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    • sdlTBfanUK
      When you say a ghost town I hope you don't mean the shrimp are dying off? When I set up my Betta tank I think I mentioned the soil was fighting with the water and I was getting PH of abut 6 for a few months and it has crept up more recently. The culls I dumped in there were fine at the low PH etc so I would be amazed if that caused too much of a problem! If you now don''t have any shrimps in there maybe I would put the rock back into the tank so that can speed up the exhausting of the buffering substrate and it would probably be safer to wait until the substrate isn't buffering before buying any more shrimps as a precaution for a while?  Oh I see JayC beat me to it........ hopefully what you mean then is the forum ghost town and not the tank? Simon
    • jayc
      Not the best photo of the fish. Have you checked your water parameters?
    • jayc
      Yeah, there was an issue with SKFA forums or the servers its on for many hours. That would have been why no one was around to respond.   That rock was buffering the pH. Now that it's gone, the water is returning to it's normal pH range. Well normal but for the substrate buffering it lower. You can try adding a small piece of the rock back in - that's one quick option.
    • Crabclaw
      Hey guys, I noticed a couple of days ago that one of my female rocket killies has some sort of disease or injury on her side, and I have no experience with fish diseases at all, so can I get some help with working out what it is and what to do about it? One of my female endlers also has a little white line on the end of her tail, and I just noticed this as well. Please help me with identifying the problems and fixing them. Photos are here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/odz029e0/ Cheers, Crabclaw
    • Steensj2004
      Turned into a ghost town in here, lol.   PH is down to 5.9-6.0 for some reason. All I’ve changed is the Rock was removed and a few small almond leaves added. I know those can bring the PH down a hair. Any idea what might be causing the issue? I was planning on keeping Some Jade Neos, I don’t know that they would like 5.9-6.0 very well. Thoughts?   I’m struggling here and I don’t know wtf to do. I’d love is someone could help me out here.