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My CRS Colony


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My CRS colony appears to have dwindled upon close inspection however upon looking at @Disciple's tank photos i was inspired to take some of my own after seeing Elvis junior at the front of the tank. He is offspring to the shrimp in my signature and most expensive shrimp i ever brought lol.













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yeah well town water of tds 580 didnt help to begin with did it lol.

I have had more downs then ups but it was the generosity of some on here that got me back in teh game when all my shrimp died 2 1/2 years ago :)


its a shame its an 8 1/2 hr drive to your work now @Heavyd lol so no regular shrimp visits. I still got my tank from back then but sitting idly in the garage, once i move i will sell it 

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  • 5 years later...

Haven’t seen you around for a while Oz! Do you still have any tanks going?

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Hi Shaun how are you doing. I remember your shrimp. It was the same time Jamie and I had the large colonies too but I think perhaps the quality of yours may have topped mine. Do you have any tanks now 

I just looked through my thread but my pictures don’t show up anymore because I used photobucket and haven’t kept up my membership so all photos lost on there

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Hope you stick around more often @OzShrimp.

I would be good to get the old members back on SKFA. 

Sort of like a virtual reunion. 😄

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Only day 2 but I have seen 6 of the new taiwan bee shrimp I got so that is looking hopeful, previously I saw no shrimp the next day after putting them in the tank so it is an improvement, but I am having to not get too excited and order more at this point??? All 15 may be alive but th tank is so densely planted I will never expect to see them all, and anyway they are new to the tank so would expect them to hide a lot more than when they are settled! Stunning shrimp though from an ebay sale, but too small and few to photo at this point, we will have to wait a while for those. I assume from this that maybe they were poisoned by something in the tank before but after a few years of water changes/running that  is not now a problem??? Tank still isn't green and lush like the other tanks though so I definitely wouldn't use that substrate again! Fingers crossed I am back with the Taiwan bee shrimp for good....... Simon  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I am mainly buying the bloody mary shrimps, to top up red shrimp in that old tank but thought I may as well try some taiwan bee in the other tank as it must have been 2 years since I tried, and as I say, there have been wild type red cherry living in that tank! I am getting blacks mainly (and couldn't resist some blue bolt) as they won't be as visible to the fish as reds, but if it goes well I will get some red taiwan bee shrimp at some later date (probably next year though)! I must have fished out about 50 wild type red cherry so far from the old tank to make room for the new ones in that tank! If the taiwan bee work out, then I will have those wild type cherry to remove from that tank as well, there aren't that many though, I don't even feed those shrimps in that tank! I will post updates............ Simon
    • jayc
      Hope you have better luck with this lot.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have ordered some bluebolt, black taiwan bee and black KK shrimp (5 of each) to see how this goes now, the parameters are perfect for Caridina shrimp and there have been wild type cherry shrimp living in that tank for about a year or more with no problems, so am going to give it another go! Decided to get a delivery done before winter sets in here, and also getting 20 bloody mary shrimp for the old tank so will try and fish out as many of  the wild types over the next few days to make room for the new red shrimps? I am getting this lot from ebay so will be interesting to see how that goes as it has been years since I used that for any shrimp? I prefer red taiwan bee but will just see how these black ones go first, obviously red will be much more visible to the fish? I guess I can rule out poisoning or disease as a tank issue as there have been shrimp living in the tank for a long time now! It still doesn't look nice and green though with this different substrate, and the fish may be an issue - hopefully the shrimp that are sent will be big enough to reduce the risk of that, the listing states they will be 15mm? Simon
    • jayc
      Otos really do like it in a big group. I had 10 in my 4ft tank once, and they would swim together. The problem with Otos is that, they compete with shrimp for the same food, ie. the biofilm on the surfaces of the tank. If you are okay with that and prepared to feed them regularly when the biofilm runs out, then Otos are great companions to shrimp. Of course they will both eat the same foods, so feeding both together is not difficult. Lot's of blanched veges like zucchinis, peas, carrots. 
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