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    • Steensj2004
      Everything seems to be back to normal. Tried a  H2O2 dose today, tank reacted well, shrimp seem less sluggish and more reactive to food following the dose. Pumps off for an hour after the dose, per Mark from ,”Mark’s Shrimp Tanks” suggestion to me. No stressing or freaking out from the dose, and no deaths. Hopefully it helps.   Shells seem to look better on affected shrimp, but I could just be seeing what I want to see. No more deaths as of now, and I’m seeing plenty of tiny babies. I hope after the insanely high exposure to the oregano oil, salt dip, and h2O2 this crap dies! I hate it so much!
    • Steensj2004
      I dropped the GH by 1( 7 to 6) over the course of about 3 days.  I thought hag was slow enough, maybe not. Either way, hoping to see some improvement after the salt dip! As thing  stand now, I found the water thread, and my levels are right in range. Shouldn’t have to change anything at this point. I did start remineralizing to what you recommended previously, so that should keep a stead GH/TDS in optimal range.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      It did occur to me that you dropped the GH by about 2 in just over a week (if I remember correctly) so that may have stressed the shrimps as they were just getting used to the other parameters, and as previous you are best keeping things steady rather than fixating on all/everything perfect and any changes VERY VERY slow. But as JayC says, you hadn't got the shrimps that long ago so they may have come with the problem/bacteria infection. Of course it could be a bit of both? Simon
    • jayc
      It might not be anything you have done. The shrimp could have been carriers of the bacteria from the place you bought them from.
    • Steensj2004
      I gotcha. But I’m trying to figures what caused this disease. “Bad water parameters “ is one cause listed under chitinolytic disease in the disease thread. I’m wondering if it had something to do with my parameters, or, if it was something else.
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