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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great news and long may it continue in the right direction? Time helps sort a lot of problems, algae etc! I believe the Caridina shrimp need to be about 6 months of age (some say less?) before they can breed but I don't know how you can tell the age. Again, give it time and it will naturally happen when they are ready? You have some babies, hopefully they are doing well still? Mine must be about 6 months old now but we are now entering winter here so I will probably have to wait longer. Bad timing........ Simon
    • Steensj2004
      Welp, no deaths yet at this point, fingers crossed 🤞. Algae is slowly dying, Turning pink/red, so that’s exciting! The tank is much more lovely now that there are more shrimp running around.   Also,is there a way to tell if females are at sexual maturity? 
    • Crabclaw
      Quick update - issue with Gerald was not from water params. Checked tonight and are the exact same as last week, very stable so far, so either he had an internal disease or parasite (wish I took a photo!) or he was killed by my apistos... 😢  Either way, I’m considering waiting maybe 2-3 more weeks to see if my apistogrammas will breed in the right conditions, and if they don’t I plan to remove them from the tank. This decision would be made for the continuing safety of my current fish and shrimp, and that of the future inhabitants of this tank. 
    • jayc
      Naww. Baby rams so cute! Great camera work Elkwatcher.
    • Elkwatcher
      I've tried numerous times starting with healthy green moss and ended up with mostly dingy brown green bunches.  It's just floating on it's own, tried lower light, lower temps, ferts not that it needs it as it can get it's nutrients from the fish poop.  I'll stick with Subwassertang and Christmas Moss for the shrimps to graze off of!    
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