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New Library Article - Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) Profile


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Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi

Origin: Taiwan

Max size: 2.5 cm

Lifespan: 1-2 years

PH: 6.5 - 8.0

Temperature: 18 - 28°C, Recommended 23°C


Cherry Shrimps are peaceful shrimp which are easy to care for if they have clean and stable water conditions. They are good tank cleaners and will eat algae off your tanks which make them very useful! Cherry Shrimps should be kept alone or with small fishes that are non-predatorial as big fishes would eat them, For Example Neons. They also should not be kept with other variants of cherry shrimp or else they will interbreed, and their offsprings will not be of good quality. However, they can live with other species of shrimp, like the Crystal Red Shrimp, as they are of different species, and there will not breed together.

Food and Diet

Cherry Shrimps will need a balanced diet containing of protein and minerals. They should be fed vegetables, either raw or blanched in boiling water for a few seconds, high-protein and calcium foods, and special shrimp foods which are designed for shrimps. They will also eat algae as a source of food. Cherry shrimps, like all other shrimps should not be fed foods which contain high in copper, as copper can kill shrimps.

Hikari Shrimp Cuisine:

Posted Image

Shrimps eating banana:

Posted Image


Sexing of the cherry shrimp may not be determined until they are nearly old enough to breed. Females are bigger, will have a darker colour, a wider abdomen and will grow a saddle behind her head when she is ready to breed. Males are mainly smaller and less colourful and of course will not grow a saddle.


Posted Image


Posted Image


Breeding cherry shrimp is very easy. As long as the water parameters are stable, and there are both males and females which are ready to breed in the tank. Once the female grows a saddle, the female will release hormones into the tank which will attract males. A male will eventually mate with her and she will have eggs to carry, (also known as being berried). After 3+ weeks, baby shrimp, also known as shrimplets, will appear in the tank as tiny replicas of their parents. A sponge will be needed to cover the intake of the filter so that baby shrimp will not get sucked in, this also provides a good source of bacteria for shrimps to eat.

Berried Shrimp:

Posted Image

Sponge over filter:

Posted Image

Dangers and Extra Notes

  • Can be killed by copper, like any other shrimp.
  • Juveniles may/will be killed by Pest and Parasites if not treated (A thread can be found in the SKF Library by Dean)
  • Can be killed by overdose, such as an overdose of “no-planaria†Which is used to kill Planaria.
  • Juveniles can be killed by the filter suction.
  • It is important to acclimatise shrimps properly, when shrimps are moving from one tank to another
  • You should always have some moss for your shrimps, as it provides food
  • You should change/top up about 10-20% of the water fortnightly.
  • Filter maintenance should be done around twice a year
  • Shrimp love live plants, also they will look nice in your tank
  • If keeping two species in the same tank, make sure BOTH species satisfy the conditions.
  • Have a few places for the shrimps to hide

There are many colourations of the cherry shrimp which are kept in Australia.

(For Pictures please refer to the SKF library Cherry Shrimp ID by Nogi)

  • Var. Red
  • Var. Sunkist
  • Var. Pumpkin
  • Var. Chocolate(Delight)
  • Var. Black
  • Var. Yellow
  • Var. Blue

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    • beanbag
      I don't know if bacteria is the cause.  It seems to be an uncommonly diagnosed problem because most shrimp articles only talk about bacteria infection as "a few shrimp die every day / week"  What can I say, a standard dose of minocycline and erythromycin didn't work to stop it, so not sure if oxytetracycline will work.
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      Ah yes. That was the injectable form of oxytetracycline. Each mL of the injectable form contains: 100 mg oxytetracycline HCl, 5.75% w/v magnesium chloride , 6 H2O, 17% v/v water for injection, 1.3% w/v sodium formaldehyde Sulfoxylate as a preservative and q.s. with propylene glycol. Basically, it has additional compositions in it. 1000mg might have been the dose recommended for the injectable oxytetracycline, but if you have the powder form then follow the dosing rates as recommended on your bottle. Hope that clears it up a bit.     As for doxycycline and it's use to treat short antenna ... I cannot comment on whether it will be more effective than oxytetracycline or not. But if you do use it, only try one at a time. Is bacteria even been proven to be the cause of "short antenna disease"?
    • beanbag
      14 April 2015 -  Update based on experiences of one of our SKF members. Unfortunately for this shrimpkeeper it was too late to save these shrimps, but hopefully this experience will help someone else. 250+ shrimp were lost before the bacterial infection was halted.   A vet was consulted and he eventually ended up contacting a senior lecturer of aquatic animal health at University of Adelaide school of veterinary science. He stated that bacterial infections being internal or external are almost always gram negative in aquatics and recommended using oxytetracycline at a dose rate of 1000-2000mg per 40ltr of water.   Dosing method: Oxytetracycline is available in 2 forms. Powder and injectable. The injectable form was used as it is a stronger form. This meant that we could use less to obtain the required dosage.   Dosed straight into the water column at 1000mg per 40ltr of water.
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      What?! Can you point me to where you saw that please?   If in doubt, Always follow the directions on the bottle.
    • beanbag
      What is the recommended dosing for oxytetracycline?  The sticky thread has a mention of " 1000mg per 40ltr ", but I don't know if that refers to total amount of powder, or active ingredient percentage. I live in USA, where oxytetracycline is not as common, but I was able to obtain a bottle of powder.  On the bottle, it says [calculated out to] 75 mg / 10 gal, which is a wayyyy lower value.  Also, the manufacturer / distributor won't tell me the fraction of the power that is active ingredient vs filler. This is for a Taiwan Bee shrimp tank with pH 5.5 and Gh 5, in case that matters for the effectiveness of oxytet in these parameters. I also have doxycycline available if that is equivalent / better. It's to treat that "short antenna disease" in one of my tanks that seems to show up once every few months. I've already dosed with Maracyn 1 (erythromycin) and 2 (minocycline) and they didn't seem to work.
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