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Multi Colour cherry marimo nano tank!!! :D

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So after I got some left over off cuts of marimo balls from a very good friend, I got this silly crazy idea to create….a multi coloured cherry shrimp Marimo ball NANO display TANK!!!

I don’t know why but it was just a huge whim. The concept was to create a tank purely for all the female cherries(chocolate, Sunkist, rillis, and reds) that I would be unsure of in terms of quality and let them grow in a tank until I can decide for myself which specimens I would use for my breeding programmes. And yes this does mean I will be setting up a male tank later on too ;) Anyways so I just picked up the following

Nice lil tank. Forgot the dimensions so I will get it later

Totto undergravel filter that I had lying around. The aim was to use the water flow to hopefully roll the marimo balls around

Seachem matrix to put on top of the undergravel filter

Simple black gravel

Tank with gravel on the sides first


Close up


Putting seachem matrix filter material on top of the undergravel filters for better filtration


Topping the whole thing with black gravel


Rolling all the off cuts of marimo into balls and there you go!!!




And there you have it! Now we look for female cherries of all sorts! Stay tuned. :)

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Interesting set up mate. Especially interested to see how your marimos go.

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what a cool idea mate, let us all know if the marimo does become round in this and cant wait to see some shrimp pics :victorious:

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    • kms
      It normal for.the heat to go back to the tank, the copper block is suppose to absorb the heat and take it hot water to the radiator with the fan to cool the heat, since the tube came off, the heat goes back to the block which is suppose to carry the cool water to the tank.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Usually temperatures in cellars are pretty constant (if it is underground)? I can confirm that even branded heaters can cook the shrimp (learnt that the hard way), it happened to me so a controller is a good idea. If you are that bothered about the temperature being the same and the cellar does fluctuate a lot you may also need a cooler, depending on where you are based?  Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Very sorry to hear about the tank overheating and wiping out your shrimps! Can you get a 2 plug adapter and have the heater and cooler plugged into that overheating safety device as extra security? I now what happened is probably just a freaky thing (who would expect a cooler to heat the water?) that probably won't happen again but you won't be happy with loosing the crabs???? Hopefully the shrimps will be ok with the micro crabs (beautiful red wine in the picture)? Most of the stringy algae has gone in my shrimp tank so I will do maintenance tomorrow, tests at the weekend and if all is ok I will order the (final) red shrimps next week. Thumbs up for perseverance! Simon
    • kms
      They were purchased after the incident, but I'm happy I found the crabs.😅
    • jayc
      I use cheap no name brand heaters now. I use them with my Inkbird temp controller, so I don't have to worry about the heater failing. ✌️
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