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Hermit Crabs compatibility?


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I got 2 hermit crabs for my daughters (they named them "Nip Nip" and "Tinker" lol) over the weekend and we have become quite fond of them. I have setup there tank and after doing a little research I am planing on turning it into a fully planted terrarium with a planted back wall, carpet of Riccia fluitans and a wading pool. My question is are any other crabs able to be housed with hermit crabs? The ones I had in mind are from far north QLD (I believe hermit crabs are also) such as the ones Northboy keeps?

Any help/opinions will be appreciated.

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I do indeed. Its nothing to fancy atm, they were an impulse buy at the pet shop when I was picking up some Siamese algae eaters and the tank was a bit of a rush job. None the less here it is:


The one at the front is Tinker and the other is Nip Nip.

The tank will look a lot more like this once I am finished with it though! -


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