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    • Blue Ridge
      I got their Wild Shrimp China edition and loved it. It has amazing photos of wild-collecting many species currently in the hobby (as Chris L is known for) but also has water parameters, temps and such at each collection location. I haven't been able to actually get my hands on a B&K, but had high hopes.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      It may be a good idea to 'at least' decide Bee shrimp or Cherry shrimp at this stage, as they prefer different water parameters and you can then work towards those ideals? As blue ridge has said, Flip import most of their shrimp from what I have seen on the youtube videos? Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Have you actually seen one of these? I got one and it had great pictures but it isn't really about anything in particular and I binned the one I got as apart from the great photos there was nothing really of interest just bits and pieces about 'breeders n keepers', so I couldn't complain as that was what it was called. I wanted a book about all aspects of keeping shrimps and this wasn't that. I believe one f the experts has written a book and I wish I bought it when I saw it on my suppliers website as it has also gone now. I recommend seeing one before buying though as it MAY not be what you want/think it is???? Simon
    • Steensj2004
      Gotcha. I’ve really been eyeing some ,”Fire Reds,” or some,”Blue Dreams,” from LRBretz, those are out of this world.
    • Blue Ridge
      Does anyone know if these are in print anywhere? They don't seem to print nearly enough copies to meet demand, issue after issue sells out and is gone forever.