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    • Steensj2004
      I am. I’ve looked at a few vendors. I ha w a buddy ordering from Aqua Huna in a few weeks, but I honestly don’t know if them import or tank breed. I know Flip tank breeds, he’s from my home state. I don’t know, but I have time to decide. I’m in no hurry.  Does the vendor you’re talking about sell only reds, or does he have other colors?
    • Blue Ridge
      I will consider it. I have an agreement with my wife that $100 a month each is our hobby allowance, and am behind on that by the tune of 6 months already at the moment. Patreon's and forum subscriptions count towards that so it may be a bit unless I sell some stuff (which is likely). I've owned a message board and been a moderator on several and understand server costs and the work that goes into these endeavors and particularly the difficulty of breaking even now that so many folks just use Reddit, FB, Instagram and so forth. It's a tough balance to give member perks to paid subscribers and not leave the nonpaying majority feeling like they can't enjoy the full forum. I admin'ed a corn snake forum where the owner decided to not allow nonpaying people have the ability to edit posts, and it resulted in a ton of members not sticking around -and the downfall of it being a popular place to post. I think to this day the most popular thread on that site is titled, "Show us you pets," and the site owner would not let me fix the typo. (insert roll eyes emoji) All of this to say that I understand restricting some privileges for non-paying folks, as well as the potential for free members not sticking around that it can have. For the time being, I will mark forums messages as spam to keep my phone from alerting me all day and hopefully kick a few bucks a month your way later on. I love international forums regarding our hobbies and the different approaches that seem to be regional and think these can enrich us all! Cheers, and thanks for the explanation. 
    • jayc
      I believe those settings are only enabled for paid subscribers.  Consider supporting the forum,  your knowledge and experience will be most welcome here.    Just checking that you are clicking the "Notification Settings" as per the image below right?
    • Blue Ridge
      I was wanting to change my settings so that I do not get an email alert every time there's a reply or reaction to a post. Is this something that is disabled for new members?
    • Blue Ridge
      You're in the US, no? There's a guy on another forum who breeds nice CRS and sells them for $1 each +actual shipping. Home bred, hardy and beautiful shrimp with lots of positive feedback. Not sure of rules regarding crossposting, so will hold off for now, but if rules allow I'll post a link. Or PM me when you are ready. He's had this colony for years, so no need to rush. I only mention this because most vendors sell imports for between $5-10 each.