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    • Lizzy
      Ironically, the babies don't seem to hang out on the back glass much. Its mostly the adults. The very new babies seem to LOVE the mini bolbitis. That's where I see most of them until they're big enough and start exploring the rest of the tank. I don't really care about it being ugly haha. I have the 30C to satisfy my need for a "nice" aquascape. Cheers jayc. I'll definitely keep you in mind when I decide to reduce shrimp numbers! I'll just wait a bit to see what colours and patterns I end up with. Just noticed you're in Sydney. I wonder if there are many other NSW CRS keepers on this forum?
    • Crabclaw
      It was a ‘black diamond quartz gravel’ from someone on gumtree, that turned grey... eww. I have about 4cm of it in the bottom of my 110 L. Forgot to mention, I’m fine to switch to sand or soil if u think that would be better. (Maybe from my bn’s point of view). I’ll check those two out. Thanks jayc!
    • Photo fish
      I have figured out how to use the conversion chart. It gives the mg level once you put your Ca and gh levels in. I was just curious on what a good mg level would be if I'm trying to achieve a 4 : 1 ca to mg level.  Also would like to know if I can use micromix trace elements. It only give dose for planted tanks. Dose is .5 ml to 10 gallons 3 times a week then 50% water change. I only make about a 25% change weekly. It shows a .1% copper content is it safe and if so how often would you recommend adding it to the aquarium.  Thanks for any help. Dave B. 
    • jayc
      What sort of gravel do you have now?   What about 'Pisces Black diamond gravel'? I hear they are good.  Also 'AquaLava by Oliver Knott' should be inert since it's scoria rocks.
    • Matuva
      Thanks 😉 Yup, they were caught in a brackish spot, but they do afford fresh water with no problems.
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