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Anyone keeping Discus?


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I have always loved Discus but always been apprehensive in terms of their high requirements.

Is anyone here keeping them and breeding them ?

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I have some at the moment. Lots of girls but one pair that are learning to be good parents. Second set of wriggles hatched today!

They're not that difficult to keep! IMHO

But I am now trying to understand how to raise young away from parents!

They are some beautiful patterns and their personalities are amazing!! Very smart fish!

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Got any photos? When you get a chance would you mind explaining your filtration and maintenance setup/routine :)


I have always wanted them and about a year ago i was at le aquatic and they had theirs in a bare bottom tank with lotssssssssssssss of anubias on driftwood and i loved the simplicity of their setup.

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I will have to get some pics later today. They are in three different tanks at present.

Two tanks are just running on HOB filters with sponge on inlet. The main tank is run with an eheim 2213. Generally I keep mine at a temp around 30, but will be lowering this as my main tank is due for a reset and a major planting next week. Have BBa inthere, so major strip down.

My tanks are a little low ph wise at 6.5, but they have been doing well for the last few years.

I had three girls by themselves for around two years, and recently bought another two who have since decided to pair off. There was some territorial fighting once new ones were added, so I have separated everyone until new tank is up and running. Then reintroduce.

I do around 15% wc weekly, but do it slowly so no shock due to temp change. Occasional black water extract added, and a water conditioner. I use tank water so no dechlorinator necessary.

I feed daily on sera discus granule, occasional beef heart and bloodworm. Once a month I fast them for two days.

Like most aquatic creatures, the main things is having stable tank parameters.

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What do you use to maintain your ph level and how big are the tanks ? From what i read they make it out that they are so hard to keep

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My rainwater sits at around 6.5. I also have some shrimp stratum as a substrate in the main tank. The backup two tanks being used have half bags of benibachi and half neutral sand. All three tanks are 24x18x18.

Better to have a taller tank where you can. Ideally 50l per fish as adults.

Once I get tired of my oscars, my discus may inherit the four footer!! Again, the bigger the volume the more stable the water!

I thought they were hard to keep initially but if you keep up with water quality and changes they will be fine!

My mistake is I bought a few sad looking ones as rescues, they have survived but not the best colours now as adults.

My breeding pair is blue diamond male and red Turq female.

Best parameters closer to neutral and around 30 degrees where possible. This is tricky if you want planted tank though!!

Sounds like Oz has a New Years project!!

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Lol i am stuck in this place for another 13 months so no new projects for me unfortunately and then i will be renting again so another delay.

Maybe when i buy a house some day i will have some, we already plan for an area for my shrimp when buying lol so thats a plus.

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Yes, I kept Discus and occasionally raised a batch of discus fry now and again...

Not hard to keep, if you prep to provide consistent water source and frequent water changes...

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