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    • Steensj2004
      Oh, I do have some people/ friends wanting to buy, but I can’t with a clear conscience sell/trade until I’m sure they are 100% healthy. Also, I need to rebuild the population first. I don’t mind any color babies. I know I’ll get a broad mix, but I don’t care. I’m not looking for a pure line, anyway.    I have no plans to change the treatment regimen at this point, aka add any new treatments.     As far as the Galaxy Rasboras, it won’t HURT to get some. Yours might act differently than mine. And if the population is growing and you have good hiding places, you should be ok. It doesn’t take long for the babies to be too big for them to consume. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      It sounds to all be going in the right direction, thankfully! You can address the colour bias at a later date, you may be able to sell some on when everything settles down? Some of us would be happy to get any babies of any colour, I hate this having to wait out winter, but at least we are nearing spring? I am having to resist the urge to get some dwarf rasboras to go in that tank??? If you haven't tried the pig treatment I would definitely only do that is a separate hospital tank trying 1 shrimp only to start. I would just carry on with the oregano oil for a while and see how that goes as it appears to be going well at the moment? I would even carry on with the oil treatment for a few weeks after the shrimps look recovered just to be a bit surer it doesn't return. Simon
    • Steensj2004
      Ohhhhhh, ok. Paying for a premium account ASAP. I haven’t yet done the chemical(pig wormer) treatment as I’m scared of dosing anything into the tank but H202. No further loses, and everyone seems healthy. Two berried females( including the worst looking of the females, surprisingly), and lots of fresh moly’s going on. Babies are all still doing great too. I think I have around 15 currently. This is the first batch I’ve seen crystal blacks in. The ratio is definitely more heavily black crystals than I’d like..... oh well.    No more new infections to shrimp who didn’t already have the disease. Several have reverted 100% back to normal coloration, while other are improving, but as they were so far along it may just be taking longer to recover completely.    I’m considering making some of this Rephasy with added oregano oil. Adding oil in the same ratio as the diluted oregano oil, water mixture. Thoughts? Just another way to get them to eat the oil. They seem to be after added food more readily now.
    • nshin3023
      Nah i posted it on reddit 4 people were able to tell me it was a female, educate yourself then comment please Thank you so much! 🙂 i posted it on reddit also and I got much more clear of an answer there! 
    • kms
      I still have CRS, red wine, panda, red bolts and black/red galaxy Pinto in the same tank, including 3 crabs, I added another 3, but the larger ones pulled all it's legs off and died. I'm considering getting a another tank 25L, but first a new table or stand for the tank.
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