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Cycling A Tank / Nitrogen Cycle

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I'd personally cycle the tank with the pH level suitable for the inhabitants that will be going into it.

I think it's better to stabilize and adjust the water parameters you want for your aquarium during the cycle period.

Sure it may increase the cycle slightly longer but it will make transition for livestock much simpler.

If you cycle at a 7.0 pH and then want to adjust to a 6.5 pH then you would either have to very slowly lower the pH which would alter other parameters.

Or lower it quickly which would also alter other parameters and upset the bacteria you're trying to cultivate during the cycle.

The key to a successful cycle is simply


Give it time, relax, don't rush it, and do it all right the first time.

Remember, when cycling a tank you're trying to introduce and multiply bacteria which is a living source.

Just like all livestock they also don't enjoy sudden changes in conditions.

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Hi Triggs great to see you back, patience has certainly been the key with my tank and the shrimp are doing extremely well.

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i just found this sticky and I had been reading about bacteria and im led to believe that nitrosomonas and nitrobacter are endemic to soil and not water and research had found that the typical quickcycle products ie stresszyme (I certainly found it to be useless) die off in the tank. research found it is bio-spira which are the bacteria which colonise our tanks and not nitrosomonas and nitrobacter? perhaps thread should be updated?

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Still reading and learning, keep up the good work Rev. I believe that the bacteria that perform nitrogen cycling in our tanks are still species of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. They're probably different species to those in soils, marine environments and other very divergent habitats but still members of the same group. 


The only "cycling" product that I suspect could contain real nitrifying bacteria is from Australia's own Aquasonic. However I don't know for sure and haven't used it or any other similar thing for years. Generally they contain other strains of bacteria (Bacillus etc) that need constant replacement hence the label recommendations to add weekly or at every water change. "Cycle" claims to contain nitrosomonas and nitrobacter strains, perhaps it does. It also claims to contain heterotrophic bacteria such as Bacillus mentioned above. 


I think that Instant Ocean's "Bio Spira" and Tetra's "Safe Start" are the same product in different bottles and while you do see positive reviews of both, I've never read a believable account (from a trustworthy source) of their cycling a tank "instantly", or even any quicker than is possible without them. It seems likely that all such products on the market are virtually (or completely) identical. 

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry to hear that putting your shrimps with the betta didn't go well. My first betta couldn't have shrimps either as he would go after them. My current betta is ok though, he gets very close and watches them but nothing else? It would be best to have a filter if you can get one small enough, and if it is adjustable have it on low flow because it is a small tank, the shrimps are fine in flowing slow water,! Are you planning to keep them in this tank long-term or is this tank temporary until you decide where to go next with them? It is possible that some may die from injuries/stress/shock etc, but hopefully they will be ok. Simon
    • FancyBubbles
      On Saturday I wanted 8 ghost shrimp for my betta (he's in a 12 gallon). Mostly for extra cleaner, while also expecting the my betta trying to eat them. After one night, he ate out the eyeballs of 3 shrimp while the remaining 5 seemed to be attacked but not too damaging. Currently they're in a 2.5 gallon tank, no filter, gravel as substrate, 1 moss ball, 2 plastic plants, and a small castle for hiding. For food I put one algae wafer (in tank right now) and plan to put pieces of lettuce or cucumber after a couple of days. My question is, do ghost shrimp need filter? I currently have 5 of them in the 2.5 gallon tank. If they do I'm planning on to get a certain sponge filter that's safe for shrimp and small enough to not cause too much current.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Although losing the last killie must have been upsetting, it does now give you a clean working space for getting the parameters sorted and then you can look forward to getting some replacement killie - I love killie, even more than Betta but it is a bit too involved for me so I have avoided it so far! If your guppies are anything like mine (endlers), fin and tail marks will happen a lot and clear up almost as quickly, they are far too curious/nosey and go into every gap, under moss pads, squeeze behind the filters etc and so mine I have put down to them having just gone somewhere that they have got a small tear or caught on something - behind a filter or too close to a mesh pad etc? Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for the heads up! I left the tank a month without shrimps even though they 'say' you can safely use  with shrimps immediately. I'm not all that happy with it in all honesty, I would use the JBL pro scape again in future as it just isn't going as well this time and although the plants are showing a bit of growth it all looks a bit drab and brown compared to Bertie (the betta) tank which is so lush and green and gets WOW from most visitors. The JBL required 50% water changes twice a week for the first 2 weeks but that extra work was well worth it for the better end result! Simon
    • Crabclaw
      Thx blue ridge for the advice, currently my problem is with the tds and hardness of the tank. The endler guppy no longer has a problem with her tail, and sadly the rocket killie has passed away. All of the other fish look fine, and I think the reason my killies have had it tough is due to the hardness being way too much for them. As there doesn’t seem to be a disease with them, my main focus is to get the hardness down before I lose my last 2 😢.