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Multi Colour cherry marimo nano tank!!! :D

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So after I got some left over off cuts of marimo balls from a very good friend, I got this silly crazy idea to create….a multi coloured cherry shrimp Marimo ball NANO display TANK!!!

I don’t know why but it was just a huge whim. The concept was to create a tank purely for all the female cherries(chocolate, Sunkist, rillis, and reds) that I would be unsure of in terms of quality and let them grow in a tank until I can decide for myself which specimens I would use for my breeding programmes. And yes this does mean I will be setting up a male tank later on too ;) Anyways so I just picked up the following

Nice lil tank. Forgot the dimensions so I will get it later

Totto undergravel filter that I had lying around. The aim was to use the water flow to hopefully roll the marimo balls around

Seachem matrix to put on top of the undergravel filter

Simple black gravel

Tank with gravel on the sides first


Close up


Putting seachem matrix filter material on top of the undergravel filters for better filtration


Topping the whole thing with black gravel


Rolling all the off cuts of marimo into balls and there you go!!!




And there you have it! Now we look for female cherries of all sorts! Stay tuned. :)

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Interesting set up mate. Especially interested to see how your marimos go.

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what a cool idea mate, let us all know if the marimo does become round in this and cant wait to see some shrimp pics :victorious:

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      You're fine as you are, you want some KH! You can slowly reduce the TDS by topping up the tank with just RO water, it is ok at 252 but that is pretty much regarded as the upper level (150-250). From here in you don't need to do ALL the tests every time just use the TDS when preparing new water and I would aim for about 200-220 when mixing new water as that way you have quite a margin for inaccuracy as it will probably be difficult to get it spot on anyway with the powder GH/KH+. As you are using the salty shrimp mineraliser that means the GH will tie in with the TDS anyway. Probably do fortnightly set of tests for the first few months just so you can be sure all is well? I'll keep my fingers crossed it is all plain sailing now! Enjoy watching your new shrimps and snails. Simon  Edit - suddenly realised what I wrote! YOU SHOULD ALWAYS top up with RO water as evaporated water leaves everything in the tank water anyway. To get the TDS down you can mix the new water to TDS 200-220 when you do a water change, or even use just RO water for the water change if it is very small and dripped into the tank!
    • DEL 707
      Thanks. I've got them drip acclimatising at the moment, 5 shrimp and 2 nerrite snails. CO2 is turned off, will keep it off for a few days. My TDS is 253. With my soil, is it worth switching to Salty Shrimp GH+, or should I keep using the GH/KH+
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Fantastic news!!! They may slow down/stop breeding in winter remember but that's not something you need to worry about at the moment. I think most people leave at least the back (I leave back and both sides) alone, to grow algae/biofilm, the babies especially like that? If you don't like seeing the growth on the back glass then you can get some black background to put behind the tank, this will also show the shrimps off better, especially babies if they are on the back???? Also as the sponge is black and the filter is also black etc they won't be so visually obvious????  Always great to hear a success story so thanks for the update! Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      GO FOR IT! As I wrote earlier mine are kept in KH2 and KH3 and do fine so I would think yours will be as well but just stretch out the acclimating as a precaution. My KH3 I use KH elixir which I got from ProShrimp but that was for the betta - incidentally using the elixir also increases the TDS, but I would go get those shrimps and see how you go first before trying to complicate things as I think they should be fine, so see how they go and expect maybe 1 or 2 may die in the first couple of weeks (expect that and if they don't you will be happier). As you say the soil is probably softening the water and that will stop eventually, so over time it will probably increase slowly, but my shrimp have lived for 5 years in KH2! Do you know what the TDS figure is now? Simon
    • Lizzy
      A small update. I have more shrimplets than I can count and numerous berried females too, which is great. I can see shrimplets of all sizes too, which indicates they're surviving nicely. Super stoked to see the population finally taking off. I imagine switching to RO water has been partly, if not totally, responsible for the uprated breeding and shrimplet survival. The pH has slowly dropped to around 6.8 since I started using it instead of tapwater. I'd also give some of the credit to the warmer weather with the change of season, but I've been here before and never had more than a couple berried at any time, and never had large numbers of babies. I realised I hadn't put a tank photo up recently. I cleaned it out months ago to make it easier to see the shrimp. This tank is really ugly, but its practical and the shrimp like it. I even leave the algae build-up on the rear glass in case they get something out of it haha.  
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