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Cycle a Brackish shrimp tank for Opea ula shrimp?

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Hey Guys and Girls,


Im pretty new to the forum and would like some advice if anyone has any? or links to some (i don't mind lengthly reads). I am going to be setting up a Opea ula brackish shrimp only tank, now this isnt my 1st tank as i already have 2 freshwater tanks but from what i have read i cannot seed the brackish tank with media from my other fresh water tanks as this would kill the bacteria? if im mistaken let me know!


How would i go about cycling the brackish tank after i have it at the correct salinity and specific gravity? I will not be using a heater and as im the UK the tank wont be getting very warm from my home, i will be using a sponge air driven filter. Ive also seen 'Biospira' used to start a cycle in salt water tanks setups, if anyone has heard of it?


Also what water should i start the cycle off with.. Ro water or distilled water to be mixed with the salt? do i need to use anything to buffer the PH to stop it becoming acidic and has anyone used live rock in their opea ula tanks?


thanks for any helps and ideas.


- mech

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Hey Guys and Girls,


Im pretty new to the forum and would like some advice if anyone has any? or links to some (i don't mind lengthly reads). I am going to be setting up a Opea ula brackish shrimp only tank, 


Hi Mech,


Lucky you! Wish we could get Opea Ula in Aus. 

We never get the good shrimps for our hobby here. 

For those on SKf that don't know what an Opea Ula is, here is an intro 





 read i cannot seed the brackish tank with media from my other fresh water tanks as this would kill the bacteria? if im mistaken let me know!


Partially true. If you add your matured filter media into a tank that is already brackish, then you could shock the Beneficial Bacteria and may kill 'most' if not all at least a good majority of it.


Since you don't have any shrimp or fish yet, you could start the tank out as a freshwater tank with the mature filter, and slowly convert the tank into brackish water. You do this by adding salt weekly to increase it to the desired SG levels. Opea Ula will be satisfied at the lower SG levels.


Alternatively, you can look at setting up the tank as brackish immediately, and using Prodibio Biodigest marine to kick start your tank with beneficial bacterial. Prodibio is a much better product than Instant Ocean's Biospira. 

You can potentially have a cycled tank in less than a week. Make sure you have your test kits ready to test for Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates.


You can use either RO or Distilled to mix with the salt. It won't matter.


You can use the regular marine tank shell grit or aragonite to buffer the pH to around 7.5 - 8.5.


Don't know why you'd think that not using a heater is a good idea.

Bacteria will multiply faster when the temperature is warm. Turn the heat up! till about 26-27 Deg C. Give the bacteria a warm place to colonise and multiply - your cycling time will be reduced by weeks. Once the tank is cycled, you can turn the heat back down to suit the Opea Ula's needs, although they seem to be able to tolerate wide ranges in temp (16deg C to 30deg C).


Oh, one more thing. Be patient with the cycling if you take the route of using your old filter media. 


Lastly, PICTURES when you have set the tank up with Opea Ula.

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Thanks for the information, I will be buying the tank next week after the filter turns up so I can get a rough idea of the height of it etc, I'm aiming for around 70 litres and somthing with as bigger foot print possible. As they can live for over 10 years and breed fast when established I will maybe start with 20 shrimp. I will start a build thread but I warn you it will be slow moving.. I want to take my time with this project :)

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      As you say it may just be the light that makes them look a bit black, the ones I thought I saw were all on the sponges which are black. Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I'm pretty sure all the different colours of neocaridina shrimp are easy to care for! The only problem with mixing colours is them cross breeding which will speed up the reverting to wild or brown shrimps if they do cross breed. I say speed up as in my oldest tank I got a group of red  cherries 5 years ago and never had any others and they are mainly brown (75%) now. I have a densely planted tank and have been very lazy so have not removed/culled any browns ones over the years so at this point it would be very difficult to correct this without emptying the tank and starting again!!! Best to keep on top of it as you go. I would start off with just the one colour and get some experience with those first and come back to other/mixing colours a bit further down the line? With just 5 shrimps to start with you shouldn't need any food so see how it goes with them for a while before buying any. There will be more than enough biofilm in the tank for so few shrimps. If it all takes off and goes well then the 'complete' I would think should be sufficient when you have lots of shrimps though you should feed less than they recommend always? You can also use blanched ORGANIC peas and spinach and other plants etc which you can find out about on here? If you are going to use the CO2 then you will certainly have more luck with the lesser the CO2 I'm sure! If you can leave the CO2 off for a few weeks, that is what I would do, as you will then know whether the plants even need it AND it will be one less thing to eliminate IF you do start having problems with the shrimps? Good luck with getting the shrimps this weekend, drip acclimate for a couple of hours and ending up with at least 3 times as much tank water to the quantity of water they came in when you start off (or more). Don't panic if you lose the odd one in the first few weeks either, I always expect that to happen as they have been through a lot, breeder to shop and then shop to your tank etc and are more fragile than fish. Simon
    • jayc
      Thank goodness. You don't want to mix PRL with CBS. It's so hard getting Pure Red Lines as it is.  Keep up the good work.
    • DEL 707
      Thanks again. Going to do a big water change tomorrow then see how I go. Shrimp wise, there is a maidenhead aquatics near me that sell neocardina, so I was just going to use them to get 5 or so, to quite litterally test the waters. I've ordered a drip kit to help with acclimitising, I'm also going to turn the CO2 off, then slowly turn it on after a day or 2, to see how they do. When it comes to neocardina, is their care the same across the board, or are certain "colours" harder to care for? Would love a mix or reds and blues. Also food wise, what do you recommend? I was just looking at Shrimp King Complete.  
    • DNTM_Shrimp_Breeders
      Yes, I can confirm that rock / pebble rock / gravel will cause the pH to raise over time.  My RODI water comes out as around 6.8 according to my pH meter.  And I did follow the manufacturer's suggestion to wait 5-6 minutes when measuring RODI water because of the low ion.  After adding it to the tank, the pH becomes 7.2 -> 7.4.  The highest that I've recorded in my journal is 7.6 but it never goes higher than that. Here is my shrimp's diet: On M-W-F, I feed Bacter AE + Shrimp Baby.  On T-TH-S, I feed Shrimp Dinner. And on Sunday, I feed Shrimp King Protein to increase shrimp production.  Water change is once a month because I have a ton of floating plants to keep Nitrate low. @sdlTBfanUK It's probably because of the low quality image so it makes some of the PRL babies' color turn black 😁 But there are no CBS at all in this shrimp tank
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