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Fishmosy's zebra shrimp biotope tank (Mark II)


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7 minutes ago, Benny said:

Does anyone know of anyone keeping them successfully? 

Do you know if they were wild caught or aquarium bred?

If they are wild caught, it will be as hard as everything you have read.


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My lfs stocks them regularly now, as well as typus shrimp (very expensive, but super low/rare stock so fair enough); I could see if I can use them to locate a hobbyist doing well?

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10 hours ago, jayc said:

Do you know if they were wild caught or aquarium bred?

If they are wild caught, it will be as hard as everything you have read.


I asked my supplier and he said his supplier would not let him know if they were wild or bred. 

when I did receive them 2 days ago, the water they were in had a tds of 275 and the ph was 6.0. The temp was 14c 

my tank is at ph 6.8 temp 20c and tds of 250. 
I asked my supplier and he said this is fine for them. However everything I’ve read tells me otherwise. 

tonight I filmed one of them eating an algae wafer I dropped in for a few small plecos I have in the tank. All the others are loving the drift wood and hair algae Eating the biofilm.  

They seam to be looking well at this point so fingers crossed I guess.

8 hours ago, Crabby said:

My lfs stocks them regularly now, as well as typus shrimp (very expensive, but super low/rare stock so fair enough); I could see if I can use them to locate a hobbyist doing well?

That would be amazing crabby. It’s so hard to find any info on them. 

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    • hihat
      By hihat
      I got some nice specimen from my mix-aquarium with TB's, pinto's, taitibees etc, etc, The first 2 photos (I think) must be a mix from a pinto zebra and a kingkong, The red one is probably a red tiger and the same father? I've got 2 of the  blacks and about 10 of the red ones, I have put them apart from the rest and see what the next genereation will be. Sorry for the quality of the photo's, they're just from my iPhone, the macrolens I ordered hasn't arrived yet :-(
      Greetings from the Netherlands

    • Joanne
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      Hi, does anyone have any information on Australian Zebra Shrimp? I got a free one in a fish order and don't know anything about their care or size or anything! ? It'd an awesome looking shrimp. I have popped her in with my cherry shrimp, hope that's ok?!
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      I came across this Japanese website that shows the biotope of Sulawesi shrimps.
      Thought you guys with Sulas would be interested. (Need Google translate to English).
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      Hi all, just looking into to doing an all Chameleon Shrimp only tank set up, I have a 27l tank which I had planned to do but decided against it, so now looking to perhaps do the same tank but with no plant life, except mosses, driftwood, just after some information for a I guess you could call a Chameleon Biotope tank.
      Substrate? Flora? Water Parameters? 
      The tank will be some time off from being started as I want to look into everything first.
      Mosses I have in mind are Native Weeping Moss, mini Pellia, any others I could perhaps consider?
      Driftwood will be a piece of Gold Vine.
    • Grubs
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      Not a very sophisticated tank - just 3 granite pebbles on a thin layer of inert sand.  Eucalypt leaves and sticks (aged in the bottom of a pond) with some Indian Almond and Mulberry added for variety.  ~ 30% rainwater changes 1-2x per week (water at room temperature from supply in fishroom).  Lighting is strong because the tank is sharing the light with some algae cultures = green rocks and side walls.  Tank is small 45cm tank (~20 litres) oriented end-on.  Just waiting to move some fish around and will upgrade them to a 40l tank.  Room temp is ~23C  GH<1 KH<1.
      The light is over the front part of the tank. most of the zebras hang out more on the filter sponges or under leaves during the day but always a few visible.  Seems to be more action at night.  I've noticed lots of activity when adding fresh rainwater - they really seem to like the current and fresh water. This is perhaps not surprising given they are found in flowing streams.
      There are a few juveniles that arrived as eggs on berried females - but no breeding evident  in this tank yet.

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    • jayc
      Keep doing this, and feeding it the medicated food. If the shrimp doesn't eat the food within a day, remove it and feed new medicated food again the next day.   You sir, are a good candidate for an RO filter. Your shrimp are not going to like the hard water in the long term.
    • alkemist
      The shrimp is in a separate container, but it's been in there for a week or so now. I see it picking off the air stone and the sides of the tub. There is shrimp poop in the container, so it is eating, just not the food I give it. I suck out the detritus and excess food every couple of days and do small water change daily. At first I used tank water, since I don't run R/O. I use a combination of hard tap water with a little water ran through my water softener (I know it's a bit taboo to do). I don't know an exactly how to re-mineralize it to keep the shrimp from going into shock if I used straight clean tap water. I am starting to slowly remove the water from the tub and mixing it with direct tap water with the water softener on by-pass, so hopefully it can acclimate to full clean tap water. With the shrimp feeding, should I try to remove all visible signs of food and fast it for a couple days and then try again?
    • jayc
      Is the shrimp still in the main tank? Or have you moved it into a separate container? There should be no biofilm in a new container, and it should be hungry to want to eat the medicated algae wafer. It won't go away without treatment. The bacteria is not just on the shell (carapace), so moulting won't get rid of the bacteria.
    • alkemist
      I've tried to feed the shrimp food soaked in the oregano oil mixture (1 drop of oregano and 5 ml of water since it's 86% carvacrol). The shrimp seems to hate the taste of any food I put in there with the mixture. It goes off and tries to feed on anything but the medicated food. I don't have any other food in the tub and took all the floaters out but seems to be feeding on naturally growing biofilm now.. I'm not sure if I am seeing any results. Should the reddish brown spots go away on it's own or does the shrimp have to molt it off? I've noticed it's been scratching itself a lot.
    • alkemist
      Ok, thanks. I'll do that. Yes, I have the tub lightly aerated.
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