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Multi Colour cherry marimo nano tank!!! :D

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So after I got some left over off cuts of marimo balls from a very good friend, I got this silly crazy idea to create….a multi coloured cherry shrimp Marimo ball NANO display TANK!!!

I don’t know why but it was just a huge whim. The concept was to create a tank purely for all the female cherries(chocolate, Sunkist, rillis, and reds) that I would be unsure of in terms of quality and let them grow in a tank until I can decide for myself which specimens I would use for my breeding programmes. And yes this does mean I will be setting up a male tank later on too ;) Anyways so I just picked up the following

Nice lil tank. Forgot the dimensions so I will get it later

Totto undergravel filter that I had lying around. The aim was to use the water flow to hopefully roll the marimo balls around

Seachem matrix to put on top of the undergravel filter

Simple black gravel

Tank with gravel on the sides first


Close up


Putting seachem matrix filter material on top of the undergravel filters for better filtration


Topping the whole thing with black gravel


Rolling all the off cuts of marimo into balls and there you go!!!




And there you have it! Now we look for female cherries of all sorts! Stay tuned. :)

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Interesting set up mate. Especially interested to see how your marimos go.

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what a cool idea mate, let us all know if the marimo does become round in this and cant wait to see some shrimp pics :victorious:

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    • Matuva
      Hi there buddies wanted to show you pics of pipefishes I caught in the wild, Microphis brachyurus and Microphis cruentus. Unfortunately, I now exceed the limit quota of attachments on my profile. Will try to fix that issue ...
    • Crabclaw
      My vote is for Endlers. Mine are the most fascinating (from a fish lovers point of view here) and cute fish in my tank, but I reckon they would be perfect for you, as mine are constantly picking on stuff! They’re the only fish who eat my dreaded snail eggs (on the glass and other surfaces) which I love! Plus you don’t need heaps. Males are small if you just want them for this. And you will be able to get them anywhere.   I have a school of 20 embers in my tank, but I rarely see them hunting in any manner, much less on surfaces.
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      In case it helps I have looked up the figures of the 2 tanks with cherry shrimp in them and they are as follows, Main tank     PH7,, GH5, KH2, TDS 225 (mixed water) Betta tank  PH7.5, GH6, KH3, TDS 222 (tap water + mineraliser) They are fairly similar to each other but neither is really in the 'IDEAL' recommendation range of CHERRY shrimp ,so it confirms that cherry shrimp are more adaptable and can thrive even outside those 'IDEAL' parameters? I suppose neither are that far out but it just shows there is a bit less necessity to get everything 100%, though if you aim for perfect you will probably get better results all round? Simon
    • jayc
      Oh, if you are planning on keeping Cherry shrimp aim for 6-8GH as Simon said above.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Do you know what the water parameters are of this tank? Is the new male old enough to breed, assume it is as they only need to be 3 months I think but is that a possibility? Simon
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