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Shrimpy Daddy

Thanks. ^^

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    • supermansteve32
      Okay so I haven't done a water change in weeks because I thought the TDS needed to get closer to 150 before changing and my TDS meter continually kept reading 108 to 114. Sho I went and bought a new TDS meter and it's different from my old one.  The new one vs my old one: my water in tank 147 vs 103, water using the correct salty shrimp mix to RO water 88 vs 66. So I'm going with the reading on my new TDS meter.  So it's time for a water change.  Should I replace the water with the 88 TDS or put some more mix in until it's above 100 (since CRS parameters should be 100-200)? Thanks again everyone
    • CurleyJones321
      i had a significant drop in PH as well, so i think thats accurate. I havent however checked my readings yet and will do that later today but i have NEVER had Amonia (NH4) readings in either of my tanks. my Prawn is also growing fur and my tank is growing a healthy layer of biofilm that i want to clean off but think is a bad idea? I think adding the items from the other tank have helped things along with regards to the Biofilm. I've just done my normal maintenance except on the large tank as the TDS kept creeping up to 265 so i did several extra water changes at 0TDS to get the tank down down to 230 and added BB.
    • Felenah
      Thank you both so much!  I have struggled.  I will change out the substrate.  Thank you again!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I tested the tank yesterday and TDS 178, GH7, KH1, no ammonia or nitrite and nitrate 25 still (daily). I will keep doing the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate daily for now and I have got 8L (one third tank) of new water to replace on thursday, this in theory will get the TDS to about 125, GH about 5 so those should be about perfect for a start! The Ph was 5 and this makes me a bit sceptical it was the 6 I got last week!  I haven't had this nitrates problem (reading) before but I am hoping that may correct itself when the plants are a bit more settled. There also hasn't been any ammonia readings yet and I think I will just remove the cooked shrimps (it's growing fur) if there isn't any reading by tuesday??? Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Good to hear you have got this sorted out! They are cheap to buy and I have one that does temperature as well, like you. Usually 'I believe' if they are inaccurate it may be that one of the prongs may be bent and so you may be able to bend the one which isn't straight to be straight but as you have a few I would just discard the one that is wrong! Simon