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    • Able
      And now for some reason I’m seeing 40-50 nitrate in my neo tank that is thriving except for 4 deaths yesterday doing water change now. I feed this tank that has 100 or so neos of various ages very small amount of bacter EA and a small amount of shrimp baby powder food from same mfg.  and in 2 feeding dishes I put one stick of either shrimp party or shrimp protein from company called shrimpy business. https://shrimpybusiness.com/products/protein-party-premium-shrimp-food   https://www.amazon.com/GlasGarten-Shrimp-Baby-Food/dp/B07D7YD7G2/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=shrimp+baby&qid=1607207962&sprefix=shrimp+baby&sr=8-3   small amount meaning enough to cover the handle end of the spoon that comes with the jar
    • Able
      Stillllllllllll losing 1-2 per day, they are crs   tds 130 temp 71.8 Ph 5.8-6 gh 4-5 kh 0-1 ammonia 0 nitrate 10-20 should i do a water change?      🤬 gonna lose it soon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Good luck with it and hopefully we will hear more along the way. Simon
    • Ludwiggg17
      Yeah all is well with my tanks. I will be using just the gravel because that's what I'm using in the 5 gal which I plan to upgrade. Yeah I've got a bucket i could put the shrimp in with some of their tank water. And as what jayc has said, I'll be drip acclimating the shrimps because there'll still be some differences from the old tank and the new tank. About the micro crabs, maybe you got something mixed up but I do indeed have some local crabs that I thought of keeping but I'm gonna keep that on the side for now because I plan to try to selectively breed my local Caridinas because some have outstanding looks that I'll try to develop, hence the upgrade.
    • jayc
      A 5gal into a 10gal is double the change in water.  You should drip acclimate. Even more so if it was a move to a 15 gal.   Simon makes some good points with temp differences.
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