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    • jayc
      I'm impressed you managed to get a short video of this bug. What part of the shrimp's molt is it swimming in?   I think we are limited by the forum tools. I can't get the video embedded properly.
    • beanbag
      I looked at a molt shell for an affected shrimp under a microscope: https://imgur.com/a/9spPMjj It was full of these little moving bugs, so I'm inclined to blame my shrimp disease on this.  These bugs are maybe 20 micron or less in diameter and can swim around 0.5mm per second or so if they leave the shell.  I think this is too large to be a bacteria. They only seem to live for about 12 hours or so, or else maybe they all leave the shell after that time because I can't see them any more.  I know this isn't a great image to go on, but to get higher magnification I'd need to resort to better microscopy technique next time I can find a molt shell from an infected shrimp. I'll either need to find the right med to nuke them, or make the tank conditions more unfavorable for them, or maybe make the shrimp more resistant by feeding some kind of immune boosting foods? I tried adding planaria zero (bettel nut extract) and it didn't seem to affect them after 2 hours.  Somebody also suggested fenbendazole, but that seems to be aimed more towards worm-like things. P.S.  Can somebody who is good at forum stuff embed this link so that the video shows up in this post?
    • Dalton07
      That serious fish-keepers are always meticulous with regards to the item they will put inside the aquarium. Among plants, Anubias Nana is the favorite by most fish-keepers. It can grow inside your fish tank, and unattractive as a food for most fishes, making it a suitable and ideal plant for aquariums.
    • JarryPatyson
      My parents have an aquarium, so I don't know if this will help, but still want to leave a suggestion. They also liked the idea of installing a light strip in it, so they started looking on amazon. I don't know what went wrong, but it broke on the fifth day of use. I think it was a cheap Chinese thing (although the website told me it was waterproof and durable). They asked me for help finding a better option, and I advised them of the smart LED multi-color light strips I used in my car. Being pretty skeptical, my dad still decided to try them. They have been working fine for a month now and don't even flicker. Mom says the fish are happy, lol. I hope my comment was helpful
    • jayc
      It's not looking good. Quarantine any shrimp showing Necrosis, as it can be infectious. Tell us what your water parameters are, and do a heavy water change after that. Increase surface agitation to get more oxygen into the water. A bit of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into the water to increase oxygen might also help the shrimps that have not yet contracted this.
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