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Overactive males when a berried females eggs hatch..


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So, I can tell when a female has had her eggs hatch, as the males all go into over-drive, swimming around like they're on crack; the females are not to be seen.

Does this happen to anyone else? It last's for about half a day...

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For me, that is typical behaviour when a female moults, All the males buzz around trying  to find her as she is receptive to mating at this point. Even my zebs do this. I thought something was wrong with the tank as all the shrimp were buzzing around everywhere. I found two berried shrimp a couple of days later. 

I haven't seen it happen when shrimplets have been dropped. 

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It hasn't happened in the past, and I've only noticed it since getting shrimp again about 4 months ago. Its a regular occurrence, I feel it may have something to do with the 10+ Ember Tetras I have in the tank. Maybe some kind of protective instinct?

I've never had fish in with shrimp, so it new to me.

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U will find although your tetras are small they may take a small nip at your shrimp

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Maybe the fish think its feeding time and start nipping at all the shrimp whenever new shrimplets hatch? 

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I've seen them nipping and I'm sure they've taken a few shrimplets as well! Lol

On another note. I've got a juvie some what  rili female from who's just saddled. Both parents are not rili's in any way.  I'll be separating her once berried

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