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More of my Lovelies


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Last night much to my pleasant surprise 3 of my Riffles decided to show themselves off in relatively easy places to photograph them.

These three are most likely all ones I got from LIvefish, since the ones I bought home from Cairns are still small little guys that are impossible to find unless I dismantle the tank.







My riffles all seem to enjoy fry food/ powder which is good because it floats around and lets them wave their baskets around catching the fine food.

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Mines from Cairns are almost whitish with a brilliant stripe on the back. They are gorgeous and show all day long.

I'm happy with them.

You lucky guy: If you have the big ones, and the smaller ones (under 3 cms), you have couples. The males are said to be the ones under 3 cms. They transform into females as they grow...

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