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SKF/Newbreed Aquatics Treasure Hunt Competition


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@OzShrimp just clarifying the rules...

It's a new day now, do we get to pick another tile?

yes sir you can pick another one :)



Congratulations we have our first winner! 

@larrymull come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn down you have won One pack of Boss Mineral Balls.

Although not stipulated in the rules i would ask you let the others continue to participate at the chance of the other prizes but your call :)

Please pm me your details and i will pass them on to @newbreed when all prizes have been found.

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Grats larrymull.

Now that the mineral balls are gone... hmmm... where are the cholla wood??? Haha.

Great game and thank you to our generous sponsor. :-)

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Still remaining

Boss baby powder and boss booster

Six pieces of Cholla Wood (12-15cm lengths)

Ten pack of Tantora Catappa Leaves and a pack of Benibachi Kale Tablets

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How to play -

Each member can pick one tile per day however you must ensure you check what everyone else has picked as i will not advise you. 

Once you pick your tile for the day you can  NOT edit your post. Any edited post will not be counted.

I will advise everyone when a prize has been located by a member. There is only one of each available.

To be eligible to play this competition you must have a minimum of 5 posts on the forum.

Other moderators are eligible to play as myself and Newbreed are the only ones with knowledge of the prizes.


Sorry @2OFUS wont be listing what other people pick i put it in the main post. If people wish to play the comp in that regard they would have to do it for themselves ;) Cant make it too easy for you all now can i lol

Is a new day, if you have guessed after midnight get your new ones in 

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