LED 60cm light -100W Aqua One heater -DIY CO2 Filter: -Eheim classic 2213 -Seachem Matrix -Seachem Purigen -Aqua One Ceramic Noodles -Eheim standard filter sponges -EBay Lily pipe -EBay filter guard Substrate: -ADA Amazonia Type 1 Hardscape: -Random rock I found while walking around the creek -Driftwood -Tantora Montmorillonite Mineral Stone -2 small shrimp feeding bowl Plants: -Dwarf Baby tears -Lilaeopsis -Spiky Moss -Unknown floating plant that hitched a ride when I bought my shrimps -Bacopa (Temporary Only) Fauna: -21 Crystal Red Shrimp (A-SSS) -50+ Fire Red Cherry Shrimp -7 Neon Tetras Food: -Dymax Shrimp food -Aqua One Vege pellets -Oak Leaf -Kale -Spinach -Cucumber -Fish Food (for neons) PHOTOS DAY 1-7: The results of my water test will shock some, I know it shocked me, so behold. Using an API test kit, just letting you know so you know the colour range. PH: 6.5 Ammonia: 4-8ppm (it was really really dark green) Nitrite: about 3ppm ( it was quite purple but not really dark purple) Nitrate: so this is the one you probably wont believe. 80-160ppm!!! :o ( it was extremely dark dark red) Is that even possible??? It was because of this result that triggered me to throw out my ADA. DAY 10-12: This was after I decided to change out my bad ADA pack with already cycled ADA from my unused tank. The clarity improved substantially. Also note the colour difference, the darker pellets are the cycled one and the light brown ones are the bad batch and crumbles extremely easily. 1 Month Mark: Tested the water and results were good so I added the Purigen. PH: 6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10-15ppm GH: 4 KH:2 TDS: 100 Added the mineral rock and neon tetras. Started to add in the cherries over a period of 1 week. I also purchased 20 mixed grade CRS from ACE they were very healthy and active when added in. Highly recommend him. This is my favourite picture of my shrimps so far, don't know why. My second favourite picture, CRS.
  6. Hi All, Been keeping RCSs and Caridina Typus for some time now in a modified Aqua One AR850 (in the form of lighting and filtration). The following are the details: Tank: Aqua One AR850 with matching cabinet. Filtration: Aqua One Nautilus 1100 with bio balls, Japanese filter mat, coarse sponge, fine sponge and wool pad. Lights: 4x 9W/1000lm offroad LED floodlights (gutted the floodlights and installed into the light hood along with RGB LEDs and 3x 40mm Noctua fans for cooling). 2 of the RGB LEDs also act as moonlight. CO2: ISTA compact dual gauge regulator with integrated solenoid, ISTA BC, ISTA S/S check valve, Dupla check valve, DIY external reactor, 1L ISTA cylinder and 1L Up Aqua cylinder. Heating: DIY external inline heater compartment housing Eheim Jager 250W heater. Timers: Two DIY timer boxes from Jiffy project boxes, each containing two 7-day programmable timers with battery backup (no loss of time and program during power outtages). One for CO2, one for Main lights, one for fans and RGB lights, and one for moon-light. Substrate: Plain inert gravel (with years worth of fish poop for nutrients), originally capped with quartz sand but has mixed in since then. Ferts: Was using Dino Dung but now Osmocote aquatic tabs. Also does Dino Pee and Spit, and Seachem Flourish. Auto Doser: Two pee/stool sample bottles using inline taps to dose diluted Dino Pee and Spit. Fauna: 100+ RCSs, 6 Caridina Typus, 30 Cardinal Tetras and 7 Lemon Tetras, and lots of Ramshorn and Pond snails. Flora: Staurogyne Repens, AR Mini, Subwassertang, Limnophila Aromatica, Anubias Barteri, Java Fern Windelow, Regular Java Fern, Crypt Wendti, Hygrophila Polysperma, Hygrophila Corymbosa, Hydrila Verticillata, Ludwigia Glandulosa, Ludwigia Repens, Crypt Balansae and Native Vallisneria. Hardscape: 2 pieces of driftwood, toppled over one another (where the Subwassertang sits on). Photo of how it was at the beginning (with fluros gutted out and using 5050SMM module LEDs): Fitted the 4x CREE offroad LEDs (notice the narrow beams): The beams were too narrow, even though they claim to be flood lights so I removed the lens otherwise I would have needed another 4 for the back: I then gutted each CREE LED and mounted to a flat aluminium bar with SMD 5050 RGB LEDs and some 7000K Eagle Eye LEDs: The most recent photo: A photo of the cabinet showing the filter, reactor, heater, timer boxes and CO2 gear: One of the RCSs: One of the Caridina Typus:
  7. Hi all, have introduced myself in another section of the forum so now it's down to business. Here are my tank specs, am relatively new to shrimp keeping, have a range of shrimp like Red Cherry Shrimp, Yellow Cherry Shrimp, Chameleon Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp and Crystal Red Shrimp, I'm not looking to breed so that breeding of the Yellows and Reds doesn't bother me at all, I just enjoy watching the little critters cruise around and play (watched a Yellow and a CRS fight over a algae wafer last night, was funny), all comments, suggestions, advice welcome, cheers. Heres a recent photo I took after I added the mini Java Fern in and introduced the Crystal Red Shrimp. Aquarium: Mr Aqua 12G Bookshelf Filter: Eheim 2213 Canister with API Bio Chem Zorb and Stainless Steel Mesh Guard Lighting: BeamWorks 90cm LED on HPM Automatic Timer (6 Hours Each Day) Heating: Aqua One 150w Glass Heater Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum 8kg Co2 Set Up: AquaGreen Dinosaur Spit (4 Drops Per Day) Fert Set Up: AquaGreen Dinosaur Pee (2 Drops Per Day) Water Treatment: API Tap Water Conditioner Flora: Anubias Nana Petite, Anubias Nana, Java Fern Broad Leaf, Java Fern Needle Leaf, mini Java Fern, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Chistmas Moss Fauna: 3 x Common Bristlenose, 50+ Red Cherry Shrimp, 12 Yellow Cherry Shrimp, 10 Darwin Algae Shrimp, 10 Chameleon Shrimp, 6 Crystal Red Shrimp Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood
  8. Took a clip of my Mr Aqua 12G Bookshelf earlier just to show you all what it looks like in besides a photo, everything is going well, nice and healthy, slightly crammed and packed but that's OK. Tank mates are Red Cherry Shrimp, Yellow Cherry Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Chameleon Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp, Common Bristlenose, plant life is Anubias Nana Petite, Anubias Nana, Broad Leaf Java Fern, Needle Leaf Java Fern, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Christmas Moss, hardscape is Malaysian Driftwood. I use an Eheim 2213 External Canister with API Bio Chem Zorb and I use AquaGreen's Dinosaur Pee and Spit on a daily basis. Foods, I use Boss Aquaria's Shrimp Crack, Shrimp Booster, Shrimp Snow. Tank temperature is 22c, was 24c but took it down yesterday when I did a clean, water changes are every Sunday, light period is 6 hours with a BeamWorks 90cm LED. Anyway, here it is, take a look, feel welcome to comment, cheers.
  9. Jokerr7


    i came. back from work and this is what i found out!!!
  10. Finally up and running! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking LOL but here are a few specs: :happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance: (Had to do 6 happy dances to go with the theme of the rack LOL 6 tanks 2ftx18"x16"h sump 2x18x18- 3 compartments. First compartment K1, need a heap more and need to put some gutter guard so it doesnt flow into compartment 2, which is a variety of sponges. Compartment 3 has a few litres of ceramic rings and soon to have 2L of marinepure spheres (just ordered some from AOA, for my marine tank and this rack). And yeah I'm also waiting on a filter sock to come lol. Sump pump-italian made (forget brand LOL) 3500L/h pump. Seems to be going well! Also sponge filters comming for each tank. More diftwood coming as well and plants! Substrate-natural river sand from my old discus tank Stock (mostly still comming)- bottom 2 tanks will have a trio of pep breeders in each one + some cherries. middle tanks will each have a variety of cherrie shrimp and tiger shrimp at a later date. Top tanks will have a cherrie colony in each. Chiller: hailea hc250a - not hooked up yet. Temp will be kept at 24-25c. Lighting: top and middle tanks will be lit with T5s and bottom tanks will be natural sunlight/T8 when needed. Excuse the plate in there lol, forgot to get it out :) So, what do you think people? I'm very happy with it!
  11. IT BEGINS Equipment Komoda 3ft (SkyClear Rimless) UP Aqua Pro Z LED Eheim 2217 Hydor ETH 200w Substrate and Flora CAL Black Earth (Capping for plants) Mr. Aqua Soil (Foundation for slope + buffering) ADA Decorative Sand (Mekong) Mini Fissidens Mini Pellia Nano Pellia Crypt Parva Needle/Narrow Leaf Java Fern Bucephalandra 'Brownie Ghost'
  12. Hello guys, i will share all of my tank journal here, for now i will update my 2nd tank here hope someone could give me feedback so i could success with these tank :) spec: soil: ada amazonia 2 tank: gex 60cm / 60L other: - lowkeys speedsand at bottom - bicom 78 bactery dosing - ceramyc cube - drift wood and lowkey tailor clay from my friend :) - 2 different brand of breeding sponge, with different flow and sponge porous (both still safe for shrimplet) - air pump sera 275 R - DIY LED, medium light - some floating plant, cannot give too much, cannot guarante contamination from worm or other small bug
  13. Shrimp Aqua

    my 4footer

    Picture of my 4ft tank just doing a test to see if i can get this to work
  14. For the last couple of months I have been planning on converting an old 4ft tank I have in my shed, and turning it into a little divided shrimp setup to replace the several small tanks my 7Yo son and I have set up in his room. This project is to reduce running cost of 3X heaters, compact and T8 Fluros and to get an aquarium cupboard utilised to remove all the clutter. A big point for my Wife! And have a nice breeding setup to play around with. Most of my purchases I am doing as cheap as possible. I have also been organising some Cheap Chinese LEDs of Fleabay to convert an old 4ft arcadiaT5 light that has a busted ballast I have been hoarding (the wife calls it hoarding, I call it saving for when I will need it one day!!). And lo and behold the time has come to use the light I have been 'saving'. I am following fishmossy's Led setup that was posted in the DIY section. A couple of changes I made were to put 8xWhite strips in and 1X Blue strip. I will use the blue as mainly a light at night. For the Project I have purchased. 1X32mm glass whole saw 1X glass cutting pen LED Hard light strips Blue Led Light strip Led switches and dimmer. (dimmer for the Blue strip) I had the 3X glass divider pieces cut by someone I know for a 6 pack of Corona. I was quoted between $60and $120 for the 3 pieces from 1/2 a dozen Adelaide Glass places. A couple of tubes of GE silicon I have also purchased a Portable aquarium RO unit from FSA that is currently on its way. Items I already have that I will be using are 1X 300w Jager Heater 1x fluval 405 tank and Cupboard 4ft light unit an old 1ft tank with a crack I pulled apart to cut the feeding dividers we have seen done here by several members. Large sponge filters for each tank section (These are all I have as current filtration for the shrimp at the moment). 1XSchego air pump. Tools; drill, tape measure, square etc. I am planning on Benibachi soil which i still need to get. This will the the first time I have cut and drilled glass. I have built many tanks and aquaculture systems in my working life so hopefully when I get to putting water, then finally shrimp all will be well. I have been working on the tank for the last few weekends and here are a few progress shots; The bare tank after I have emptied it from a 1 week water holding test; This is the tank with the 3 dividers and the bottom of the dividers siliconed, with helpers I have siliconed the front section and trying the LEDs. I only have 6strips on at the moment. with the blue strip only Here everything is siliconed And a close up of the feeders. This is currently where I am up to. Its been several months in the planning, and thrifty purchsing. A few extra notes are, I will be finishing the silicone off nicely by cleaning off the chunky thick parts that can be seen on the tank where dividers and feeding sections are. This is done with a razor I need to wait a week for the silicon to fully cure before I do this. I am waiting on 16mm intake mesh piece for the fluval and am considering my options on setting it up. I will probably split the outlet into 4 separate outlets w/spraybars and 1 or 2 intakes, it will be a trial and error play around. I have Put 2X32mm holes in each divider, I will be putting mesh on them I think, but I am still considering my options. Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions. Thanks for reading everyone.
  15. Hey guys I have recently joined SKF to start my journey into shrimp and semi planted tanks I have kept tropicals for about 7 years now and kept a large veriaty of species from tanganyika cichlids Through to American cichlids to L number catfish and most other tropicals tried my hand at marine but I had to pull out due to work being over demanding but now it's time for me to get into shrimp. tank - resun DMS-400 48L 550L/ph internal drop filter in rear 2x15w compact Fluro bulbs 1 blue 1 white Internal fan built into hood for hot days I recently purchased this tank 2nd hand So I decided to go buy a Pisces shrimp decor kit (galaxy) Along with 10 neon tetras to cycle the tank over the next few weeks they will possibly Stay once tanked is cycled but I am thinking I might change out my substrate for some Benibachi soil. So I am 1 step closer to being able to add some shrimp, I am only going to start with some cherrys not fussed on grade but will be more Grade specific once I learn the ropes so to say =P So here is a few snaps of my scape so far will be looking for some nice ground cover and plants shortly if Anyone has some they would like to move on I would love to buy some =]
  16. sez0607

    My setup

    So I've had this setup for about a year, thanks to Torface, for selling it to me! Here's a pic of the whole (horribly un-scaped) setup. I've got, (clockwise from top left) f6-7 juvie mischlings, tb, golden bee, crs s-SSS, CBS a-SSS, and crs a-s. Here's some pics :) in no particular order!
  17. Let me know what you think ? :)
  18. I call her Big Momma (as in Big Momma's House). She's a massive Choc/Black Cherry that is mom to at least 4 separate batches of eggs. Naaawwwwww. Isn't it cute! I have a soft spot for CRS shrimplets. This is just one of the many little CRS shrimplets in the tank. More preggers Choc cherries. This one isn't a very good grade though. But still fun to see eggs. This one is going to be interesting. Can't wait to see what will turn up. Unfortunately the one and only male died a few days ago. Really bummed about it. I've got a couple of blues like this shrimplet in the tank as well. At least, from what I could see. Another one. Spring has well and truely hit at my place.
  19. Hi, You might have seen this on another forum. Over christmas i bought a custom made shallow tank that matches the dimensions of the ADA-1200F with a stand. A big thank you to Dennison of Mary Anne Aquariums. Been in DSM but filled up last Saturday. What do you think? Full tank shot with two extra globes on (10000 and royal blue (marine, came with kit). I think i like this better. And these are the blue body red rill shrimp i am thinking of having in there when the tank has cycled (that or yellow or chocs). Cheers Gbang (bought late last year) Tank: 1200 x 300 x 200H ~ 70 litres. 6mm starphire glass, braceless, rimless, ADA style. Filtration: Fluval 206. Expected to blow away HC and sub but with the inline stuff and reduction to 12mm outlet/inlet barely have flow on opposite side of tank. Glassware: Cal aqua NANO efflux and influx (Cheers, to a sydney store who is not a sponsor) Heating: Hydor 200w inline (Same sydney store) C02: 6kg steel cylinder (downsizing on next refill, was a homebrew kegging nerd). Dici reg and solenoid UP Aqua inline reactor Substrate: CAL Aqua Labs Black Earth. 2 bags. Lighting: 2 x t5ho giesemann 1 aquaflora and 1 midday (room for 2 more tubes) in a generic HK setup. Light may need dropping as i have leggy stauro and mini alt from DSM. Hardscape: Yingshi stone sourced from local bonsai guy (Cheers Rob, Redcliffe markets) Melaluca driftwood and some sneaky manzantia. Flora: HC Cuba Stauro tropica Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' Anubias petite. Some mini pellia but main stock destroyed due to neglect Would like a driftwood moss but my stock is very hair and black beard algae infested at the moment. Possible emersed fauna as well (air plants, moss maybe) Fauna: Choc or Yellow or Blue body red rili Cherry Shrimp (thinking blue guys, cheers Glenn, starting to see lots of babies) Maybe CRS (have 2 $3/piece CRS survivors from hot days over summer) Maybe Boraras maculatus (or liquorice gourami from my other tank, posted here) - try to stick to one fish species i think, maybe two if i can't help myself. Challenges A few: Such a high (1100mm) yet narrow (300 mm) stand means stability and levelling issues but it is screwed to brick wall and levelled with chocks etc. Filtration for shallow but long tank may be future issue Not many examples of shallow aquascapes to draw from I had only small stones to work with! Red brick background mutes the brown, red and orange within the tank. Needs a background. Inspiration: Green machine: Tributary and Crimson Sky UKAPS: A little box of chocolates and Toms bucket o mud Other: Ohko mountains Build: Got it home, dumped a bag of substrate and other hardscape into it, Dec 2013 Soil and driftwood arrangement Some initial planting, and hardscape changing Yellow sand and some tillandsia in left driftwood, tank was in DSM by here (the sand was removed because 1: didn't look right in person front on and 2: thought 206 would blow it away, in hindsight this wouldn't have been an issue) Yingshi closeup, this stone will raise pH. If you soak it in vinegar overnight, you get awesome crystal formations (can't find pics atm) Recent DSM shot, no driftwood, pretty much iwagumi Black Earth and pretty clear water on filling Almost iwagumi (like right rock work better, but now covered by driftwood) Alternative driftwood, despite totally different scale and type, the pieces kinda work together. But i have it setup as in first pictures. Pearling HC First (unintentional) animal inhabitant, native (?) bee Cheers, Dan.
  20. HashBerlin

    I hope you shrimp breed

    First time shrimp keeper, but I do plan in bedding them. I had red cherries when I was breeding guppies but they got eaten buy the guppies.. 20 gallon long Biggest sponge filter I could buy at LFS 2nd biggest air pump I could buy at LFS 50w heater 7 crystal red shrimp not the best grade but cheap
  21. Time to share my journal as a Beekeeper :) Some of you already know me from other forums where I share my experiences about my hobbies as a Reefkeeper, Guppy genetic manipulator and now a new direction Bees. I enjoy having projects that give me distraction from the daily grind. Having a hobby in Saltwater aquariums opens up countless avenues to go explore the same can be said for Guppy Genetics..... not content with having all that - I have decided to explore Tibee and Taibee genetics too:) Having landed in a friendly forum such as Shrimp Keepers, it's now time to share what's going on in my tanks. So here goes......
  22. I am finally taking the plunge into serious shrimp breeding. I am going to build my rack from the Bunnings rack-it with 6 tanks. I want to keep the design simple and use sponge filters. I also need to ensure that water changes are able to be done with minimal fuss. The plan is at this stage to have pipes running to each tank purely for water change purposes. So the idea is to use the taps to isolate the RO tank from the pipes to drain water from the tanks, and then isolate the drainage outlet and open the RO tap for the top up. I am after any constructive criticism and general comments which will help me come to a final plan.
  23. AwwYea

    Our Scape #2

    Just thought I would briefly share our current scape. It's been kicking about for 22+ weeks now :) Unfortunately it has also been the death-place of over 100 red cherry shrimp over the course of it's existence. Introduced 20 at a time over 5 periods (all with different water parameters at each extreme); they just don't like this tank. To this day it continues to remain uninhabited by shrimp and will be decommissioned soon for a complete reset. Our first scape before it was decommissioned: http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/index.php/topic/3152-dsm-mr-aqua-12g-3ft-bookshelf/#entry3152
  24. Hey guys first thing is first ill show you where I began with my shrimp keeping and over the next couple of weeks explain my shrimp rack build and where it's at now. The first tank I had I kept red cherries in a small community tank.
  25. Josho

    Nano Renovation

    Hi guys, Just received all the gear for re-scape. Original tank: 11W light, inert course river gravel, crypt, java fern, java moss, drift wood. Re-scape: 36W compact, 4L of Ista Shrimp Soil, HC, HM, Japanese Hair Grass, java moss, 1L Pressurised CO2 system (with solenoid), Iwagumi Style rocks. Gear supplied by Age of Aquariums, ******, my LFS (Annerley Aquariums), and a few items from when I lived in the UK (from the Green Machine for those who know the Youtube videos) and also from a recent trip to Hong Kong. Objective of the re-scape was to make it suitable for CRSs, and CBSs in the future (will require RO, chiller, and external filter), remove snails, and re-plant with plants suitable for a nano tank. Here's the original. Obviously over-run by plants and snails. Ignore the algae in the back. I leave it on the glass in the back as something for the shrimp to graze on. New equipment. The black sheeting is from the Green Machine in the UK. It's used at baffles to prevent substrate from falling down when attempting to build a slope. Hard Scape In with the plants. Also inserted 6 Flourish Root tabs. Flooded after 1hr. Water cleared up might quick. Used 10L of original water and same filter to speed up cycling. Also added in Benibachi Bee Balls and Benibachi's Active Shrimp Water. Dosed the water using Seachem Prime, Flourish Comprehensive, Excel and Iron. Close up photo Didn't test the water initially (3rd of April) but tested it yesterday. pH: 6.4 Am: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm CO2 was going at just under 1bps. Permanent indicator says it's low so I bumped it up slightly and will monitor. The HC was already pearling yesterday to my surprise. Looks like it has cycled but I will leave it for at least a few more days before I add in the shrimp. I used my phone to take these photos so it's not the best quality. I've got a new macro lens on order and should arrive when the shrimps go back in. Will update then. I also plan to get some fire and sakura grade to breed. About half of my population is sakura. When transferring them to the temporary tank found 5 to be berried. Hopefully they won't be too stressed out.
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