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    • kms
      I never feed my babies before, they rely on biofilm.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Splitting it makes more sense as long as you can disconnect or switch off the line that you aren't using when you aren't keeping the BBS! Having said that though, if it is easy enough to do you can probably do it permanently as even adult fish will enjoy chasing any live food? Simon
    • Crabby
      Yeah grabbed some soft drink this arvo, gonna head down to lfs tomorrow and grab some bbs for the time being, will order amazon after for a longer term supply. @jayc should I only need one bottle? And how long should I plan to run it? I only have one air pump and it's on my 5 gal right now. I'll purchase one if need be though, spares are always great to have around. (Post note: Could I just split it from the output of the air pump? I might do that actually.) Cheers
    • sdlTBfanUK
      My betta won't touch frozen or dried daphnia, but gets so excited with live daphnia! As JayC says it must be the natural hunting instinct in them? Ebay and amazon usually sell the brine shrimp eggs, usually with the salt as well. Simon 
    • jayc
      Don't buy one! If you already have an air pump, then you are 90% there equipment wise. Save that money for the BBS eggs. Google "DIY brine shrimp hatchery" and follow creation of one using a 2L soft drink bottle. It should include instructions on how to hatch the eggs too.    The first 2 weeks are critical. If they survive and eat BBS, then you can start introducing other foods.   
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