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    • Chandy
      By Chandy
      Hello Fellow ShrimpKeepers! 
      I started a planted tank approximately two weeks ago and the tank was cycled as of yesterday. I decided that I would have a crack at Red Cherry Shrimps as my clean-up crew. They're such delicate and peaceful creatures, I just knew I had to have some. 
      I plan to keep some shrimp specific shrimp tanks later on, but for now I'll be growing this tank out. My tank currently has 4 glowlight tetras in there, which I made the mistake of buying because I couldn't tell the difference between them and glowlight (hengeli) rasboras... I looked for the word glowlight at my LFS and said yup, they're the ones. My second mistake was putting RCS in without knowing that glowlight would absolutely dominate my RCS. 
      I put 3 males and 3 female RCS into the tank, one female was obliterated within a minute, another male injured and 4 others being bullied. 
      I hope to trade away my glowlight tetras in due course, but am looking for a source for more RCS. They cost me a pretty dollar each which I thought was a bit steep considering they can be pests at times. I'm located in Sydney, Australia, so please let me know if you've got some RCS you're willing to let go. 
      On another note, does anyone know how hengeli rasboras will treat RCS? Otherwise, I may have to give them up and go with something like Darwin Algae Shrimp or Ghost Shrimp.
      Without further ado, I thought I'd share a photo of my tank:
      1. The setup:

      2. Filling the tank up:

      3. The plants growing out: 

      If you're interested, please check out my Tank Journal at the following link: 
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    • Blazepelt
      Quick update: Definitely one saddled shrimp possibly 2. 3 Moults. And lots of activity! Here’s more pics.  
    • clippergear
      @Blazepelt  thanks for the advice of just spreading the powder on the surface of the tank for the babies. I hadn't thought of using it that way. @jayc  thanks for the recipe. It's probably very similar to anything Repashy would have but is more nutritious like you said. I know it's way cheaper to make my own!! Thanks for the link to the recipe. I've checked it out and it seems straight forward with readily available ingredients!! I've already located the super greens and the agar agar. I'm assuming I could add some other minerals and stuff to the recipe as well, which I like to do.
    • jayc
      @clippergear, make your own ! I have a recipe somewhere on this forum. It's more nutritious than repashy since they have to keep costs down.  Oh yeah ... found the link. https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/8429-new-food-type-for-shrimp-shrimp-kandy-feast/  
    • Blazepelt
      Hi clippergear, I don’t speak from experience but I hear shrimp adore repashy gel. Which is just repashy powder mixed with water and boiled. It comes out as a jelly. I have never heard of a shrimp that doesn’t like it. Most shrimp even love the straight powder form. It’s especially beneficial to shrimplets as the powder will float all over the tank.    -B
    • clippergear
      When I kept shrimp a while ago I fed them the Repashy Shrimp Souffle and they absolutely loved it. It was an easy product to make and I liked it a lot. I'm getting back into keeping shrimp and found out that Repashy no longer makes the Shrimp Souffle. I was wondering if anyone feeds their shrimp Repashy and if so what kind or kinds?
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