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I am changing my tanks so they all use Salty Shrimp GH+ instead of GH/KH for the Cherries, but the ones that need changing have had to have a complete water change meaning I have to catch out all the shrimp. I was happy with my Rili tank and picked out a few of the best to continue to breed with and put the rest in my community tank. The Blue Velvets are doing well and again kept a few of the best to keep breeding and intensifing the blue.

Today it was the Blue from Chocolate tank and with the substrate being so dark I haven't really been able to gauge how well they were doing. The babies coming through are showing a beautiful blue, a few looked like little blue sapphires as they coloured up while being caught. I am extremely pleased with the results - remembering that I lost my colony and these are from some "culls" I had in the community tank. I have caught everything out as I am getting some nice Reds in amongst the blue but don't want to breed them at this stage. I caught out the berried females and have put them in a satelite breeding box so I can keep a closer eye on the babies and also put the mums back into the community tank . I will now be breeding my blue babies together but have kept back 1 very nice deep blue male in the hope that he is the one giving me the blues. There were mainly juvie males in besides him so hopefully he is the right one.

I have decided to get some zeo lite /zeo chlor to add to the front half of some of my cherry tanks so I can keep a bit better handle on what is happening.

I have 8 heavily berried females from out of that tank so will be over run with them soon but some of the berries are looking very pale -it may be the baby blues but they look strange I haven't seen berried girls with this colour egg before but then it's been difficult to see them at all so now I can check out the babies in the breeding box and decide if there is something "new" happening. Will let you know what they are once they hatch.

In the mean time I have about 50 babies to put back into the breeding tank and about double that number went into the community tank .I also put a heap into the pond. It's a shame there aren't more breeders in Adelaide that may have wanted to take some on. Never mind the community tank should look great with little blue gems flashing in the water.

Once we get the computer sorted I will try and put up some photos of the babies if they show up on the camera.

I still have the Black/Chocolate tank to do in the next few days and again it's a bit hard to gauge their colour due to the substrate but they are growing into lovely big black shrimp like my original breeding colony was- all I can say is thank god for my community/cull tank as I was able to save the blood lines using shrimp from there. They look very promising so fingers crossed.

I need to do my Yellow tank but have finally got a berried girl and don't want to disturb her so that tank will have to wait. I am only keeping 5 tanks for Cherries now and may cut back to 4 as I decide whether to continue with the Rilis. Although now I have cut back on numbers of breeding pairs I COULD put some Crystals etc in with the Cherries:blowkiss:

I need more tanks for the "MONGRELS" :happydance::happydance::happydance::beer:

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    • Steensj2004
      @jayc or anyone else, could you please go over how to dose this oregano oil in water, just to make sure I don’t nuke my tank. I only have my tiny HOB and dual sponge filter. Oil will be here tomorrow and I’m nervous about killing my tank. Filter media will be moved to a 1.5 gallon  tall container( beverage type container thAts tall and deep), with the sponge filter. I’ll leave the HOB without ceramic media etc for flow during treatment. I will be taking a gallon of  tank water out for the container my filter media and sponge will be running in for a few days, before dosing.    I places a blanched cucumber in tonight, they swarmed it for the first time, ever. Looking at the shells on some of them, it’s 100% bacterial( external as well as possibly internal). I don’t know why. I thought my water was in good shape..... I’m terrified of something going wrong. Hopefully I can get it all together, and this is successful.... also, than you all for the help. It’s greatly appreciated.
    • Steensj2004
      Shrimp on the oregano leaves! I don’t know, however, if they can get anything off them. I blanched in boiling water for 30-45 seconds, but they weren’t that soft.....
    • Steensj2004
      Um, because I’m all over the place I thought it pertinent to mention I’ve slowly lowered my GH to 5-6 over the last week and a half, or so. Slowly, but these shell issues existed long before adjusting the water parameters. I suppose it’s possible this could have finished off the injured shrimp, however, the parameters are, from what I can gather, a little more superior at this time. The GH was lowered by monitoring my TDS drop closely. I dropped the TDS by around 2 points daily. At this point, I’m sitting at:   PH: 6.2 GH:5-6( during testing, the color teeters between 5-6 drops for a change) KH:0 TDS:140 Temp: 72f   So, now that I’ve completely sworn off of fertilizers, I haven’t seen any increase or decrease in TDS / GH without my own manipulation. Second and third generation of shrimplettes are doing well, and aren’t showing any signs of discoloration. Another mama likely soon to drop as her eggs have easily visible eyes.   
    • Steensj2004
      I apologize for being unclear. I had ordered one before asking more specific questions. So I simply located a different one and order that( the one you green lighted), while also canceling the less desirable one. Also, the one you told me to buy, was considerably cheaper, while retaining the same no additive ingredient list.   No signs that the oregano leaves were touched this AM, but, there were multiple shrimp surrounding them, while several were perched on them. I’m not sure how much they need to ingest to really help, but hopefully the sampled a little bit overnight. Now, my problem is locating a food that they will attack, to place into the tank. Would it be possible to mix some BacterAE/ Shrimp Fit powder into oregano oil water? They seem to feed on that when it’s added to the tank.... otherwise, I’ll use some rephasy, newt made, with oregano oil water added.... or something similar. 
    • Steensj2004
      In relation to the PH, what is too low? Because several people in other groups act shocked at my PH at 6.1-6.2. The substrate is ADA and has always buffered to that range. Even the Fluval Stratum I used in the smaller 5 gallon buffered similarly.
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