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Baby Taiwan Bees (finally!)


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After some initial problems with my setup and a couple of losses of expensive Taiwan Bees, I have some baby shrimp to show for it all. These are probably from Mischling to Mischling crosses - I do have some male Taiwan bees in the tank again now, but have not gotten around to removing the male mischlings yet. 


I've read about blue eggs from Mischlings delivering Taiwan babies, but I can't comment on the egg colour personally. What I can say is the bluish colour of the babies is really obvious, when they're small at least. The black and the white areas are both tinted blue - I've attached some pics to illustrate. Sorry for the very poor quality - in some cases I was shooting through nearly 18" of water and nearly always on an angle to the front glass. My camera/lens combo doesn't cope well at all in those conditions. The shots are all heavily cropped too, which doesn't help either. 


Baby KK:






Another KK:



A couple of CBS types from the Mischlings - note the lack of blue compared to the others



Another KK baby:



and another Panda: 



There's quite a few of these little Taiwans, so now the fun should really begin for me. Of course I'm hoping to get away from Mischling based lines and start breeding Taiwans to each other, at which point I'll be looking to supplement my stock with more sourced from the legends of Aussie shrimp keeping here at SKF.

Please, wish me luck on my journey! 



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Congrats! It's always good to see the shrimplets roaming around!

Great work!

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Thanks guys! Pretty soon after my first post I was able to quickly get a couple of better shots of one of the baby KKs. They're visibly grown and becoming more adventurous now, so if I took some time out to sit in there with the camera I'd probably get plenty of chances with baby shrimp near the front glass. 


A young adult Panda with 2 babies:



and a close up:



Hope you like them, cheers!

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Very nice.


Love seeing pictures of other members shrimp :D

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    • jayc
      Keep doing this, and feeding it the medicated food. If the shrimp doesn't eat the food within a day, remove it and feed new medicated food again the next day.   You sir, are a good candidate for an RO filter. Your shrimp are not going to like the hard water in the long term.
    • alkemist
      The shrimp is in a separate container, but it's been in there for a week or so now. I see it picking off the air stone and the sides of the tub. There is shrimp poop in the container, so it is eating, just not the food I give it. I suck out the detritus and excess food every couple of days and do small water change daily. At first I used tank water, since I don't run R/O. I use a combination of hard tap water with a little water ran through my water softener (I know it's a bit taboo to do). I don't know an exactly how to re-mineralize it to keep the shrimp from going into shock if I used straight clean tap water. I am starting to slowly remove the water from the tub and mixing it with direct tap water with the water softener on by-pass, so hopefully it can acclimate to full clean tap water. With the shrimp feeding, should I try to remove all visible signs of food and fast it for a couple days and then try again?
    • jayc
      Is the shrimp still in the main tank? Or have you moved it into a separate container? There should be no biofilm in a new container, and it should be hungry to want to eat the medicated algae wafer. It won't go away without treatment. The bacteria is not just on the shell (carapace), so moulting won't get rid of the bacteria.
    • alkemist
      I've tried to feed the shrimp food soaked in the oregano oil mixture (1 drop of oregano and 5 ml of water since it's 86% carvacrol). The shrimp seems to hate the taste of any food I put in there with the mixture. It goes off and tries to feed on anything but the medicated food. I don't have any other food in the tub and took all the floaters out but seems to be feeding on naturally growing biofilm now.. I'm not sure if I am seeing any results. Should the reddish brown spots go away on it's own or does the shrimp have to molt it off? I've noticed it's been scratching itself a lot.
    • alkemist
      Ok, thanks. I'll do that. Yes, I have the tub lightly aerated.
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