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Found 11 results

  1. I've had these snails in my tank for over a year and I don't know what kind they are. They're incredibly hardy and unknowingly got them attached to some plants I got at petsmart. If anyone can ID them please help me! I live these guys and they're the only snails that have survived living with my goldfish.
  2. Help please! I bought a rack set up with 9 tanks and a sump. It is full of stock, neo-cardinia, cardinia and sulawazi shrimps + a tank of endler guppys. I am collecting it tomorrow with help from friends and a borrowed van. Has anyone moved a rack before and what tips can they share please? We were thinking of lowering the water level right down and then moving them very gently in the cars - with the water in 25L drums in the van cause I don't have that much RO water spare so it will be going back in as soon as we can set it up. They are moving less than 2km down the road and I will have my heating on full blast to keep the house warm - current temperature here is about 10 degrees celcius. I am worried about the Sulawasis but I reckon if we keep them plugged in with the heater for as long as possible and put them back ASAP they "Should" be ok...fingers crossed. I just read that tanks should never be moved with water in them but it will take HOURS to catch all the shrimp as there are literally hundreds of them
  3. Hi! I found today the smallest of my 6 shrimp dead and can't figure out why and am hoping for help. They seemed generally less active in the last week or two, and I have noticed that they fan their belly flaps quite a lot (though none of my shrimp are berried, at least I am pretty sure, the eggs always seem pretty obvious on photos). Is it maybe too little oxygen? The dead shrimp appears completely normal to me, and I found it lying on its side in the middle of the tank, still flapping it's belly fins. I put it in a glass with tank water where aber about 15minutes it stopped moving completely, even if prodded. It shouldn't be a shedding issue, as I think this shrimp has shed about 4 days ago. It's the smallest of the 6 (almost half the size of my biggest) so I figured it must be juvenile and it shouldn't be age. I do have some worms in there that I can't seem to get rid of, but I'm quite sure none of them are planaria. Seems to be some sort of white flat worm that usually sticks to the glass and very thin hair like ones that float around. All my cherry shrimp are solid red, so I can't see if they have bacterial infection. There always seems to be one of two that are paler/mottled but as they shed I think it's that? I have a hard time keeping them apart tbh I did a 50% water change and removed most of the floating plants in case there wasn't enough aeration. My goal with making this post is to maybe find out what might have killed it/how to avoid further deaths. I'm happy for any advice! Background/setup: This is my first aquarium, just as a disclaimer, so I'm gonna list...everything, not that I oversaw sth stupid. I got 6 cherry shrimp and 5 MTS(that have made about two dozen babies by now) approx. 5 weeks ago. The tank had been set up and running w/ plants and filter 4 weeks before that. It's ~25L, running a sponge filter with air pump, have some java fern and moss, wood, flourite black sand, and dwarf grass(?) and a lot of tiny floating plants on top. The light sold with the aquarium (very bright) and a desk lamp (less bright) that I use sporadically. They get fed JBL 'Nano Prawn' pellets (which they don't seem to be fond of) and sometimes blanched spinach/peas/lettuce (which they will fight eachother for). Would they starve themselves for not getting the beloved spinach&peas??? Measured half an hour ago upon finding the dead shrimp: PH: 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: ~5 (now probably 2.5 as I just did a 50% water change) Temp: 22-24C I do use dechlorinator (tetra tap safe). I currently don't have a gh/kh test but it's on the shopping list. They have a small piece (2x2cm) of cuttle bone permanently floating around the tank, as Glasgow water is supposedly soft and between snails and shrimp i figured they'd need it. It has been stable like this for at least 3 weeks now, before that, week 1-2 of having the shrimp, the ph was a little lower and small amounts of ammonia/nitrite. From what I read this should all be fine?
  4. I'm really desperate to try to figure out what Shrimps these are so I can properly learn what to do.They seem like some weird hybrid or just shrimp that camouflage into their environment. When I first got them from the small river they were clear, light brown or had a yellow tint... I'm unable to get the pictures to load here so please go onto this link... I go into further detail on this post.
  5. Hello SKF. I have never owned or held shrimp before, but i have been inspired alot by ecospheres, or very basic shrimp enclosures. I would love to make a tank, which is mostly self independant (like a small ecosystem), that also means that i would love to be without filter. But im in a need of some knowledge first. Do you guys have any advice? My thoughts so far: A bowl or something like that as the tank. A lamp for heat/light Let my tank cycle for a couple of weeks before adding shrimp. Plants, am i fine taking some from my local pond? Also, do i need a source of algae first? Like a mossball. Substrate, again, am i fine taking some from my local pond? Also, what kind of substrate? Gravel, dirt? At last the shrimp, what kind? Is theyre saltwater, how does that work with the plants? If there is anything i havent talked about, some heads up is gladly welcomed :) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm not heaps great with computers, and though it's probably beeen asked 1000 times just wanted to know if I can delete or move a thread I've started? Just posted something in the wrong place is all. Cheers
  7. Taylor

    Shrimp Deaths

    Hi All I have got an established cherry shrimp tank with 4 assassin snails, it has four air driven sponge filters and is well planted with big bits of moss and bog wood. I bought the colony about a year and half ago and all has been well lots of young. In the last month I have lost about 20 shrimp, 3 to 4 a night! I have kept up my normal 10% water change every other week no change. so today I went to 2 different aquatic centres that stock shrimp and got them to do water a test for me. Both tests came back perfect, no reason for deaths at all! what is going on? Any help would be very apriciated, the only conclusion I have come to is too much interbreeding, as I haven't added any new shrimp for a wile. Taylor
  8. HelloUnderwaterWorld

    Unknown Shrimp??

    Hi, and thanks in advance for helping! Very much appreciated. Anyways, about three weeks ago I purchased this shrimp from my LFS. At the time, I guess the employee (and I) thought it was a ghost shrimp. Over the past few weeks I have realized that it's definitely not a ghost shrimp. Can anyone help me identify this shrimp?
  9. Hello everyone! I am going to place my order through http://www.shrimpfever.com/shop/category/shrimp/livestock-shrimp/caridina-shrimp-only/ shrimp fever today, and I wanted to get some feed back from you all about what I should get in order to eventually accomplish my goals! My main goal is to create a TiBee that is much more resilient than a regular CRS, and try and open keeping caridina shrimp up to the east coast of canada. Locally the only bred shrimp you can get are cherries, and occasionally blue velvet's. I want to cross these shrimp to make a more robust easier to keep caridina shrimp that is still striking to look at ! Tigers are larger making them a better choice for many aquarists who complain shrimp are too small to see. The white/red is always the most striking in a planted tank IMHO Here is the stock I want to order today to start with! 6 black TiBee shrimp, 6A/A+ CRS 4S/S+ CRS 8 Tigers and possibly 2 golden/snow white shrimp Alternatively if you think this would be better I can just get CRS and Tigers (in greater number as they are actually the cheapest!) The tibees are the more expensive of the lots, and the black tibees might not help me that much anyway. ( Just wanted to diversify the genes. I could also get 1 tangerine tiger or something) Going the other way I would likely get about: 15A/A+ CRS, 5S/S+ CRS 10 regular tigers Please let me know what you would order to get shrimp like the ones I am picturing eventually! My tank parameters are currently ph 6.8-6.9 and 75f. Do I need to adjust them? If so what is the best way to drop the PH? My tap water is about 7.2 so Ideally I could get them acclimated to higher ph, but if not I am willing to do RO/DI. ideally I want to make something looking like this:
  10. Hi everyone, I really need some help with my tank, I left someone to take care of it while I was vacationing and it's been going downhill ever since. I have a relatively new planted fluval edge 12 gallon, shrimp only for now. My shrimp have been dying and now I have 1 berried female, 2-3 medium shrimplets, and 3 baby snails, unfortunately there are also: slithering white wormlike things (planaria?), 20 ish tiny (1-2 mm) hydras, tiny unknown nematodes, and numerous freshwater limpets. I don't know what I've done wrong to mess it up this bad and currently I'm thinking to move the remaining shrimp and snails to a smaller temporary tank and completely redo the larger one. Please help, any advice is welcome.
  11. Hey guys, So a couple days back I bought two CRS in hopes of starting a colony of shrimp. I added them into my tank of 5 Red cherries. All has been well, apart from the fact that I do not know the gender of both my CRS. One of them is significantly bigger than the other, but I still have no idea. Occasionally, I will see the little one chase the bigger one around the tank, but I don't know if that means anything. It would be helpful if someone could tell me the gender of both of my shrimp, or give me some tips to observe myself. I have a photo of both of them, but it's not the best quality. Also, if my CRS are both males, would it be possible from them to cross-breed with my RCS? Help would be greatly appreciated! NEW PICTURES: http://i.imgur.com/ioghYSG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IrMcil3.jpg
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