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  2. I will post photos tmr of my current setup, is not a pretty sight, just moves house, and as said, I recently gave 99% of my shrimps away, but it's ok, just looks something like a exotic jungle.😜
  3. sdlTBfanUK

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    I think we are more of a 'must have a heater' country than 'must have a chiller'. Last year we had a few risky days where it got to 30 outside, but the tank water didn't get above 26 or 27, so it was close to where I thought I might see some dead bodies. It sounds as though you have gone all out with your setup and I have always thought the madagascar lace plant is very attractive, and maybe you need Co2 with that sort of exotic plant setup, but generally I think shrimp are supposed to do better without it, but if it is all working stick with it. I would love to see some photos, as I am sure others would as well. Simon
  4. No rush with the chiller, as we are going into winter. So shop around for the best price. With such a small tank, get the smallest cheapest chiller you can find in the brands range. Hailea chillers are probably the best compromise between price and quality. So you can start looking there. I think the HC100a is the smallest in this range. The cheap eBay phase change chillers will work on your small tank but quality will reflect with the price. Teco chillers are in the high range and will be a bit more expensive but they are good quality. I have a couple myself. And they have been running every summer for many years now.
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  6. The chiller is only useful if you live in a country that is hot, I think places like the UK should be alright without it. About the Co2, i'm not sure if it will affect neo's or the cardina, but my tank seems ok, I set the Co2 at its lowest because of a small tank, at least the plants are doing well, especially the floating one's mini water lettuce, duckweed, RRF and frogbits which is beneficial to shrimps, I also have Fissidens fontanus, and madagascar lace plants. Forgot to mention, I also have a UV light. If you want to see some photo, just let me know.
  7. sdlTBfanUK

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    Glad we can be of some help and I agree you are doing the best thing by thinking it out thoroughly before you get started. It is very frustrating when you spend a lot of money on a small setup to then have to go and do the same again for another setup because it isn't big enough, way more economical and cost effective to get it right first time, though as you say you are starting with some of the stuff! I'm also sure that when I closed down the small one and moved the shrimps to the new tank that I probably lost half of the shrimplets as they were too small/young to be moved in reality but I really didn't want to have to run 2 tanks for a few months whilst I waited for them to grow - I had way too many anyway. I can't be much help regarding the 'chiller' as we don't have hot enough weather here, in fact even the humans don't get that over here (except in expensive cars)? A lot may depend where you are placing the setup as well, mine is in a dark corner that doesn't get any direct sun. If it isn't likely to get too hot there for a while you can of course come back to that as a separate issue as it won't mean disrupting anything in the tank anyway should you decide to get one later! You are probably best steering away from the CO2 as it is one less thing to set up and, as you, I have read a lot of reports saying it isn't good with caridina shrimp setups, though I have no actual experience with it, but why risk it. Hope you will keep us informed/updated. Simon
  8. joemjd9

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    I agree with you both and you have changed my mind. I will go for mix of cardinia shrimp. Definately will be lot more interesting in terms of colours and patterns. I do already have most of the stuff. The only thing that I do not is the Chiller and even though I do have the KegKing Co2 setup, I will stay away from it because its a cardinia setup. Will research a bit further into the chiller this, as I do not want to buy one for a small tank and realise that I need to invest on a bigger one down the line. Thank you guys for the input. Really appreciate the insight. P.S: Great pics Simon. That has certainly swayed me towards a mixed setup.
  9. I started out with a 30cm tank, and it's my only shrimp tank, started of about November with Neo's and added a few Taiwan bee's, king kong, wine reds, pinto's and blue Bolts around feburary, my Neo's have multiplied, but given many away, and finally giving most away, leaving only cardinia, my water seems ok, since many of my cardinia are still here, and my Taiwan bee have berries, shrimplets should come any time. I think you should be prepared to spend money, for me I have a HOF, CO2, water cooler and the right light, i'm intend to change the current substrate from ADA to the PB, but have to wait for the Taiwan bee to have shrimplets.
  10. sdlTBfanUK

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    Having multiple tanks and a tank rack may be where you want to go eventually but that is probably for the future? If you want to test out the cardina you may want to go the route I did in that having a mix of shrimps colour and pattern in one tank is certainly more interesting to look at than 10 tanks with single/pattern, and I keep getting new ones that I didn't have before, even the boss should like them!!!!! It is obviously a lot cheaper and takes up a lot less time and space as well. I got the 35L dennerle scapers tank (used 3L of substrate) and it is 40cm x 32cm x 28cm and it has 28L of water (my measuring jug is a cheap one so maybe inaccurate, but the tank isn't filled to the brim and stuff in the tank takes up some space). It would give you an extra 10cm x 32cm (plus 2cm x 30cm) which to shrimps is quite a lot, not that I am saying you should necessarily get this tank but just as an example of how less height (which isn't needed for shrimps) in a tank can make a lot of difference to the floor area of a 'similar' capacity tank, but you may think it is too much money for such a small increase, but obviously there is a whole range of other tank choices out there.I assume you would use the heater/light/filter etc from the old tank if you weren't going too much larger? And, of coarse, you can just stick with the tank you have and that should still work out fine for a starter/tester tank? If you want to see the mix then just click on gallery/New images and scroll down. You should show the boss and I a sure it will swing it in your favour! I don't think you should have any problems with caridina if you are sticking with remineralised RO water and proper shrimp products from the very start. It took me years to get to where I am now but I think ALL the problems I had were because I was trying to use 'tapwater', as soon as I started with RO remineralised no problems whatsoever. Any other specifics/question feel free to ask away. Simon
  11. joemjd9

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    Thank you very much Simon. I have certainly thought about the idea of secondary tanks. But i wanted to test out the Cardinia waters first. If they do capture my interest, I plan to seek my boss (aka wife) to approve the shrimp tank rack idea *fingers crossed* I have been going through this forum and the Shrimpspot forum to gain as much knowledge as I can to get a good start. Thank you again for your message. Every little bit helps.
  12. Good advice from our new mod
  13. sdlTBfanUK

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    I started Taiwan Bees in a 15L tank (12L actual shrimp tank), so was under 30cm and had no problems. As JayC says RO water remineralised is important with Caridina shrimp. They are a lot more sensitive than neocaridina. The 'problem' with a small tank as I found out, is that if it works you will soon be over-run with shrimps as I had about 100 in about 3 months or so, from putting about 10 adult shrimp in the tank. It may be worth thinking about a different tank from the start as it will save a lot of work/time/money in the long run? If you do think about a change of tank I would go with one which has more horizontal space than height, as shrimps spend most time wandering at the bottom of the tank so the height is unnecessary and a bit of a waste when the same capacity can give you more base area. Looking forward to hearing how t all goes. Simon
  14. joemjd9

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    That sounds great. Ill happily take 2-5years. I plan on using an RODI filter and remineralise with Salty Shrimp. Thats even better, i dont have to buy the larger bag. Until it get the multi tank sydrome 🙂 Thank you very much for this information.
  15. ADA can last much more than 2 years if you use RO or even rain water and remineralise it with those Calcium/Magnesium mixes. I have ADA tanks that buffered for 5 years. 2-3cm might be too much for a 30cm tank. It might buffer pH too low. Start with no more than 2cm (maybe even 1.5cm), then check pH after cycling is complete. It's easier to add more substrate than to remove it. Yes, change it out completely. Perfect time for a complete tank clean and overhaul (except the filter). But as I mentioned, ADA will last a few years without the need for changing. The tank should bounce back relatively quickly if you don't clean or change the filter and media. Keep the filter running and recirculating into a bucket of old tank water to keep the bacteria alive while you clean out the tank and swap substrate. Of course, you have to remove all the shrimp in the tank first.
  16. joemjd9

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    Hi jayc, Thank you very much for the quick reply. I plan to keep ADA Amazonia since I could not find the Black Earth substrate in recent times. In terms of the quantity of ADA to use, for a 30cm tank, does 2-3cm of substrate suffice to ensure a good buffering capacity for 1-2years. What do you guys do, when the soil loses it buffer capacity? Do you replace the entire substrate with the new soil (taking the right precautions for the shrimp during the change).
  17. Hi @joemjd9, Welcome to SKFA. A 30cm tank is ok for starting out with a small population, but of course a 60cm tank would be even better. You will still be fine with a 30cm tank. Just take care with cycling the tank before adding any shrimp, and give them a consistent environment (ie. Water parameters). Get a good quality plant substrate and that will help keep pH and GH consistent. Any other questions, just ask .
  18. Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to keeping Cardinia shrimp. I have successfully kept RCS (Neos) in the past but would like to explore the Cardinia world. While I have not locked down the type of cardinia, I really like how the lower grades of blue bolts look. I currently have 30cm Low Iron glass Cube tank. Before I go ahead and invest the things needed to support the 30cm cube tank with cardinia, I wanted to ask the first question on whether a 30cm tank (about 27litres) would be a good starting tank for a beginner/lowkey setup. Thank you very much in advance.
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  20. sdlTBfanUK

    Betta Water Parameters

    I 'suspect' my Betta may have Popeye, he is quite small so difficult to see but he seems active and chasing food etc! Is there an easy treatment that I can use in case? I am guessing using Epsom salts will affect the shrimps and plants? I also read (partly on here,but elsewhere as well) that Melafix doesn't work and can actually injure the fishes air breathing organ??? I do have an old 15L tank that I MAY be able to setup/use in the kitchen with no substrate etc, so can do multiple water changes (if needed), but it won't be 'cycled' or have filter running but I do have a spare heater and light (I think). Please bear in mind my physical abilities are extremely limited. Also any medication etc will have to be through the post so that will cause some delay? Anyway all advice will be gratefully received? Simon Update 17/4/19 - I have decided to try 50% dosage of melafix for 3 days (then review to maybe doing a further 4 days) at next water change/maintenance on friday! This is based on a whole day reading on internet and 3 days is recommended as 'preventative' dosage, but most seem to think full strength is too much for Betta? He seems spunky enough and active?
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  25. DKC

    Is this a moulting issue?

    I actually have two filters in the tank. A sponge filter and a HOB. Will get much from another tank and put it in and see. Luckily the RCS are not the most expensive but nonetheless upsetting when they die.
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