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  1. Hi shrimp lovers, I am recently back to my hobby again. I bought a 30l Aquael shrimp tank and Up Aqua substrate from Tech Den. Special thanks to @Disciple who sold me a pack of top quality 10 crs to start. He and I had a chat about shrimp hobby which took almost 2 hours but I thought it was like 15 mins lol. Time flies when talking about shrimps. I've learnt a lot from when we had a chat. It was great meeting you again @Disciple. I hope we have a chance to see again some time. I am planning to start a Tainwan Bee tank for next step but I will see how I go with the crs first. Hopefully everyone on here is happy to help me out if I have any trouble :) Thanks for reading. Here are my photos
  2. Deegestar


    Hello, I have just moved some wood in my shrimp tank and noticed heaps of tiny cotton type worms swimming around. What could they be? Are they harmful to my shrimp? and how do I get rid of them? Cheers
  3. Slowly consolidating my various threads from other forums back to here. Here is another project of mine which I'm doing at the same time as my 4ft tank. Naming: Now called One Tree Nano as I've put most of my yellows in the 4ft tank now. Tank Goals: - Apply knowledge gained from the experts here - Build a fun place for the shrimp I intend to keep - Keep it simple and visually pleasing Equipment on hand: Aqua One 30cm Glass Cube Black Soil Fulvic - Normal – 5Kg Black Soil Fulvic - Super Powder – 3Kg Hagen Elite 25w Mini Heater Aquaclear Mini ( 20 ) Hang on Filter DIY Components: LED LED stand Breeding caves Flora being considered: US Fissden Eleocharis Belem Fauna being considered: Neocaridina Yellow Shrimp Caradina Zebra Darwin Algae Shrimp A pic of the Aqua One 30cm cube next to the cheapy tank I was originally going to use. Both are being water tested while I wait for the stuff to turn up. The back of the cheapy has had black vinyl applied already, I might use contact paper for the cube. Tank pre-start photos
  4. salvanost

    mineral ball journal

    hello everyone, i like these forum especially squiggle sharing nice info about mineral ball so i got problem from algae, i knew someone here sold benibachi crimson mineral ball so i will test it out, i put 2 mineral ball, hope it would reduce the algae i will add more ball (max 3 for 1 tank, now use 2 ball) if there no change or update later after 6 month from now
  5. GotCrabs

    Cooper Creek

    Cooper Creek Aquarium: Mr Aqua 12g (90cm x 21cm x 24cm) Filter: Eheim 2213 Canister with API Bio Chem Zorb and Stainless Steel Mesh Guard Lighting: BeamWorks 90cm LED (8 Hours, 4 on, 2 off, 4 on) Heating: Aqua One 50w Glass Heater (26c) Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum (8kg) Flora: Native Vallisneria, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Blyxa Japonica, Anubias nana, Bolbitis heudelotii, Windelov Java Fern, Trident Java Fern, Narrow Leaf Java Fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Subwassertang Fauna: Iriatherina werneri (Threadfin Rainbow), Caridina sp WA 4 (North Australian Chameleon Shrimp) Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood Food: Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Benibachi Kale Tablets, Sera FD Bloodworms, Serene Aquarium Algae Discs Additives: Aqua One Water Conditioner, AquaGreen Dinosaur Pee, AquaGreen Dinosaur Spit, Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls, Boss Aquaria Mineral Powder In Memory of Cooper I've been wanting to do a rescape of the Mr Aqua 12g for some time now but wasn't sure what road I wanted to go down and which direction to go with in regards to the tank, I've always wanted a certain shrimp only tank but wasn't sure which, having been a massive fan of the Chameleon Shrimp for a long time I thought for starters I'd go with them but them only in regards to shrimp in the aquarium, so this made me think, perhaps I could lean towards a native Australian tank, so thought why not see if I can find some small native Australian fish to add to the tank, so after looking through AquaGreen's site I decided to purchase a group of Iriatherina werneri, also known as Threadfin Rainbow, these fish when purchased are small, 2cm/2.5cm and reach 5cm at their largest, sounds perfect to me, so the Threadfin and Chameleon are on the shopping list. I wanted to use a very few number of plants, I didn't want this and that all thrown into the tank as what I have in the past, so decided to go with Native Vallisneria, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Blyxa Japonica, Anubias nana, Bolbitis heudelotii, Windelov Java Fern, Trident Java Fern, Narrow Leaf Java Fern and Subwassertang, I wanted most of the vegetation planted to the right of the tank so that the current from the filter outflow would push the Vallisneria towards the left side of the tank, I was happy with the right side being built up and planted, although the left side was quite bare, so as suggested from a fellow SKF member (Callan), I slightly built up the substrate on the left and planted to help hide the filter intake. I took my time in regards to rescaping this tank, for a change, I'm usually rushed and in a hurry to get it all sorted and took my time filling the tank up with tap water, having taken just over half an hour to fill as I didn't want the flow too strong and disturb the planted vegetation, once the tank was full and Aqua One Water Conditioner was added, I also added 4 pebbles to create a some what native under water look but wasn't happy with them, so out they went. I'm actually more than happy with the end result, I will how ever look to purchase some more pieces of Blyxa Japonica and Vallisneria. All feedback, comments, hints, tips are welcome. Thank You.
  6. salvanost

    Shrimp Room Journal

    due to my bad grammar, i will keep this journal simple progress would be about 6months to 1 year (due to high cost and need to build the shrimp room too) Progress January 2015 (5/100%) damage cost: - 2 racks, 200cm x 200cm x 60cm with 4 level (800$) difficulty: beginner next: - finding inverter type air conditioner note: due to Government regulation, the old R22 freon will be changed to r32 freon, still waiting for those air conditioner, estimation 450-700$ still cannot find the best place to place the air conditioner due to location of the shrimp room - choosing the the air pump note: will i buy the small air pump? 25$each, capable to handle 4 breeding sponge, higher watt or buying 125$ air pump + 50$ for modification? capable to handle lot's of breeding sponge, less watt - choosing the water sources note: buying ro water from 3rd company? or tap water with ro filter? tap water with seachem products? would cost around 8$ each month buying ro water from 3rd company? would cost 10$ each month invest on ro filter? would cost 15$ each month - water change design note: dripping, do i need to use automatic dripping tool? cost ? - the LED lighting note: using bulb led? easy to repair, got warranty up to 2years or using UP aqua led? proven, more expensive, no warranty or using DIY LED? i hate DIY, cheaper, could be repaired cost around 150$ each level - the shrimp room wall... note: using glass? or using plywood? is it free from rat attack? chance becoming ant nest? chance becoming termite nest? is it air tight to prevent contamination? - tank design note: .... fortunately i found one tank maker...
  7. For most that know me on this forum, this new tank is a pretty big deal. For the longest time, my lovely wife has put a ban on any new tanks in the house. However, this last birthday was different, I managed to convince her to let me have another tank, as long as it was not too big. My plans were to turn this tank into a formal area decorative tank. I chose the Mr Aqua 3ft bookshelf. She's a beauty. Perfect proportions. Stocked up on some supplies... And visited Canley Vale Nursery for some bonsai rocks. After a quick washdown... The rest of the setup will come from existing gear. I'll reuse filter, media, heater, chiller, and plants. Plans are to use Mini Pellia to fill out the "hills" and "mountain valleys". Not sure yet, but maybe Staurogyne clusters as denser "forest" areas. Next will be putting the hardscape together.
  8. Wraithie

    Grande Plans

    Well the reason I was pointed in the direction of this forum was that I mentioned building a rack and wanted some ideas and advice. I've been thinking about what I want from my tanks, and how I would like to set them up and maintain them. It's been great being able to see how others have gone about this project and get some ideas on what to and not to do. One of the requirements I have on all my tanks is that they have to be attractive and well maintained, so substrate and scaping will be necessary. I also love trying new scaping techniques to develop different scenes and vistas, and having a number of smaller tanks will allow me to try a few things at once and let them have time to grow without me fiddling too much. I want to keep and breed a few colours of shrimp as well as some endlers and smaller cichlids so have tried to design my rack with flexibility in mind. I have decided on a rack-it system from bunnings, just the 1200x450x1800 to begin with, and a mixed 10 tank setup. The top shelf will be 3x cubes 320 square which will be 'display tanks', each featuring a different aqua scape, probably with HOB filters to keep each independent. The plan for the middle shelf is a bank 1000 wide divided into 4x 250mm sections, with flow between them that can be run with an external canister(and sponge filters). The aim here is to allow selective breeding, or to keep crystals (easier to run a chiller). finally the bottom shelf will be 3 larger tanks 400x35 which are for grow out or breeding of larger colonies or small cichlids. I'm looking at running sponge filters here. I don't plan on plumbing everything together, at this stage I don't mind being hands on and would like to keep it simple. Below is my mock-up sketch (depth perspective is a little off). Please let me know if you have any suggestions or I'm doing something drastically wrong. :) Wraithie
  9. Just thought I'd start a thread on here to see what other member's Mr Aqua 12g Long/Bookshelf tanks look like. It seems to be a popular sized tank amongst Aquascapers, Fish and Shrimp keepers due to it's odd size. So I'll kick things off with some of the scapes I've had over the years with this tank. This was one of the first scapes I had with the 12g. The next I just added more driftwood and rhizome plants, some more Anubias, Bolbitis, Java Ferns, Moss. This is how the tank is now, but not for much longer as I'll be doing another re-scape of the tank over the next month or two. The whole time I've had the tank I've had shrimp in there, Red Cherries, Yellow Cherries, Crystal Reds and later Chameleons and Darwin Algae, fish have been Neon Tetras, Peppered and Albino Corydoras, have also had Clown Loaches (goodbye Red Cherries), Rainbow Sharks, Common Bristlenose, but at the moment is just a variety of Shrimp. New re-scape will be a Chameleon Shrimp and Threadfin Rainbow tank, I plan to keep the re-scape this way for awhile, I need to learn to leave things as they are, haha.
  10. Just set up a new study and decided a nice planted tank would suit it (with shrimp in it of course! ):) The idea is to go for something vibrant and colourful. Something like dutch colouring with bright greens and vivid reds. Gear: Mr Aqua 2ft low iron tank (600x305x320) Eheim 3e 350 filter Hydor inline heater Co2 through an ista regulator 3 x T5 light - still working out how to mount this one Going to lay the bottom down with benibachi powder and possibly some kind of light yellow/white border substrate around the tank. I quite like the contrast between the yellow substrate and the plants seen in Dantrasy's tank - http://imageshack.us/a/img706/2756/twk9.jpg. If I could get something going along those lines I'd be happy. hardscape: Heres where I am at so far. Help me out guys! softscapescape: not set yet, but I'm thinking a small java fern on the stem of the wood (will hide the joins in the wood pieces) Rotala Sp. Green in the background. Mini Pelia on the large rock and scattered on smaller rocks infront of the wood Something small and red? A few blyxa in the back behind the rock? This is my second aquascape, so I'm really quite new to the whole concept. Any and All advice is welcome (and needed)
  11. Hi SKFers! I"ve been a member for a few months and and I'm thinking I'm finally comfortable enough to make a journal that will be documenting my journey with breeding Japanese Black/Red Bees. A little info about me - I've been a shrimper for 5 years now and been into aquaria for 7-8 years. It all started with the GF getting me some goldfish to fit her theme of asking me to Prom (i'm older by 2 years and it was her prom and I didn't go to the same school) and since then have been involved with aquaria related stuff. What started off as an attempt to keep the goldfish (those $1 for 10 goldfish) quickly turned into a betta hobby which lead to breeding with lead to live plants which lead to aquascaping which lead to where we are now... Shrimping.... Currently, I'm keeping only Caridina species but did start off with Neocaridinas but have recently decided to drop keeping neos to clear up space and narrow my focus. My shrimpy passion is a little "excess" to say the least. It has driven me to travel all over Asia to visit aquascaping and fishkeeping as it is bigger there but the food was also a good incentive to visit. Of the Caridinas that I keep includes: Crystal Red Shrimp in the form of PRL and Japanese Red Bees, Japanese Black Bees, Red Wine - Ruby Red Taiwan Bees, Panda Taiwan Bees, Blue Bolts, Pintos, and Orange Eyes Blue Tigers (OEBTs). It wasn't until my most recent trip to Japan and getting to know a close friend that I discovered Japanese Red/Black Bees. These are (to me) a higher and purer form of Pure Red/Black Lines that we see available today. Originating from Japan, these bees were the predecessors of what we see today as Pure Red Line. I'm very happy to have been able to travel to Japan and bring back these precious guys. Although it did cost an arm and a leg, I'm very happy that I got the chance to experience the culture, the food, and the people. A little insight on my plans regarding the breeding project. I'm planning to do rack style setups where as I can have 2 main rimless 25G cubes whereas I can breed the main colony of Japanese Black Bees (JBB) and Japanese Red Bees (JRB) and have subsequent 10g tanks underneath whereas I can cull and selectively breed for specific traits. Apart of being a shrimper I'm a growing macro photographer (thanks part to said friend and his patience with me) and so as my shrimping abilities grow, I also hope that my photography skills also developes in the same positive manner. Nuff said, please enjoy photos I've taken so far. Japanese BlackBees: Japanese RedBees: The colony of RedBees and BlackBees started off very small but is growing quite rapidly. I'm very happy that I've been thus far successful. I hope to grow out my population within a few months and be able to start my selectively breeding process very soon! Thank you for reading!
  12. GotCrabs

    Organised Chaos

    Aquarium: Mr Aqua 12G Bookshelf (45 litres, 90cm x 21cm x 24cm). Filter: Eheim 2213 Canister with API Bio Chem Zorb & Steel Mesh Guard. Lighting: BeamWorks 90cm LED on Automatic Timer (6 Hours). Heating: Aqua One 50w Glass Heater set to 22c. Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum & Pisces Gold Pearl Natural River Gravel. Flora: Broad Leaf Java Fern, Needle Leaf Java Fern, Trident Java Fern, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Bacopa Monnieri, Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Angustifolia', Hygrophila Coryambosa 'Compact',Cyperus Helferi, Water Wisteria, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Subwassertang,Green Tiger Lotus, Pink Baby Tears, Cardamine Lyrata. Fauna: Crystal Red Shrimp, Yellow Cherry Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, Chameleon Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp, Short Fin Common Bristlenose. Hardscape: ZigZag Fish Breeding Cave x 2. Foods: Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Boss Aquaria Shrimp Snow, Boss Aquaria Shrimp Booster, Nutrafin Max Bottom Feeder, Hercar Algae Wafer Discs, Serene Aquarium Algae Discs. Extras: Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls, Boss Aquaria Mineral Powder, AquaGreen Dinosaur Spit, AquaGreen Dinosaur Pee, Stainless Steel Mesh Sqaures. Massive thank you to Sam at Serene Aquariums, couldn't ask for better service, considering the circumstances. Thank you to Z Aquatics, again couldn't ask for better service. Thank you to forum member FishMosy for advice and help, very much appreciated also. OK, so as some of you know I wasn't happy with this tank at the time nor it's lay out and felt I needed to do a re-scape which I wasn't overly looking forward too but felt it needed it so decided to go ahead with it anyway once I had gotten everything I thought I needed to start again, so after some headaches, swearing, couple cans of Jack Daniels and Cola and 3 hours later I returned with the following, which I call 'Organised Chaos'. So Monday morning, I received a package in the mail from Sam at Serene Aquarium with a load of plants I ordered through them the prior week, due to unforeseen circumstances Sam was unable to send the package off and when did added some goodies to the order which was very much appreciated, couldn't speak highly enough of Sam and the service at Serene Aquarium, so now that I had the plants, now was time to get this tank into action. I started by taking the handful of plants that were in the tank out and putting into a bucket of rainwater, then I had the not so enjoyable task of catching 100 plus shrimp and 3 Short Finned Common Bristlenose and putting them into a bucket of rainwater, I then took the water out of the tank and then the Fluval Shrimp Stratum substrate and got the tank outside for a clean. Once the tank was clean I then got the Fluval Shrimp Stratum and mixed it with two bags of Pisces Gold Pearl Natural River Gravel which much to my surprise I found at the local fish/pet store, if you knew what this store was like, you'd know that finding this there is like winning the lottery... Once the Fluval Stratum and Pisces Gravel was mixed I then decided to wash it all removing dirt and gunk from both substrates and then put back into the tank, this took about 6 good cleanings before I was happy with it all. Substrate was back in the tank and brought back inside for me to start playing around with in regards to plants and lay out. ZigZag Fish Breeding Caves went in first, followed by Cyperus Helferi, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Bacopa Monnieri, small cuttings of Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Angustifolia', Hygrophila Coryambosa 'Compact', Water Wisteria (which I clearly went overboard with), Corkscrew Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Subwassertang tied to 5cm by 5cm stainless steel mesh squares and then Green Tiger Lotus, Pink Baby Tears, Cardamine Lyrata which I received from Serene Aquarium as a gift, Trident, Broad Leaf and Needle Leaf Java Fern from Fishmosy which is tied down to 5cm by 5cm stainless steel mesh squares sitting on the substrate. Tank was then filled with rainwater and topped up with some tap water with tap water conditioner added in, Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls and Mineral Powder was then added to the water for the shrimp as well as a light sprinkle of Boss Aquaria's Shrimp Booster. Eheim 2213 was then hooked back up and heater placed in sitting at 22c, all turned on to let run and clear the cloudy water for awhile, after an hour the tank was clear so water parameters were tested and all came back fine and in my mind was good enough for the Shrimp and Bristlenose to go back in and suss the new home out, light was placed on and set to 6 hours each day on an automatic timer, 12:00pm to 6:00pm. After cleaning up the lounge room where the tank is that looked like a bomb had hit, I then checked out the tank to see how everything was going, much to my disgust I found a dead Yellow Cherry Shrimp, with the Yellow Cherry being pregnant, my only pregnant Yellow Cherry, so was pissed about that, but to my surprised found 3 juvenile Short Finned Common Bristlenose cruising around and the male (Dad) sitting at the entrance to one of the caves fanning so I assume there are more in the cave, I later found another 2 so have 5 cruising around sussing the place out, Dad is still fanning so must be more in there. Checked the tank again before lights out and everything is going well, can only see two Cherry deaths so that's good in a way, could have been more and expected more as well, juvenile Bristlenose were still going strong and placed a piece of cucumber in there for the Bristlenose and Shrimp to have a nibble on. Checked the tank Tuesday morning, water was crystal clear, water parameters were still fine, did a slight trim of the Pink Baby Tears and planted them in, cucumber was untouched, no one took an interest in it at all, ungrateful bastards. So far so good but am thinking I need some colour, so will look at getting 1 bunch of mini Alternanthera Reineckii to add to the tank and might move the Corkscrew Val from back to the sides where they can be seen more, the tank is quite busy in the middle which I didn’t realise until everything was in and water put in, oh well, everyone seems to be happy so why not just leave it. So this is the tank as stands at the moment, am quite happy with it but do realise I need a larger tank which I will look into once my operation is done and I’m up and moving around, plants seem to be going well, even though it’s only been a couple days, Shrimp and Bristlenose are going well also which is great. So there you go people, ‘Organised Chaos’.
  13. Howard18

    Howard's Shrimp Tank

    Hello all, I'm new here in the forum, having just registered and made an introduction yesterday. As promised, here are some current photos of my tank. I intend to keep a journal to document the growth and expansion of my blue velvet colony. My current tank parameters are: PH: 7.4 - I have tried to lower this to 7.2 with PH down but a day after seemingly successfully lowering the PH it shoots back up Water: Tap water treated with Seachem Prime Temperture: ~25°C Ammonia: 0ppm - I was struggling with high ammonia a few weeks ago but there was nothing in the tank except for some shrimp snowflakes (I left it in for a week, maybe that's why?). Interested to know if this happens to others here? Nititrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm KH: 100ppm GH: 100ppm Tank and Equipment: - Upgraded to Fluval Edge 46L lighting (42 LEDs instead of 21) - AquaOne 25w heater - Sochting Oxydator Mini - Eden 501 cannister filter with an extra bag of carbon (replaced HOB filter that came with the tank) - Aquael 3w UV sterilizer Fauna: - 13 Blue Velvet Shrimps - 1 Riffle Shrimp Flora: - Hairgrass (Elocharis Acicularis) - Flame Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.) - Phoenix Moss (Fissidens Fontanus) Without further ado, some photos of my tank: This is the front view of my tank: From the top down: Some of my blue velvets in the tank: My setup: Thank you for looking and feel free to leave comments! Best regards, Howard
  14. Morgan

    Morgan's Journal

    So today's been pretty exciting. I've been setting up and cycling my tank, and finally today my shrimp came home. I wanted to do a divided 2 foot tank with sump at the back and a Matten filter system. It took some fiddling but I got there in the end. I used dark grey transparent perspex sheets to divide the front of the tank in half, and then divide off the sump. Two large square holes approx 20cm x 20cm were cut into the sump divider, one for each side. I siliconed a fine mesh screen over these. It's Stainless Steel 60 mesh with a nominal aperture of .26mm. I wasn't sure how small the native larvae are, so I went for something very fine. There's a sheet of 45ppi Porex foam in front of these, forming a background for the front of the tank. Working out the airlift pipes for each side wasn't too difficult once I got a more powerful airpump, the one I had just didn't have enough power to run two airlifts at the same time. I'm using the Fluval Q2 airpump, which may even be overkill but it can certainly run both pipes without an issue. I used 20mm pipe, drilled a hole for the airline to thread through and popped in an airstone. An elbow at the top and I predrilled the holes for the pipes to run through the perspex divider from the sump. I wanted the outlet pipes to be shrimp-proof so I put some generic flyscreen over them so that the shrimp can't go wandering. I've heard a lot about how adventurous DRNs can be. Some generous application of mesh at the top of the dividers to make up the difference in height between the perspex and the lids, and it was ready to go. Meanwhile I'd had some driftwood sitting in tanks, one with fissidens and one with mini pellia, letting them get established a bit. The fissidens was actually done with DSM for a fortnight by my partner while I was out of town then filled with water. A couple of anubias nana tied on there too. The upshot being that by the time I got some substrate and other plants into the tank, I hoped the driftwood would be well established. The fissidens was well attached, but the pellia wasn't, I had to tie it down. Both became covered in algae within a day of moving to the tank, so I guess that was getting established too. Here it is: I brought home a sponge filter that had been in my partner's tank for a while (he lets me co-own that tank and add things to it as well), let it run through a cycle and finally it was ready for the shrimp.
  15. lodo

    Lodo shrimp

    So thought I would start a journal for our shrimp as we are growing the amount of shrimp and tanks we dedicate to them. Currently it's just three 1ft cubes, one with a satellite box. We are currently breeding yellow cherries, trying to breed blues and brown/blacks. We also have a mix of mischlings, an orange eye blue tiger, and a two stripe king Kong. Also we have some shrimp from someone working towards pintos. Here just a few pictures to get me started.
  16. So I haven't kept cherries or tigers for awhile, mainly focusing on TB and CRS! But one of our members kindly posted pics of some AMAZING cherries they are selling! And (have I mentioned I am impulsive???) after setting up the planted tank I was motivated. I had a dalbarb corner tank that has been unused and unloved for 18 months gathering dust. This needed a revamp. As the colour of the shrimp in question may not stand out on black gravel, I have used a red variety of the clay soil used in the planted tank thread. This stains the water initially somewhat but oh well!! As it is a neutral substrate I have used the Salty Shrimp Gh/Kh+ to bring it up to cherry/tiger friendly parameters (Thanks for the advice Gbang!) Also added some bee balls and an Oxydator too! I had an Eheim Professional 3 sitting in its box, this has now found it's purpose. And I have placed a couple of the new BioSpon 58L Filters in here too. Sexy huh?!?
  17. GotCrabs

    AquaTopia Aura 20L

    So I am now trying to work out what to do with the AquaTopia Aura 20L I have sitting here empty, I'd like to do something with it as I enjoy putting tanks together and creating something worth looking at but am not sure what to do exactly, anyone got any ideas? Remember, I'm in country South Australia so don't have access to stuff in stores like most of you so most things will be through online stores/eBay/forum members. So I have a AquaTopia Aura 20L with a AquaTopia 100 internal filter, AquaTopia fluro 9 watt light, Aqua One 25 watt glass heater. I will go with some substrate though, because I'd like the small tank planted, also no live stock will go in until everything is going well.
  18. So now that I have set up my Mr Aqua 12G Bookshelf tank entitled 'Organised Chaos', I thought I'd pull my AquaTopia Aura 20L out of storage and see if I could get some Crystal Red Shrimp going again. I had some left over Needle Leaf Java Fern, Trident Fern and Subwassertang left over from the 'Organised Chaos' tank so thought I'd throw it in the AquaTopia. The tank is in the beginning stages, I am waiting on some more stainless steel mesh squares to tie some Subwassertang on and be placed around the Needle Leaf and Trident Java Fern. I'm looking forward to seeing this fill in and see a nice group of Crystal Red Shrimp cruising around in weeks to come. Aquarium: AquaTopia Aura 20L, 36cm x 24cm x 31cm, 20 litres Filter: AquaTopia 100 Internal Filter Lighting: AquaTopia 9w Fluro Lamp (8 Hour) Heating: Aqua One 25w Glass Heater (22c) Substrate: AquaTopia Black Pebbles Flora: Needle Leaf Java Fern, Trident Java Fern, Subwassertang Fauna: Crystal Red Shrimp Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls Boss Aquaria Mineral Powder Boss Aquaria Boss Booster Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack Boss Aquaria Shrimp Snow Boss Aquaria Feeding Dish Black Cardboard Cut and Taped to the back of the Aquarium Stainless Steel Mesh Squares.
  19. ShrimpDesigns

    Fluval Flora Revamp

    Just recently I arrived back from a trip to Melbourne with a few supplies to revamp some of my old out-dated tanks. This Fluval Flora includes the following. Equipment: Fluval C2 HOB Fluval Tronic 50W Heater ADA African Powder Type 9L Grey Lava Rock Aquazonic LED Fertiliser Plan: Aquagreens Dino Range Flora: Undecided Fauna: Mischlings then hopefully TB's Here was the tank this morning after being ripped up and cleaned out. After playing around for hours. Unfortunately while I was picking up rocks at subscape my mum insisted that I had far too many and it turns out I have too few. So, tommorow I will be heading out to a couple of aquarium shops around Adelaide to look for some more grey lava rock. Also, wondering on what you opinions are on having a sand path or not. Substrate seems to fall through gaps in the rock when its moved around which would make it hard to develop a sand path. Although I believe it could be done by filling the tank with water and then siphoning out the substrate and then replacing with sand. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.
  20. Recently I posted a couple of photos on here I found on Instagram of someone’s tank with just Christmas Moss tied to Malaysian Driftwood in it with Red Cherry Shrimp, even though it was quite a simple looking set up and some would say boring I quite liked it and thought I’d give it a crack. Yesterday I went out and bought a AquaTopia Aura 20L, it’s nothing special but I didn’t want to spend big dollars on a tank at this stage that I was only going to put some Moss and Shrimp in, it’s nothing special or flash but it’ll do the job I’m looking to do though. So the AquaTopia Aura 20L is a glass tank with top opening compartments, light and filter, I bought the heater and substrate separate, the light is a AquaTopia 9 watt florescent, light switch on the right side of the tank with water proof housing, filter is a AquaTopia 100 internal filter with flow rate adjustment, heater is a AquaOne 25 watt glass heater which is now set to 24c and substrate I thought I’d just try some AquaTopia black pebbles at first, I went for dark coloured substrate as I’d like the Shrimp and Moss colour to really stand out, tank capacity is 25 litres and measurements are 36cm x 21cm x 31cm which I think is suitable for what I’m looking to achieve. What am I looking to achieve? Something very along the same lines of the photos I posted in another thread, a tank with just Moss growing healthily and a healthy colony of Shrimp living and breeding amongst it, a forest look I guess you could say. At this stage I’m not sure what Shrimp I’m going to keep in there, but I’d prefer something with bright stand out colour, so I’m thinking either the Yellow Cherry or Crystal Reds that I have, only problem is I only have male Crystal Reds so if I go with that I’ll need to invest on a handful of females, Moss wise I have decided to go with Peacock Moss as I think it will produce and display a nice natural forest growth look to it, I was thinking Christmas Moss but I think Peacock Moss will look great once filled out and grown, Moss will be tied to a decorative clay hollow log which can be used by the Shrimp as a shelter or breeding ground and is more than a decent size for them. Once I’ve received the Moss and everything is put together and I’m up and running I plan to keep a week by week photo log of the development of how the Moss and Shrimp are going, I’m interested to see at what rate the Moss will grow to be honest and how quickly/slowly it will take to thicken up and show the growth I’m aiming towards. Foods involved will be the Boss Aquaria range in which I use in a separate tank and am very impressed with, ie. Shrimp Crack, Shrimp Snow and will throw in a random treat now and then, will also be using from the Boss Aquaria range Shrimp Booster, Mineral Powder and Mineral Balls. Other additives to the tank will be AquaGreen’s Dinosaur Pee and Spit range, I again use this in my other tank and am more than pleased with the results. That’s all for now, stay tuned I guess, cheers.
  21. Aquarium: Mr Aqua 12g Bookshelf Filter: Eheim 2213 Canister with API Bio Chem Zorb & Stainless Steel Mesh Guard Lighting: BeamWorks 90cm LED on HPM Automatic Timer Heating: Aqua One 150w Glass Heater Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum Flora: Subwassertang, Christmas Moss, Peacock Moss, Mini Needle Leaf Java Fern, Anubias Nana Petite Fauna: Common Bristlenose, Red Cherry Shrimp, Yellow Cherry Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Chameleon Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood, Clay Caves, Sudo Moss Domes. Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls, Boss Aquaria Mineral Powder, Boss Aquaria Shrimp Booster, Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Boss Aquaria Shrimp Snow, AquaGreen Dinosaur Pee, AquaGreen Dinosaur Spit. So here it is, a complete rescape of the tank, more room to see and admire Shrimp and Bristlenose, more water flow all round the tank, a little easier to maintain and take care of. I purchased some Subwassertang, Christmas Moss and Peacock Moss, spent some time putting it all on to driftwood and clay caves, tied them all down, so now to sit back and watch it all grow and see the Shrimp go nuts over it, added Christmas Moss and Subwassertang to the Sudo Moss Domes, they should eventually turn into a large fluffy/bushy dome in time.
  22. GotCrabs

    Tank Rescape.

    I'm thinking of scrapping my current Mr Aqua tank which just has Moss in there at the moment and then changing it to an all Anubias on driftwood tank again like I had, perhaps a few pieces of Needle Leaf Java Fern as well, thinking I might take the substrate out (Fluval Shrimp Stratum) and just replacing it with just sand, you know, just the white sand pit sand that you see in some tanks, it will really make the Shrimp stand out I think, tank with just Moss in it at the moment just looks dull and boring, so think I might go down this path.
  23. Hello people. Just to share one of my tanks, enjoy. Thanks Fábio Silva
  24. So after about 6 weeks of starting a 60lt tank for these awesome creatures my wife and I decided to add yet another tank to our display tank collection so we can house more of them and go full on in to collecting them. So off we went to our LFS where auto8mycat (Alex) works. We decided to go for a Fluval studio 900 tank that looks killer in our only room in the house that was missing a tank (dining room). So I will be starting this thread to ask all your opinions on set up. HERE WE GO FOLKS.... Start the suggestions coming please people!!!!! And Riki and Alex from MP Adelaide thanks for a great deal guys c u soon for some more supplies....(Admin: hope it's ok to throw tha little plug in there but these guys ARE really cool)
  25. Found this online a while back but couldn't find it again until recently, really like this, boring to some I guess but I quite like it. Any members here have anything similar?
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